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30 December 2010

Vanilla with Orange and Banana in the Tropics! ♥

this is a long overdue post. met up with len david of orange and banana mondays over for lunch at bistro ecila 2 weeks ago and just had a blast chatting over just about anything. i tend to get shy with new people but both our talkativeness totally overcame any shyness or awkwardness. thanks len for meeting up with us. we should definitely get together when you visit Cebu again. 

although i love how it got back on the runway because it gave me a reason to wear one of my favorite pieces of clothing but i've been wearing maxi skirts or dresses more lately as a better alternative to jeans or leggings when i am super lazy to shave my legs. i mean, what girl isn't lazy to shave her legs? or visit a waxing salon. LOL. 

current plans:

  • stay in and watch old romantic comedies or movies -- sweet november, 10 things i hate about you, mad love, 500 days of summer, etc. 
  • visit a charity with my friends this january 2 using the money we earned from the garage sale we had last october
  • go thrift shopping to fill some recently vacated areas of my closet
brown maxi skirt - thrifted
crocheted pink cover-up - thrifted
white tank top - thrifted
beige suede booties - gold dot
necklaces: diamond-shaped pattern - gifted from ivy | fairy - gifted from sis
owl connector ring - carbon find
bangles - carbon finds
brown sunnies - carbon find

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26 December 2010

the best things in life don't come in wrapping paper

♥ merry christmas everyone! ♥ 

i hope all of you had fun and memorable christmases -- whether they be with your immediate family or families you've found in friends. 

mine surely was different this year. for one, we were missing one family member as our little sister is in australia. our christmas decorations were put up a little late and cooking our christmas dinner was different in a sense that we were missing a few ingredients -- in short, we were all over the place. it took my mom and i some time to realize that we should stop being all melodramatic and start moving our asses to make this christmas still memorable even without my baby sister. 

despite the semi-melancholic way we prepared for christmas this year, i still have a LOT to thank for and thinking about those things sure made me smile all throughout the season. 

photo taken behind our office by harry (with my blog pet, armand alforque..LOL)

black and white dress - chatuchak, bangkok
chambray top - thrifted
black tights - metro ayala dept store
black wedges - parisian, sm dept store
necklaces: round engraved - gifted by angelie | angel wings - carbon find
beaded bangle - chatuchak, bangkok
skull bracelet - carbon find
brown sunnies - it park bazaar

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23 December 2010

Silk Road Line Dresses Giveaway by Shabby Apple ♥ ♥ ♥

when in an outfit dilemma, dresses are my go to outfit savers. dresses help veer away the worry of thinking about pairing outfit items. they're very easy to wear too and in just 5 mins, by adding on some accessories to go with the dress, applying on a little bit of make-up (blush and lip gloss) and i'm good to go.

Shabby Apple has an amazing line of dresses that range from sleek, ultra femme, chic and casual and it makes me wish so hard that the store is available here too. for Vanilla Ice Cream's U.S. readers, you all have a chance to win one of the 5 dresses from their Silk Road Line. to enter is very easy (one entry):

♥ follow Vanilla Ice Cream through google connect or bloglovin'
♥ from the five dresses above, which one would you like to win?
 and how would you style it?
♥ leave your name and e-mail address

additional entries:
♥ 'like' Vanilla Ice Cream on facebook (one entry)
♥ blog or tweet about the giveaway or post it on your facebook page (one entry)

giveaway is open to U.S. readers only and will run until december 31, 2010

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21 December 2010

the deafening silence

despite how talkative i am, i always still tend to drift off into my own space and sometimes avoid talking to other people. when my sister was out playing with the other kids in our neighborhood, i'd stay at home and watch captain planet or ghost busters while eating instant noodles and crackers. in high school, instead of spending summer out with friends, i'd while away the afternoon writing a novice novel or different short stories. i appreciated alone time and made sure to have a few hours to myself just to keep myself sane. however, on the first night alone in our house -- with both my sisters having moved out, i found the time alone to be utterly sad. i finally, after 25 years have the room all to myself but it felt weird. so i succumb to the one game i avoided the most -- plants vs zombies. God help me.

photo taken at banilad town center, cebu

vintage floral dress - thrifted
beige suede wedges - gold dot
braided tan belt - pratunam, bangkok
tan oversized bag - parisian, sm dept store
brass bangles - carbon finds

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19 December 2010

we eventually have to grow up

it was said that i used to invade her crib when we were babies. we were 2 years apart but we acted like twins. we had matching clothes and my most favorites outfits were our chiffon dresses with hats that had ribbons around them and the matching sailor-inspired outfits that my mom had made for us --- navy blue linen sleeveless blazer with gold buttons and red linen shorts. we've shared a room since we were born and fought about so many things even just over something as petty as moving the electric fan. she will always be my baby sister even when we both had to eventually grow up.

photos taken at plantation bay, cebu.

lace boho top - thrifted (thanks eden for finding this for me!)
denim shorts - thrifted
boater hat - sm department store
pink flip-flops - havaianas
heart necklace - pratunam, bangkok
bangles - chatuchak, bangkok

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14 December 2010's $100 Giveaway! ♥ ♥ ♥

ever since i wore my first wedge booties, i've been hooked. the height and comfort it gives definitely surpasses that of stilettos. a lot of the affordable wedges in stores here are inspired by designer pairs from Jeffrey Campbell, Jessica Simpson, Elizabeth and James, to name a few. for a girl living in a country where designer stores are out of reach, is the best way to grab designer soles without having to fly abroad or stretch her pocket. the online shop sure has all the wedge booties a girl can find, as well as an awesome designer sale. for a more classic approach to booties, their women's booties section offers a vast selection of such. colder seasons require cold weather boots and has a wide array of these pairs too. the pairs above are just some of the booties i have selected at prices around $100.

and in perfect timing, is offering Vanilla Ice Cream readers a chance to win $100 just in time for Christmas (and of course, my anniversary!). to enter, all you need to do is 2 things (1 entry):

♥ follow Vanilla Ice Cream through Bloglovin' or Google Connect 
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♥ tell me how you're going to spend your $100 at
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additional entries: 
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the giveaway runs until december 31, 2010 and is open to everyone!

good luck everyone! 

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12 December 2010

too old to party?

so there i was, all made up and ready to rock my new studded wedge booties at 10PM. aimee and i were planning to drop by the opening of vudu or party at our usual hangout, the penthouse; psyched up and ready to go make the most of aimee's last weekend here in Cebu. that is until we sat around in our room for 2 hours waiting for our friend to come over, watched an episode of Vampire Diaries and surfed ourselves to boredom that i became really sleepy, left knee wobbling a bit and a decided to stay home. yes, i stayed home! i can't believe that i used to party all night and stay up until 6am and i've now come to a point that i am too sleepy to go out...LOL.

of course, i can't waste my outfit and had to take photos of it. *wink*

don't forgot to enter the 'Fashion to Figure' giveaway     

ps. THREE more awesome giveaway coming up! i'm totally feeling the holidays!

leopard chiffon dress - platinum mall, bangkok
black leggings - random find
grey puffed cardigan - thrifted
layered coin necklace - platinum mall, bangkok
bangles - carbon finds
rings: geometric - platinum mall, bangkok | skull - carbon find
studded wedge booties -ebay find

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09 December 2010

Fashion to Figure Giveaway ♥ ♥ ♥

beauty doesn't always have to come in size zero. it doesn't always have to look like a mannequin and in clothes that only models can fit in. i myself am a curvy lady and will never be a stick figure like those beauties on TV. so i am very proud to hold this giveaway from Fashion to Figure. get the chance to win really gorgeous jewelry, full-figured tops and dresses and an amazing pair of plus-sized jeans.

the giveaway is open to U.S. readers only
(fret not my local, asian and european readers; another fab giveaway is up ♥)

how to enter (1 entry):
♥ check out Fashion to Figure -- leave a comment on what
your favorite item from the site is; 
♥ include in your comment your pick among the prizes above
♥ leave your name and e-mail address

additional entries (leave another comment for each additional entry):
♥ follow me on google connect or bloglovin' (1 entry)
♥ 'like' vanilla ice cream's facebook page (1 entry)

giveaway runs until december 31, 2010.

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07 December 2010

should we even celebrate farewell?

i promised i wouldn't cry until we get to the airport so i didn't. probably th last get together with friends before my little sister parts with the city she was born in. these are just some behind the scene snapshots of another amazing photoshoot with armand alforque. this photoshoot and paying half of the hotel room is what he called his christmas gift to us.

ps. i might not be around to blog much these days. last week, my big sister's wedding and work has taken over my life. the next couple of weeks, i'll be busy preparing for my little sister's departure. a lot to deal with, i know. after all, there's just 3 of us and after two weeks, there will be only me left at home. so please bear with me and i do hope you still continue to look forward to my post.

floral maxi dress - thrifted
orange scarf as turban - gifted from sister

photoshoot details: 
make-up and styling by armand and me
photography by armand alforque

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