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30 September 2012

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maximizing the maxi dress

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One of the hottest trends of this season has to be the evening maxi dress. This simple yet stylish ensemble is both feminine and fun and has proven to be a popular wardrobe addition for some time.

There are a number of evening maxi dresses hitting the style radar this year, all of which have been created in an array of designs, fabrics, prints and colours.

Prints are especially big this season, regardless of the pattern. Floral, striped and tie-dye maxis have all been seen adorning an array of models at this season’s runway shows and such a style is the perfect choice for a variety of occasions; including weddings, christenings and graduation ceremonies.

The beauty of this ensemble is the fact that it remains quite demure whilst still showcasing an on-trend and up-market style.

One of the maxi dresses many virtues is its shape. When teamed with uber high heels, this style has the ability to lengthen the torso. It can, however, be worn with flats and wedges which is great news for those who intend to stay on their feet for the majority of the evening.

There are endless selections of evening maxi dresses at Dressy maxi dresses tend to come in materials such as satin and chiffon. This season is exhibiting an array of printed styles which create an edgier look that is certainly not suited to the shy and retiring wallflower.

Those that wish to invest in a simpler yet equally attractive style may wish to try a block-coloured piece. A simple hue can be dressed up with a variety of accessories including a statement clutch, killer wedges and a metallic belt.

Hues working their way into this season’s palette include purple, black, gold, red, turquois, cobalt blue and orange. The Grecian style maxi dress is a great option for those that wish to create a stylish, high-trend look perfect for a wedding or engagement party.

This style boasts a full length cut, sweetheart neckline and more often than not, pleated panache detailing. Pleated maxi dresses often come in an extremely feminine fabric, including chic chiffon complete with a satin panelling at the bust.

There are an array of outstanding options available today, all of which are impeccably suited to those extra special occasions.

The best thing about a maxi dress is its versatility; even the dressiest options can be toned down with the likes of flats and a pashmina, allowing you to get as much wear out of them as possible. 

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24 September 2012

catching up: choosing sanity

polka / ruffled top - thrifted | printed chiffon shorts - props | black faux snake skin wedges - pill at the ramp | faux ostrich red satchel - | leopard fringe earrings - downtown find | rings: armor ring - downtown find, oversized black ring - forever 2, gifted by sweet | black studded belt - props

the last of the catching up posts before i get back on track (or at least not have any posts due 2 months ago as i still have ones taken in the last 2 weeks). my cheeks being chubbier definitely indicates i was not as stressed with work then as i am now. i guess the decreasing size of my cheeks is the only upside i've gained from the toxicity of work. mental warfare and an emotional roller coaster were definitely not part of the contract when i signed it last year. 

oh well, i choose sanity so let's see how this goes. 

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16 September 2012

catching up: running errands

navy blue jumpsuit - props | dark chartreuse cardigan - thrifted | blue belt - props | multi-colored sandals - bangkok find | necklace - downtown find | bangles and bracelets - downtown finds | leopard connector ring - downtown find

i wish running errands in real life were as stylish as how Andrea Sachs ran errands for Miranda Priestly in the Devil Wears Prada. of course, Andrea Sachs had a team of stylists and make-up artists in the background and i don't. haha. 

my days are now divided between working my ass off for 9 - 13 hours during the weekdays, salvaging what little weekend Harry and i have and of course, planning the wedding. every thing is almost a blur now and ice cream is the best way to get us back to our senses. 

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09 September 2012

catching up: ketchup and mustard

art deco black top - props | red multi-striped skirt - thrifted | cerulean blue belt - props | mustard platform shoes - centropell c/o zalora | faux ostrich red satchel - | bangles: red wooden bangle - bangkok find, brass bangles - downtown finds | rings: cross connector, leopard connector - downtown finds, orange howlite ring - dane's giveaway | peacock feather earrings - downtown find

another catch-up outfit post taken almost 2 months ago. i have 3 more to go until i'm up to date. *crossing fingers*

i scored these awesome platform shoes at i was at a bind because it came in orange, red and mustard and ultimately my decision had to be based on what color i'd most likely be able to pair with most of my clothes. mustard is definitely more of a classic subdued color. i have to admit the first time i wore these, i was limping on the way home. it needed breaking into -- the cross-straps needed adjustment to my chubby feet and the sole was a bit hard. i was ready to sell this pair or park it on my shelf solely as an eye candy. thankfully, i didn't find time to sell it because the second (and the third and fourth) time i wore it, it was already broken into and is now one of my favorite pairs. you could say, this pair is on the top shelf of my shoe rack. 

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03 September 2012

catching up: tagaytay in june

okay so my last post in july was apologetic for not being able to blog for a month and it contained a promise that i will blog sporadically. it's already september and i'm as sorry as ever. 

not just sorry to my readers (whom i hope are still around) but to myself as well. over the last 2 months, i've let work take over my life. i finally understood why my former manager was always frantic and seemingly all over the place because i've just become her. i've lost any grace  and is constantly overwhelmed with things to do, it's no longer humorous. i started blogging to take a break from work and i should've kept going. this is me, moving forward. 

CATCHING UP: this was the day after bloggers united when my relatives, mildred and i visited tagaytay. it was my first time and i fell completely in love with the place. i wish we didn't have to leave. i imagined myself living the laid back life -- opening up a small cafe with a small collection of my favorite books to read and a little corner where i can sell clothes. oh tagaytay, i hope to see you soon. ♥ ♥ 

chiffon leopard mini-dress - props | black cutout cardigan - bangkok find | pink satchel - props | black tights - metro ayala | black studded belt - props | gold lace-detail necklace - | bangles - borrowed from sis | rings: cross connector and armor ring - downtown finds

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