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31 December 2009

clouds in the sky


after days of scorching hot weather, we finally got some clouds. i love clouds not because i love gloom but it's a break from the heat. the only time i love the heat is when i'm at the beach. it's not a complete beach experience if i can't get a tan.

so my sister, mom and i went thrifting this morning. i scored around 5 dresses and 2 tops. i'll soon be wearing them on future posts. on the thrift store though, there was this woman who was always asking people there if what she's choosing is stylish. what ticked me off was when she approached me and asked me to fit what she chose because she'd like to see if it looks good. and pathetic me cannot say no even when i wanted to. ugggh! it looked good though -- a black top with pleated details. and i wish i could have grabbed it from her.

aside from thrifting, we went to the market to buy some veggies and horns for tonight. it's my first new year not spent with my family -- i'm going to be at work! hmmmm... so many changes this year. might do a recap post this weekend. we'll see. anyway, i have to sleep. so tired. good night!

striped top - thrifted
white tank top - kid's section
skinny jeans - chillypapa
maryjanes - a gift from my sis
long necklace (reindeer in gun metal) - bubble bee gift shop
gun metal cuffs - props
sterling silver howlite ring - dane's giveaway


Jen Hsieh said...

you look adorable in that striped top. and that necklace is amazing :)
hope you have a lovely new year's eve. happy 2010!

michelle_ said...

love the shoes and the cluttered ring !
great blog . hope you've had a great new year's eve . i just slept through mine :( nt very interesting one..haha

lovely blog post :D
thanks for the lovely comments for the blogger interview post.. hope you liked it ..
Hugs et Kisses.. Michelle @
glistersANDblisters . blogspot . com

o said...

what a cute outfit:) i just love, love ur shoes!:D

CL said...

Cute shoes!!!

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Your shoes are super cute!

Little Hannah! said...

Gorgeous oxfords!!

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