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30 December 2009

laid back


got exhausted after bringing my puppy to the vet yesterday that i wasn't able to prepare my outfit. welp, what can i say, there are laid back days. days when we cannot be all glamorized. on days like these, i pile on the accessories, as much as i can. and what better accessory to wear than the ring i won from dane's christmas giveaway. it arrived yesterday and i just love it! the shoes i'm wearing here is my ever-worn out metallic flats that i grab when i'm in a hurry, other than my black flats with the bow tie. it's just so comfortable.  a co-worker even commented, "hey, you're wearing flats today..."

i had a really good day at work. i was able to do four one-on-one sessions with my group and had the chance to hear their thoughts and feelings. i have to say, i was a bit hesitant and scared because i didn't really know what they're thinking besides the caucus that's going on. and with the drama that happened, who wouldn't be nervous. but the day was really productive, except maybe for the trouble we got when another supervisor found some people sleeping (it's because they were done with their work!). nevertheless, i have to be the middle man...and had to again give them the rationale of focusing at work. it's so funny and ironic that while other groups worry about customer satisfaction and average handle time, our group worry about 'sleeping issues...' can anyone give me suggestions on fun activities to do at work? just so people can avoid falling asleep...or can anyone suggest ways not to fall asleep at work at all??? haha!

plaid mini-dress - thrifted
brown leggings - bought from mom's friend
metallic flats - unlisted
blue ring - props
orange howlite ring - dane's giveaway


Leah said...

Love your rings... Happy thrifting tomorrow.

Unknown said...

happy new year!

oh just gorgeous!

wishing you good health, wealth and love and beauty for 2010. cheers!

I am Denise Katipunera

Dane said...

Glad you like it! =)

Jen Hsieh said...

thanks for the comment. i love your top with the two contrasting plaids :)
i'm now a follower! cute blog :)

Ramona said...

Your turqoise ring is the most gorgeous ring I've ever seen!You are lovely!Wish you a happy happy New Year!


Is your puppy alright? I hope it's just one of those check-ups! Those shoes are great and I WANT YOUR RINGS. That blue is amazing - perfect colour!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Pinch of thoughts said...

how I wish I can carry leggings like you do,so smart smarty! I like it really!

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