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08 October 2011

fairytales need hard work too

floral tiered chiffon dress - | peach cardigan - thrifted | teal braided belt - thrifted
cream peep-toe heels - janeo | camel quilted bucket bag - primal rave wholesale | brass bangles - carbon finds | polka orange bangle - gifted | green wood bangle - bangkok find | brown sunnies - carbon find

while i was growing up and spending summer afternoons imagining my dream wedding, i always thought the essentials just burst out from magic. i'd imagine the dress i'd be wearing, the ring on my finger, walking down the isle with heaps of flowers on the side and saying i do with a romantic song in the background. yeah, dream on. planning a wedding is hard, really hard. 

although searching for an inspiration for my wedding dress is fun (yet also challenging), finding the perfect wedding ring is definitely not as much fun as i thought. harry and i spent a whole afternoon checking out jewelry stores and at the end of the day, our vision was clouded with a tinge of yellow --- from all the gold (tacky chinese gold) that we've seen in most stores. ugh! the wedding ring is not like the dress that i get to wear only once. it's something i wear forever so it has to be one of a kind or at least, special.

here's where i need your help: if you find a classic yet stylish wedding band design, tell me? post the link on a comment. ♥

on another note, while i was browsing for wedding band designs, i bumped into another kind of jewelry. i might be crazy from all this wedding band hunting because at one point, i considered getting an earring after finding these great cartilage earrings online. i could definitely need the change, considering i haven't been doing some shopping since we started saving money for the wedding. hmmm....

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cherry arceo said...

oh wow, you're getting married! :) congratulations! btw, i want your bag!

Melai said...

You and harry have been together for a long time na rin. Gosh, your fairytale is something that's happening right before our eyes. You blog is like a tale book that we get to read and see the latest chapter til you reach your "I dos".

I'm sooo happy for you gizelle! I really am. My brother is planning on getting married and I know how difficult not to mention costly it is. Hope everything you need for that day would be perfect. Especially that ring!

So happy for you! *BIG BIG HUG*

Melai of Style and Soul

Anonymous said...

WHEN are you getting married?!

Look on Tiffany and Co they have such classic stuff and it will give you good ideas.


Anonymous said...

They are the invites for our engagement party! Not the wedding, our wedding will be November 2012!!!

I think we will go for something a little more clean and classic for our wedding.

I can't wait to see all your wedding plans, how exciting!!!


Mom Daughter Style said...

i love watching the 4 weddings on TV where they get rated and one will win a dream honeymoon and also the Say Yes to the Dress.

You must be very excited. Congratulations

Mary Ann said...

naku--I'm taking notes Gizelle, hehe, para when it's my turn I have some ideas na,=) Go girl! ^^

ghoent said...

Whaaaat antagal ko na palang hindi nakabisita dito! Congrats on being engaged (and belated happy birthday too!)!! Yung isa ko ding kabarkada is getting married soon (this december) and ang stress level, kamown! Good luck with all the preps! I'm sure you'll look extremely beautiful! =)

Cherie said...

aww im super excited for you gizelle! can't wait to see you be a princess on your big day :)

Isabeau Jane said...

i got a peak of this book sold at fullybooked. It was all about wedding rings! everything from the material, design, eccentricities and symbols and meanings.. you might want to absorb some inspiration from that book. i forgot the title though but im sure it had the words wedding rings in it ehhehe..

Lisa said...

Hey, CONGRATULATIONS!! When's the big day?

It was great to hear from you...I've been away from my blog for a little while too. Just too busy lately :( But you'll be the first to know next time I post!

So you're looking for ring inspiration? One site I liked when we got married was They're environmentally friendly (lab created) diamonds, but they had a lot of different styles on their website. And no yellow gold!! Hope that helps :)

A Fictional Blog

Anne Marae said...

Hey! You're getting married na pala. :) Congratz! Maybe that's the reason why you're not posting much here....Anyhow, please do visit my blog, I tagged you in one of my posts. :)

Link =

Stay safe. :)

Pinch of thoughts said...

enjoy the wedding preps. can't wait for your wedding. hope to have a nice wedding too, someday :)

mestizay said...

Ive always loved floral dresses with a cardigan especially when its pink!
Love your outfit!:)

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