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31 March 2012

date nights

tribal printed skirt - thrifted | linen black blazer - thrifted | pale pink tank top - stolen from sis | turquoise flats - solemate, sm department store | tan braided belt - | feather necklace - downtown find | cutout bangle - downtown find | black bag - sm department store | black hat - metro 

people ask me how it is now that Harry and i are married. well, aside from having to share anything we own and having to make decisions together, we're pretty much like boyfriend & girlfriend. we still hold hands like teens. sometimes while walking, i wrap my arm around him and pinch his back and i snuggle into him like a kid. we have foodie adventures -- more like dessert adventures and walk into bookstores right after, snooping new reads and smelling their pages. this is one of those nights.

ps. of course, i have to force him to take a photo of me too. LOL.

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22 March 2012

matchy-matchy: fashion crime or not?

pink fringed top - thrifted | blue skirt with pink and black polka dots - thrifted | pink ballet flats - solemate, sm dept store | braided belt - | layered necklace - downtown find | black hat - metro | white wayfarers - raybans, borrowed from sis

when i saw this skirt for P50 ($1.25) at our local thrift store, i immediately thought fish eyes and polka dots and grabbed it. my mom and sister laughs at how i can still get good finds at ultimate thrift sales because my style is so offbeat that the items i pick are sometimes items nobody else would want. which is true. i found a tiered tulle skirt for P50 and grabbed it too. LOL. 

now, i've been wanting to wear this fringed cotton top i got a year ago but it's so tricky to wear.  it's form-fitting which i don't like because it shows off my extra curves and if i wear it without tucking it in in something high-waisted, the fringes can get in the way. so i was really happy it found a friend in this skirt. i was planning to wear it with a pair of black wedges but thought, "what the heck, my day is so busy and i need to be running around." and paired it with a pair of matching pink flats instead. 

i know right? pink top, skirt with pink prints and now a pair of pink flats? how could i have been so cliche and be too matchy-matchy? well, my question is --- is it really a fashion crime to be matchy-matchy? it looks good (for me) and i felt super comfortable in it. 

what do you guys think about fashion rules? 

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14 March 2012

that downtown store of accessory heaven

remember when i talked about that little store of accessories in downtown? the place that's like a pandora's box, it always ends up hurting my wallet every time i visit. well, my young and stylish agents found out about it and ever since, i've been finding myself oddly surprised that i'm not the only one  wearing loads of rings or bangles. here are just a few of their amazing picks that i seriously covet:

this is not found in that accessory store but another style item one of my agents have. so bohemian. so me and i wish i could have it as my own. (to the owner, if you're reading this --- you should have given this to me! LOL)

anyway, it's weird that i began  my life as a call center supervisor around  the same age as my agents now. i was roughly 22 and was as immature and hot-headed as can be. it has been almost 6 years since then and boy is it weird to browse through an agent directory with birth dates as late as the time i was already in 1st grade and busy watching ninja turtles or the original x-men cartoon series. just thinking about how young they are and how i used to be in their place makes me feel all wrinkly inside. is it obvious in these photos below? or i still belong? LOL. 

all photos were taken at our work place where it's summer every friday. ♥

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04 March 2012

common yet in style | winner of shopbop's $100

black and white striped maxi dress - props | denim jacket - borrowed from sister | leopard wedge booties - shoe etiquette | bowler hat - metro department store | necklaces: black & fringe - downtown find, elephant tusk - bangkok find | bangles - downtown finds | white wayfarers - raybans, borrowed from sister

i believe it was 3 or 4 years ago when dresses in jersey material were a hit -- from sundresses with belts that tie at the back and that came with various neckline designs to maxi dresses in bohemian tops or halter necklines. they were common and everybody was wearing them. well, because they were easy and comfortable. this black and white bold striped was one of them.

but does common have to equate to boring? instead, i am finding this black and white dress to be one of the most versatile closet items i have. on a rainy day, i can wear this with a classic denim jacket, leopard wedge booties for an oomph and a bowler hat or for summer, i can wear this sans the jacket but with a loose blush knit shawl, a pair of beaded sandals and wide-brimmed floppy hat. for a laid-back day, i can wear this with my signature long cardigan and a pair of metallic ballet flats. 

so my dress may be common and can be bought everywhere but it doesn't have to be boring. it just really depends on how we style an item hence, the term personal style

you, how else would you style this common dress?

oh and before i forget, announcing the winner of's $100 giveway!

i will e-mail you with the details. congrats! 

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03 March 2012

Fashion Institute of the Philippines launches in Cebu!

my prayers have finally been answered. fashion has come to Cebu in the form of the Fashion Institute of the Philippines. although Cebu has been a lover of fashion for decades and we have long produced amazing designers that have conquered not just the country but the world but Cebuanos had to go far and wide to learn fashion. it was only until recently that proper fashion education was  bestowed upon us and if not for my wedding planning, i would have enrolled myself in one of the classes (or maybe two classes). maybe next year then. who wants to go with me?

check out Fashion Institute of the Philippines' website for the different courses offered and its schedules. classes for Basic Fashion starts next Monday, March 12, 2012. ♥ ♥ ♥

check out Vanilla Ice Cream tomorrow for the announcement of the winner of $100! ♥

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