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19 January 2013

pit senyor! x islands souvenirs cut & style your sinulog shirt

my hectic schedule (and not being able to blog for days) might not show this but it was truly an honor being one of the ambassadors for Islands Souvenirs Cut & Style Your Sinulog Shirt project. headed by Kryz Uy and together with Eden Villarba, Marco Diala and Gillian Uang, we were all given a chance to show our creative side and style the popular Sinulog shirts from Islands Souvenirs. 

each of us were given shirts and were tasked to create two styles. one pair, they display on the Islands Souvenir shops and the other, to be worn by us. the event took place last week and i couldn't wait for Sinulog day and had to bring my shirt to the beach, last weekend. here's my first design: 

DIY shirt - Islands Souvenirs | white cut-offs - thrifted | yellow beaded necklace - props | elephant tusk necklace - bangkok find | bangles with beads - braids and bonds | red bangles - WAGW | beaded bracelets - downtown finds

it is very easy to make actually and here's a guide on how you can create this style:

♥ first, cut off the edges of the shirt -- from the hem, the collar and the sleeves. you can go sleeveless or like me, cut it shorter to cover your arms a bit. i also cut the collar deeper in the back. it is Sinulog after all and the streets will be swamped and you'd need to breathe from all the partying.

♥ dip-bleach (if it's colored) or dip-dye (if it's white) the shirt and prepare a small bottle of bleach or a packet of colored dye
♥ dip a smaller part of the bottom for 30 minutes then dip the shirt halfway and leave it for 4 hours (or until you reach your desired shade). 


♥ when you reach the desired result of your shirt, wash them in water and soap and hang to dry.
♥ once dry, begin cutting the shirt in fringes.

♥ for a more stylish effect, you can cut the front strips thinly and braid every fringe or so.

you still have tonight and tomorrow morning to style your Sinulog shirts! and as an added treat, if you wear your Islands Souvenirs shirt to VUDU's Sinulog Party Series, you get free cover charge!

see you all on the streets! pit senyor!

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09 January 2013

december diary: bloggers united FOUR

i have to admit, Bloggers United being a 2-day event this time was very exhausting but it sure was a helluva fun experience. it gave us more time to get to know other bloggers which we haven't had the chance to meet in person on the last BU runs. i will let the photos do the talking and by the end, you will all see how the event became like a get-together with friends -- with matching class picture-esque photos. i will say this again (as i've done so every time i do a BU post) I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT BLOGGERS UNITED. 

day one: shopping day and being at awe with the shoppers' style

 lace cropped top - props | printed maxi skirt - thrifted | buckled platform booties - zu shoe | fringed vegan leather bag - urban originals | blue belt - props | black and gold watch - gifted by aimee | bracelets - braids & bonds and downtown finds | claw cuff - downtown find | rings - downtown finds 

day two: meeting more blogger friends!

i have to admit, 

mauve gold-trimmed blazer - gifted by eden | lemon yellow leotard top - props | silk floral skirt - thrifted | plum booties - rubi shoes, cotton on | green studded belt - props | fringed vegan leather bag - urban originals | black floppy hat - cotton on | black and gold watch - gifted by aimee | bracelets - braids & bonds and downtown finds | claw cuff - downtown find | rings - downtown finds 

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