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26 November 2012

wardrobe necessity

they say that if you haven't worn something for more than a year then it's time to let go of it. good thing my mom didn't let go of these black pair of Onyx jeans which initially was my sister's. they were the perfect fit for high-waisted denim cut-offs and are perfect for my current venture. 

shorts (and cotton leggings in prints or colors) are one of my wardrobe necessities now that i'm not stuck in an office and am constantly on the move. i need clothes that are comfortable yet chic and definitely ones that doesn't constrict me in any way because not only am i required to scour the downtown streets or move around but our eternal summer weather does not cooperate with more fabric on our skin. 

white embroidered tribal top - thrifted | black cut-offs - recycled jeans | leopard flats - parisian, sm dept store | fringe vegan leather bag - urban originals | braided belt - primal rave | fringed chain necklace - props | printed bangles - gifted by sister | black sunnies - downtown find

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18 November 2012

the resuscitation of a social life

i haven't been blogging because i've been so busy following my dreams that it's crazy how time flies in a day. but honestly, i've also been cheating on blogger and having been seeing pinterest on the side. yes, i have finally jumped the wagon. i did have a pinterest account but never used it, afraid i'd get sucked into it and did not want to maintain another social media account while i balanced my full-time job, personal life and the blogosphere. man, was i wrong. pinterest is freakin' awesome. okay, i have to stop now -- i'm blushing. LOL. 

anyway, i met up with Eden and Chyrel over milk tea at Chatime for various reasons which will be divulged later, i promise. it's really been awhile since i've actually gone out of the house and met friends. my sisters actually congratulated me for having a social life again -- yes, it was that dead while i was slaving away in my past life. incidentally, Mac then invited us to raid her closet and we were happy to oblige. Isabeau was there as well and it became a quick blogger meet-up of sorts. Mac's kid, by the way, was such a cutie and couldn't be any happier with the attention.

on to the required outfits shots. when we agreed to meet, we agreed to dress casually and if it was 2 years ago, when "casual" was brought up i would have dressed in shorts, a t-shirt and ballet flats but i've learned my lesson. with these girls, casual is this:

overused chambray top - thrifted | green floral pencil skirt - primal rave (also available in orange, in size small) | blue tasseled belt - props | my "uniform" tasseled smoking slippers - rubi shoes | fringed leather bag - urban originals | multi-colored bangles and bracelets - braids and bonds | coral cuff - props | necklace - downtown find | bird ring - gifted by mom | black sunnies - downtown find

and ooh, remember when i told you guys about my sister Charm also blogging and that we're working on a project together? well, here it is. Everyday Sundaes -- a blog i share with not just Charm but also my little sister, Aimee. bookmark this blog on your browsers for 3 scoops of fashion.

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15 November 2012

midnight ice cream runs

having to control one's own time allows for out of the blue ice cream runs even at the wee hours of the morning when everyone in the convenience store is buzzed with alcohol while we're fixated on getting that sugar high. 

of course, it doesn't hurt to get that required outfit shot by the bright and colorful background of the convenience store fridge. must get another one when i get a better camera. LOL. 

salmon silk blazer - thrifted | white tank top - thrifted | faded denim high-waited cut-offs - thrifted | my "uniform" tassled smoking slippers - rubi shoes | camel leather fringe bag - urban originals | braided belt - props | leaf necklace - downtown find | elephant tusk necklace - bangkok find | claw cuff - borrowed from mom | rings - downtown and bangkok finds 

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08 November 2012

Plains & Print Holiday Collection 2012

Plains & Prints Previews its Holiday Collections on November 9 to 11
Look forward to a fashionable holiday with Plains & Prints and R.A.F., as the local women’s work wear brands continues its highly anticipated series of previews featuring its Holiday 2012 collection at Ayala Center Cebu from November 9 to 11.  
The highlight of the Holiday 2012 anthology is City Series-Manila by Rhett Eala, featuring pieces that pay homage to the beautiful metropolis of Manila via modified cityscape graphic prints made in tasteful modern and minimalistic pieces. The collection makes its wearer reminiscent of the distinct Filipino Christmas; that no matter how much she’s traveled the world, she’ll always go back to where her heart belongs—home.

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05 November 2012

time flies when you're having fun

please don't mind the undone face -- this was taken after a super early morning mass. 

i've been very busy the past few days and i didn't notice that two weeks has actually gone by since i resigned from my corporate job. my days are filled with hours of arts and crafts, trips downtown, meeting clients, photo shoots and discussing collaborations, among other things. i don't follow a strict schedule and i think i work more than 8 hours a day. but you know what? all of it doesn't feel like work. i guess what they say is right, it certainly doesn't feel like work when you're having fun. 

printed chiffon top - primal rave | blue maxi skirt - primal rave | camel smoking slippers - rubi shoes | ash teal belt - props | tan fringe bag - urban originals | necklaces: charm necklace and ethnic-style necklace - downtown finds, elephant tusk - bangkok find | bangles: pink rhinestones - gifted from india, brass and enamel bangles - downtown finds | rings: lion head and gecko - downtown finds 

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