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30 October 2011

denim + khaki

denim top - thrifted | khaki shorts - gifted by mabel | beaded sandals - people r people | black braided belt | bowler hat - bangkok find | brown sunnies - carbon find | gun metal cuffs -
rose ring - carbon find | orange howlite ring - dane's giveaway's not summer here in the Philippines but it seems like it was. i think it was 36 degrees and it was noon and harry and i were shopping around for a bed. the best place to get good quality furniture here in Cebu is 20 minutes away from the city so imagine how excruciating it was having to drive under the heat for 20 minutes. i needed a laid back outfit and with a pair of khaki shorts, a denim top, a hat and beaded sandals, i felt laid back and like i was out hunting in the safari --- just like what furniture hunting is.

now talking about furniture hunting, choosing the right bed is very challenging. actually, everything harry and i are doing right now is challenging because we're at this phase where we have to decide together because we're building this life together. with bed shopping, we have to consider the price, the size, the head board design (yes! harry wants something with a cushion...i want the classic wood one), the height, the material...etc. i can just imagine how much challenging it will be when we're actually married. oh my...LOL.

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23 October 2011

be kind, rewind two | thank you, shoe heaven!

planning a wedding and trying to achieve that perfect, magical one can dampen one's shopping spirits. since the proposal, harry and i have agreed to save, save, save every extra money we have. believe it or  not, the last time we watched a movie on the cinema was July. all this time, we've been spending weekends at home, just watching dvd's and pigging out. finishing the big bang theory from the season 1 -  4 didn't hurt though and i was mighty glad Sheldon, Penny and Leonard were there to accompany us. 

so as i am not able to buy more clothes or a new pair of shoes, i have decided to continue the 'be kind, rewind...' posts and make it a series. the first one was this one. and for this post: the giraffe-printed shirt i wore on May 2010 and the black pleated trousers i first wore on March 2011. 

on other news, i guess the heavens heard my deep want to get a new pair of shoes because i just got a new pair that's not just gorgeous but super comfortable. Mickey of reached out to me on July and asked for a pair that i wanted from their website which they'll send for free. i never thought it would arrive until i got this pair in the mail:

thank you, Wanted for the new pair of shoes! ♥ ♥ ♥ 
outfit post of the lovelies will be up, soon...

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17 October 2011

erratic behavior

white blazer - thrifted | striped top - thrifted | denim shorts - thrifted | coin necklace - bangkok find
turquoise ring - bangkok find | owl ring - gifted by marianne | brown sunnies - carbon find

if you're thinking about something bad, don't. i'm just talking about the weather. as sunny as my photo is now, the direct opposite happened just last week. the sky was dark for 4 days and the rains were so heavy that my car got flooded as i was driving out of the office to buy food for lunch.  cleaning my car caused me P1,500 and i had to get some repairs done too. yes, it was that heavy and i'm sure it was heavier and a lot worse in other areas. for those who are in areas that are most likely to get hit by typhoons, keep safe and be prepared. 

anyway, on a lighter note, do you find my white blazer to be like that of a doctor's? i bought this 2 years ago but i've only worn this twice, i think. i bought it because it's cotton and very breezy but it's very tricky to wear. what do you think? did i style it right?

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08 October 2011

fairytales need hard work too

floral tiered chiffon dress - | peach cardigan - thrifted | teal braided belt - thrifted
cream peep-toe heels - janeo | camel quilted bucket bag - primal rave wholesale | brass bangles - carbon finds | polka orange bangle - gifted | green wood bangle - bangkok find | brown sunnies - carbon find

while i was growing up and spending summer afternoons imagining my dream wedding, i always thought the essentials just burst out from magic. i'd imagine the dress i'd be wearing, the ring on my finger, walking down the isle with heaps of flowers on the side and saying i do with a romantic song in the background. yeah, dream on. planning a wedding is hard, really hard. 

although searching for an inspiration for my wedding dress is fun (yet also challenging), finding the perfect wedding ring is definitely not as much fun as i thought. harry and i spent a whole afternoon checking out jewelry stores and at the end of the day, our vision was clouded with a tinge of yellow --- from all the gold (tacky chinese gold) that we've seen in most stores. ugh! the wedding ring is not like the dress that i get to wear only once. it's something i wear forever so it has to be one of a kind or at least, special.

here's where i need your help: if you find a classic yet stylish wedding band design, tell me? post the link on a comment. ♥

on another note, while i was browsing for wedding band designs, i bumped into another kind of jewelry. i might be crazy from all this wedding band hunting because at one point, i considered getting an earring after finding these great cartilage earrings online. i could definitely need the change, considering i haven't been doing some shopping since we started saving money for the wedding. hmmm....

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