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20 February 2012 gives away $100 -- again!

SHOPBOP is at it again --- yes, they're giving away $100 to shop the collection of amazing designer finds in the shop. the $100 could be for any one of YOU! ♥
damn, i wish i can join my own giveaway!

for me, SHOPBOP is the ultimate shopping site -- it ships everywhere in the world for free and it has a vast collection of just everything a fashionista needs. as i've been stocking up on shoes and maxi skirts for the past months, i'm thinking of stocking up on jeans and trousers too. i'm definitely loving the classic and chic options from free people jeans, not to mention the scrumptious floral duds from citizens of humanity. it also won't hurt to fantasize about yummy pairs from viktor & rolf

so how do you join the giveaway? simple, just follow these 3 easy steps:
♥ check out and tell me what you'd like to buy with your $100
♥ "like" the Vanilla Ice Cream page on facebook
♥ comment leaving your answer to step 1, your Facebook name and e-mail address

for additional entries (optional) and you have to leave another comment for each entry:
 ♥ tweet about the giveaway:
"grab the chance to win $100 from at vanilla ice cream @shopbop @gizellefaye"
♥ blog about the giveaway and link back to this post and

the giveaway will run until february 29, 2012 and open to all readers worldwide ♥ ♥ ♥

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17 February 2012

sunset sunday visits

my sister is my inspiration right now. despite everything that has happened, she remains strong and perseveres through the grief from the loss. she knows she must stand back up because it would have what he wanted. for anyone who's gone through loss, stitching your life back together can be hell but my sister -- although she's feeling this eternal heartache, she is taking one day at a time in dealing with life. other people may give up but not my sister.

so every time i am extra stressed at work and feel like walking out the office door or every time i think i may never get through some shitty traffic, i think about how my sister is moving forward despite what she went through. life gives us little hiccups but we will always get past them. people go through worst things and they get past it. what happened has made me realize that i need to cherish life even more and not sweat the small stuff. life is too short.

on me: grey sheer top - primal rave wholesale | striped pleated culottes- primal rave wholesale | flap booties - | coin necklace - bangkok find | bangles - downtown finds, forever21 | rings: owl, black stone - downtown finds & gecko - bangkok find | white sunnies - raybans, borrowed from sis
on sis: black studded sheer top - primal rave wholesale | black  culottes - primal rave wholesale | black and white oxfords - urbanog | elephant necklace - downtown find | bangles - downtown finds | black sunnies - raybans

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15 February 2012

tiger lily boxer

finally, my leopard Forever21 boxing boots got its share in the little limelight in my little blog. i was initially drawn to the ankle booties but saw these and thought, "what the hell.. these look more bad-ass and i could use more of that in my life." plus my sisters' prodding and Aimee paying for the half of it as her Christmas gift for me did help with the decision too. no, it's not just you but i realize i went on leopard overload last Christmas. leopard strappy wedges from Harry, leopard wedge booties from Shoe Etiquette and now these. LOL.

as of the moment, i am so swamped with backlogs for Vanilla Ice Cream. i have 3 more outfit post backlogs, an event feature -- the launching of FIP in Cebu, a feature for a photographer and the most amazing part, 2 - 3 giveaways! whoot!

denim / khaki shirt dress - primal rave wholesale | leopard boxing boots - gifted, Forever 21 | tan braided belt - primal rave wholesale | white feather necklace - gifted | rings: skull, burnt orange stone, lion - downtown finds | brass bangles - downtown finds 

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13 February 2012

dress code: silver and pink

silver top - celine, thrifted | electropleated skirt - primal rave wholesale | chain belt - props | silver heels - | silver clutch - mom's, sm department store

when i get invited to a wedding, i always tend to gravitate my outfit to the color motif of the event. if i can't find the exact color, i'd wear the next shade. this time, the wedding called for pink and silver. i spent 2 hours looking through all the plastic bags of wholesale stocks in our house to find a pink outfit and found this hot pink skirt. i was all set then i got to the venue and i was the only one following instructions. LOL.

this was Glenn & Charity's intimate afternoon wedding last December 10, 2011 held at the Redepmtorist Church. the blushing bride walked down the aisle in classic Charity style -- with drama and grace. it was a day surely Glenn and Charity won't forget. best wishes to the couple! oooh, i just love weddings and i can't wait for mine. 

how about you? do you love weddings? what about them do you love?

photos below were taken by Marlon Capuyan, the super talented wedding photographer from Cebu, who is incidentally Mildred Zapanta's better half and whom i will definitely book for my own wedding. check out his website and be prepared to be in awe.

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10 February 2012

be kind, rewind four | transcending time

blue floral dress - thrifted | leopard-print wedges - shoe etiquette | braided belt - primal rave wholesale | cutout cuff - downtown find | rings: mustache, spike and lion - downtown finds

it always feels like Christmas to me whenever i find a good condition vintage dress for a steal (say, P50?). some vintage clothes have a certain wear and tear in them and some have the obviously dated fit. this floral dress is definitely one of my favorites --- it has that old-style feel of the 50's like something my grandma wore and its material is made of a thicker chiffon with a thicker lining (not those flimsy ones you find in clothes nowadays) but the fit and style transcends time. at least i think it does. i am just such a sucker for girly dresses with a certain whimsy or frill. 

be kind, rewind details: remember a year and a half ago that i wore this dress to formo? (mind you, i stood out and was definitely misplaced -- photo below). paired it then with my Gold Dot Alfreda wedges and now i wanted to add more oomph to it by pairing it with a contrasting leopard print pair of wedges from Shoe Etiquette

how else would you style this dress? 
i'm sure there are a lot of ways and i can't wait to recycle this on more occasions. 

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05 February 2012

friday work perk

aqua green lace top - primal rave wholesale | denim cut-offs - thrifted | black tank top (underneath) - borrowed from aimee | aqua green flats - solemate, sm department store | chunky gun-metal necklace - downtown find | silver bangles, red wooden bangle & bead bracelet - downtown finds & gifted | rings: feather connector ring - downtown find | orange howlite ring - dane's giveaway
black stone ring - snatched from sis | wedding ring & engagement ring

back in July 2011, when i decided to go back to the "corporate" world and get the job i used to have, i anticipated smart business casual attires and a bittersweet goodbye to short shorts and laid back boho outfits. imagine my suprise when i showed up for an interview in a grey pencil skirt, sheer polka dot top with a ruffled neckline, a black blazer and strappy heels at 1PM (in the excruciating heat) and everyone there was dressed in flip-flops, jeans, cotton tops and dresses. LOL. as it turned out, the company i was applying for didn't have a strict dress code. which was such a relief. 

of course i had to keep up my tirade of business casual outfits for the next three interviews because stepping down to casual jeans wasn't an option. what would the recruitment people say when i showed up for the next one dressed down? just wouldn't be right, right? when i got accepted, i was glad to have had the chance to still express my own style without having to be imprisoned with stiff corporate attires -- unless the CEO needs to impress potential clients which i'm happy to come dressed in slacks, a crisp white shirt and killer heels. *wink*

outfit above is just one of my super dressed down outfits for friday nights in the office and never was a friday where i didn't wear short shorts. my agents followed suit and it's a boho beach day every friday. 

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03 February 2012

midnight walks

striped top with a sequined pocket - bangkok find | lycra maxi skirt - primal rave wholesale | black wedges - shoe etiquette | oversized chain necklace - gifted by Eden | pink capiz cuffs - stolen from sister | skull ring & black stone ring - downtown finds | snake skin belt - primal rave wholesale

i landed a job in one of the companies in Cebu I.T. park right after i graduated, back when there were still three buildings standing there.  i was 21 and naive then and didn't care too much about work but only thought about shopping and when i can finally meet a guy who will fall head over heels in love with me. the park became my home and walking its dark streets in the middle of the night with friends or dates was pretty much just normal to me. before jeepneys or buildings started popping out, walking the empty sidewalks was much needed for a breath of fresh air. the walks were filled with laughter and small-mindedness when accompanied with friends or music and stimulating conversations when accompanied with a date. one such date (and all other dates that followed) was with Harry. 

we met on a Sunday night then got acquainted over lunch on a Monday. Tuesday breakfast followed and before we knew it, we were inseparable. so you see, i'm almost 28, have gone through a lot but still a little naive. i still think about shopping, especially over shoes and continue to think about the day that i finally met that guy who fell head over heels in love with me. 
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01 February 2012

just us two

pale blue vintage dress - thrifted | brown oxford wedges - forever 21, gifted by sweet | feather necklace - downtown find | cutout cuff - downtown find | rings: skull and brain - downtown finds

i once found it funny and foolishly romantic that my friend's parents celebrate their anniversary of when they first got together as a couple (you know, as boyfriend and girlfriend) and that they celebrate their wedding anniversary too. little did i know, i'd be doing the same thing too. 

harry and i officially became an "us" on january 27, 2008. it has been four years since then. 

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