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30 July 2010

ice cream special: doyle see

my first impression of doyle was crazy, insane and yep, freakin' talented. as seatmates in our first year of college, we'd find ourselves drawing and doodling at the back of our test papers because we didn't know the answers to the programming test. we would constantly talk about regretting not enrolling in fine arts, when it was what we always wanted. doyle soon transferred schools after that 1st year and zoom to 10 years after, you will find him as a damn talented musician, graphics and web programmer / designer and most importantly, the thriving designer of clothing line, Killapinas. here's a peak into doyle's mind --- with an interview, photos and a choice of his favorite designs. 

Who are you as an artist? What is your design aesthetic?
This is probably one of the hardest questions I get as I cannot easily define who I am as an artist or as a person in general. The only thing that I can think of is that I always keep an open mind. I try to filter out criticisms and apply those advice to my work. And lastly, I try to keep my work simple and try to always have a solid concept or story behind it. As for my style, I'm a bit flexible which goes from vector looking art to textured designs, some splatters, some circles and sometimes a bit cartoony as well.

What is Killapinas and how did it get to where it is now?
Killapinas is a small independent clothing line that I started last 2009. I guess having been in the "underground" local design circuit, being active online and hyping has helped push the brand to where it's currently at.

Did you ever plan this venture? Or is it something that just came about? If so, how did it happen?
I initially had a vision of doing merch for local bands and printing them on my own but that never progressed as I had to juggle between college and helping our family business; and this was around early 2000. I got back to doing designs again around 2006/2007 when a local clothing approached me to do some designs for them. Eventually after a couple of years, that became a bit shady and I thought of starting my own line.

Who are your customers?
Buyers are mostly from Cebu but since we do shipping, our shirts have reached several parts of Luzon and Mindanao areas of the country as well.

Do you have other design or art projects besides your clothing line?
I do freelance designs once in a while for other clothing lines and bands both local and abroad.

Is designing your clothing line your main job?
Nope, I actually work full-time in a web development company. Killapinas is just kind of a "serious" hobby that I'm pursuing. Also, designing has been kind of my relaxation time from the work that I normally do in the office.

What inspires you?
I guess any artist would say that everything will give us inspiration, not just the positive things that you see and or experience but the negative ones as well. For me, it kind of sets the mood to where you want the direction of your art to go.

What do you have planned for Killapinas for the next 3 years?
Most likely establish the brand more, continue to create solid and cohesive designs, and maybe ship overseas.

Name and Age: Doyle See / 26
Website: - but this doesn't get regularly updated. I still have to change the layout and setup a sort of system so I can easily update the site. (:
Music You're Listening to Now: The Conflict / Returners / The Ghost Inside
Favorite Article of Clothing: White shirts and short pants
Favorite Day: Sunday
Last Movie Watched and What You Thought of it: Predator. An old movie but still awesome.
Favorite Style on a Girl: I like girls in casual clothes, not a fan of makeups and too much accessories.
Current Obsession/s: T-shirts, Vans shoes, guitars, watches

You can find Killapinas on Facebook and Here:

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29 July 2010

the thing with rompers

so i finally know what everyone means about rompers being comfortable. yes, they sure are. but the funny thing is, it is such a hassle when you need to pee! haha! 

so spent the day at Drawing Board Creative Studios, just getting the feel of the office and basically, just bugging everyone. this extra energy is making me jumpy and just willing to do any work, even operate the photocopy machine!

i want to write more but this means divulging initial plans for our clothing line. i have to keep quiet until everything is definite. *crossing fingers*

black romper - props
teal cardigan - thrifted
black faux snake-skin flats with gold chain details - parisian
grey bag - mongkok ladies market
elephant necklace - thrifted at carbon
enamel bangles: props | hongkong gift shop | gifted from april
pink rhinestone bangles - gifted from india

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27 July 2010

volume one: i have never...

i mentioned on my previous post that my friend, Karen and I are planning to make our month-long work break more memorable by doing things we've never done before. here's the first five things we are going to do:
    1. EAT TUNA SASHIMI. i have never eaten raw tuna. although i do eat salmon but i have always found the darker meat color of the tuna revolting. 
    2. LEARN TO COOK A FILIPINO DISH. i do know how to cook as long as there is a recipe so i know how to cook italian or thai food but i have never learned how to cook a filipino dish. filipino food is the way to a man's heart, is what they say.
    3. PEEL AN ORANGE. yes, peeling an orange is the most normal thing in the world and it's weird why i haven't done so. well, try being a 6-year old who ate a dozen oranges with your cousin and ended up getting sick because of it. i mean, really really sick that every time you smell an orange, you feel nauseous. 
    4. GO KARTING. the kartzone race track has been in cebu for quite some time but i never got around to tryng it. now is the time!
    5. EAT A BALUT. a balut is the infamous fertilized duck that is boiled and eaten in its shell. i have eaten balut before but only the young one, with the regular yolk and balut soup. the one i have yet to try is the 16-day old and above balut that already has formed duck embryo so you can see its bill, feet and some feathers. my sister aimee, believe it or not, loves this food and i am too chicken to eat it. haha! good luck!
day-end posts will be made right after we've undergone one adventure. we shall commence next week!

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25 July 2010

waking up whenever i want to!

i am officially free from the corporate world! and i am jumping like a kid on christmas day!
and then after jumping, i ran to my room, turned on the AC and watched 2 movies and totally cried over another nicholas sparks movie...haha!, slept, went to Harry's place and ended the night drunk after jager bombs (say, jager bombs!) and my favorite kurant sprite (oh i love vodka) and with the infamous Orange Brutus Burger Steak...tihee!

so i woke up the next day with a really bad so-worth-it hangover, got a mani-pedi, went off to watch Inception with Karen while eating the mini-sampler burgers (5 mini-burgers with different toppings) from Flame it.

the best thing about this freedom is waking up whenever i want to! this break is like my summer. the best thing about school was getting summer and semestral breaks but when you start working, you don't get any anymore. so here's my chance, just for a month.

i hope everyone is having a great weekend!

ps. i know my mustard cardigan is a repeat and it may be too soon but i just love it too much! you know when you get a cardigan or jacket in a certain color that you think you can pair with anything? my mustard cardigan is that one for me now. it's mustard and it has a hoodie. what could be better? haha okay, so maybe i'll get over it and move on to the next one.

star-printed tee - thrifted
mustard cardigan - thrifted
denim shorts - thrifted
grey flats with animal-print bow - parisian, sm dept store
silver spring cuffs - thrifted at carbon
bronze bangle - props
printed enamel bangle - a gift from april mae
rings: orange howlite - dane's giveaway | burnt orange stone - thrifted at carbon
round imprint necklace - a gift from gelie
brown sunnies - thrifted at carbon

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23 July 2010

a failed attempt to un-plan

for someone who intends to just unwind and not make any plans for my long-awaited permanent vacation from the corporate world, i am failing badly at it. my mind is just built to plan and look at least 5 steps ahead. i plan when i'm driving, i plan before i go to sleep and i just plan even when i'm doing something else. ironically, i like being spontaneous when it comes to having fun like road trips in the middle of the night or just deciding to go to Bantayan island without any plans where to stay or where to eat but when it comes to making a living and making sure that i am able to support my family and survive, i simply cannot just be spontaneous about it. so when i told my manager that i do not intend to plan for the next month, oh no boss, i think i was partly lying.

here is my failed attempt to un-plan:
start planning a clothing line with Armand Alforque next week | do part-time online article writing to earn extra bucks (and learn new stuff too) | celebrate my birthday in Daanbantayan with my family | Bangkok trip with family on the 3rd week of  August | invest a little in my sister's clothing shop, Props by being her shopper and wholesaler | start working as marketing executive for Drawing Board Creative Studios by September --- it's a growing advertising agency  my sister and her fiance manage so at least i'll be working closely with people and meet new ones as well AND it's a day job -- yey! | 

my friend and i also planned to list down ten things we haven't done in Cebu and pursue them over our vacation in August. apparently, quarter-life crisis is common among close friends so we both took leaves together. she's on a one-month leave while mine will be permanent. will update you on our list..soon!

floral dress - thrifted
mustard cardigan - thrifted
white peep-toe heels - janeo, sm dept store
vintage-y long necklaces: watch - hongkong gift shop | safety pin + trinkets - DIY
rings: orange howlite ring - dane's giveaway | burnt stone - thrifted at carbon
bangles - props and a gift from april

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21 July 2010

Cryst Jewelries Giveaway!

as you all may know, i am the girl who can't get enough of her accessories and i am so glad to announce that Cryst Jewelries are giving away this beautiful crystal bracelet to one of my lucky readers! the designer, Crystalyn Yason makes amazing jewelry that are intricate and makes for bold statements. Joining the giveaway is easy:
  • Like Cryst Jewelries' Facebook Page
  • Visit Cryst Jewelries' Website
  • Leave a comment here telling me what your favorite item in their shop is and your e-mail address so I know how to contact you
Giveaway is OPEN FOR INTERNATIONAL READERS and ends on August 4, 2010 so you have two weeks to join the giveaway. Winner will be picked through Now, here's a few tidbits about the designer, Crystalyn Yason and Cryst Jewelries:

1) How did Cryst Jewelries start?
In 2001, my mom and I had a small jewelry business, in that business, she taught me some basic techniques on bead stringing and wire working. That was the first time when I had a relationship with beading. The business lasted for almost a year.
Then, several years after when I got married, me and my husband temporarily moved to the US since his work was based there, because my visa does not allow me to work in the US, I always stayed at home and had a lot of free time, so I have a lot of time to think, and by that time I always felt that I should be doing something in terms of jewelry design and making. Then one day while we were in a book store, I found some books detailing bead weaving techniques, and while browsing through the pages, I became excited in learning these beading weaving techniques that I've never seen before. And from that point on, I knew that I found the best form of expression and creativity for myself.

2) What is your design aesthetic?
I mainly focus on designing and creating elegant jewelries with emphasis on detail and color combination. My design inspirations come from the beauty of nature, the beads themselves,
and the places I had visited.

3) Currently, what is your personal favorite in your collection?
My favorite is my “Abstract on Beach” piece ( because it personally reminds me of the place where I said “Yes” to my suitor (to become my boyfriend)... which several years later became husband. And thus, I created a piece inspired by the ocean.
Thanks for your time and your help!

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19 July 2010

a need for forty percent

harry is out of town and i was staring into my computer screen, just feeling really restless and bored. i needed to go out, grab a bite with friends, get a bit tipsy and maybe dance the night away. although i used to be the girl who couldn't not end her week without a trip to the bar and have some drinks, i haven't been going out regularly because 1) i am always so freakin' tired and just want to sleep 2) i have found to hate being in a crowd of pretentious people. with having nothing to do at work anymore, i have surprisingly stored a lot of unused energy over the week and was itching to just move! 

i initially was able to convince my friends to go dancing at Loft but after meeting here at my house, we ended up deciding to just hang out at my friend's friend's bar --- just a place to chill out and have a few drinks with grilled pork on skewers or what we call 'pork barbecue.' i have such a weakness for barbecue and am able to devour several sticks at a time. our barbecue here in the philippines is the smartly skewered lean pork then ended with a piece or two of fat. the pork is then smothered with barbecue sauce --- just a mixture of soy sauce, maybe a bit of vinegar, ketchup, sugar, a little chili and oil. damn, we ended up eating more rice with the barbecue than expected. guilt-trip at its best!

ice cold tanduay ice was a perfect complement to the barbecue but with only 7% alcoholic content, i ended up drinking about 5 bottles with only a tinge of tipsiness and a really bloated tummy at the end of the night plus a painful headache the next morning. guess i always need my 40% of alcoholic content per volume from my favorite absolut kurant!

diagonally striped top - thrifted
zipped-up grey denim skirt - thrifted
long black cardigan - thrifted
navy blue bejeweled flats - parisian | sm dept store
metallic blue thin belt - props
pink polka bangle - DIY
square gun-metal with bird imprint necklace- a gift from gelie
dog tags - custom-made

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