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27 February 2011

boho femme

trend or not, in season or not at all, i always love the feminine boho chic style. i am enchanted by the prints, enthralled by the flow and layer of fabrics and charmed by the piles of accessories. other than my necklaces, rings and bangles, i have quite a collection of scarves even when i didn't have much use for them back when i was in school. people would stare if i wear them on my head. i once wrapped my entire head with a scarf while i was being admitted to the hospital when i had really high fever and i found myself rumored to have cancer and under chemotherapy. sad but true -- most people here cannot understand some of my fashion sensibilities. i continue to defy them though and wear my scarves out despite people's stares. i guess that is what fashion is sometimes about, a risk of being stared at. the only consolation is the attention -- positive or not.

speaking of bohemian fashion, here's a great online shop you can visit --- the House of Isla. the designer is based in Baguio and she has the most amazing pieces --- true to the heart of a bohemian.

anyway, it would be our third day here in Bangkok and i would expect to have shopped my feet to death. it's a Sunday and i am hoping to meet Sweet of Pens and Lens. will do a post about more of my BKK adventures when i get back. ♥

denim tunic - mom's closet
white shorts - props
nude cage heels - parisian, sm dept store (on sale at PHP600)
green printed scarf as turban - thrifted
oversized white braided belt - pratunam, bangkok
necklaces: clustered bells - pratunam, bangkok | clustered charms - carbon find
rings: boho armor ring | alligator ring | blue stone ring - carbon finds
brass cuff - carbon find

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25 February 2011

sayin' goodbye to dumaguete + getting ready for another trip

it took me a while to fall asleep the night before we left. i just wanted to stay there in our suite forever. Harry's been convincing me to move there with him. yeah, i didn't mention this but Dumaguete is Harry's hometown. he's illustrated a simple life for me and suggested i open up a clothes shop near their biggest university, Silliman. i've considered it and pondered on the thought all night but i love the city so much, i just can't leave Cebu. so i took one last look at the moon over the ocean, nestled myself in the sheets and hoped i could sleep longer so i can stay longer in Dumaguete.

meanwhile, as you're reading this post, i would at the time be already in Bangkok. my mom, sister and i have decided to put up a wholesale business selling clothes, shoes, maybe bags and of course, accessories. this will be one of the many trips we'll make to Bangkok this year. and no, this is not the big project i was talking about. you have to watch out for that too. 

so if you plan to do a shopping trip to Bangkok, here's the best way to pack:
♥ bring the essentials like shampoo, soap, lotion, etc and place it in a foldable travel kit -- mine is the grey patent one)
♥ pack only 3 pcs of clothing and make sure to prepare for the very humid weather there -- i packed a graphic tee, a pair of shorts and a printed cotton dress
♥ bring a pair of slippers and a pair of comfy sneaks
♥ most importantly, leave A LOT of space for new buys

black and white star-printed dress - thrifted
navy blue cardigan - thrifted
black oversized bag - parisian, sm dept store
white flip-flops - havaianas
printed fedora hat - sm dept store, men's dept
floral sunnies - carbon find
owl necklace - carbon find
armor ring and skull ring - carbon finds

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24 February 2011

Dumaguete Day Two: A Motorcycle Ride

remember when i mentioned how our suite had a view of the ocean? this our view and we woke up to this every morning. 

so day two of our Dumaguete adventure consisted of a lovely brunch at Mamia restaurant -- we were seated outside so we had whole view of the ocean, a long but super fun motorcycle ride to Valencia -- this quaint and natural town in the hills of Dumaguete, a little trip to Dumaguete's famed Forrest Camp, a short visit to their new Robinson's mall and a quiet dinner with Harry's best friend, Richard at Hayahay over their oh so yummy pizza. might i add that Hayahay is also fronting the ocean and we had the amazing view of the full moon shining over the waves.

it was amazing having spent the whole day just relying on Harry and not having to drive anywhere. he took control of the day and i just sat behind him on the motorcycle, with music from my iPod and the wind on my hair. i dream of more days like this. i happen to like being taken cared of by someone i so love. 


the food:
the food photos are only of the ones we had at Mamia restaurant because Harry and i once again forgot to take photos of our yummy pizza at Hayahay. LOL.

printed dress - gifted from Sweet (as the prize to her fashion stylist contest)
blue beaded sandals - khaosan road, bangkok
printed fedora hat - sm dept store, men's dept
black handbag - nine west
necklaces: elephant tusk - bangkok | diamond shaped pattern - gifted from ivy
armor ring and skull ring - carbon finds
bangles - carbon finds

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23 February 2011

Dumaguete Day One: Moonlit Stroll

i apologize if i've been MIA for almost 4 days. i fell hard in love with dumaguete that it took me a while to recover. here's day one of our trip -- discovering that our very affordable suite in one of the hotels near the famous Rizal boulevard has floor to ceiling windows, overlooking the ocean; each having two of the infamous Taster's burgers right when we arrived, meeting up with one of Harry's childhood best friends over dinner at Cafe' Antonio and drinks at Hayahay then just taking a long walk along Rizal boulevard, with the waves crashing against the rocks and over good conversation.

the food: 
(1) our Taster's burgers -- Harry and i were such pigs that we ate two each; the burgers were nothing fancy really as they came with the usual coleslaw and mayo-ketchup sauce but the meat was just juicy even when it was thin and the burgers just screamed home-cooked goodness;
(2) my Jamaican porkchops at Cafe' Antonio; wasn't able to take a photo of Harry's baby back ribs because we're such terrible food bloggers that we forget to take out the camera before we start devouring the food;

black dress with crocheted details - thrifted
blue beaded sandals - bangkok find
black purse - nine west vintage
necklaces: elephant tusk - bangkok | diamond shaped pattern - gifted from ivy
armor ring and skull ring - carbon finds

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19 February 2011

i shampoo and brilliance comes out!

i've been losing sleep because a lot has been running on my mind lately. the last two hours before my eyes shut down are one of the best times to think. i've also found myself attending sunday masses and my head just has this influx of thoughts and ideas that i lose focus. and oooh, i believe that in the process of shampooing my hair, the head is massaged into producing creatives and brilliance. do you believe so too?  

future plans. future projects that i can't divulge yet because i don't want to jinx it. are you superstitious like that? or is it just me. sometimes, when i want something bad enough, i am so so tempted to talk about it but i get a hold of myself because i want things to be right first before blabbing about it. trust me when i say that not blabbing is so hard for me because i am such a chatterbox my old elementary teacher transferred me to the opposite side of the room because i was always talking. LOL. 

one thing is for sure, with my future project, i would need all your support. *smile and nod please!* yes, that's more like it.

ps. i'll be gone for the weekend to have a super belated anniversary celebration with Harry in his hometown. on our first year, we went to Bohol. on the second year, we went to Moalboal beach. this year, the plan is to have a food trip among the amazing food places in Dumaguetue. 

ps.2. i may sound gross but i only shampoo every other day. and on days when i don't shampoo, my hair is like this. gross but i love it! haha.

floral dress - thrifted
eggshell mesh booties - parisian, sm dept store
leaf necklace and chair necklace - carbon finds
silver cuffs - carbon find

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16 February 2011

photo session: alter ego

just because i own a camera, doesn't necessarily mean i'm a photographer. i dream of owning a DSLR but i'm afraid i'd only waste it by not having enough talent and will to learn photography. when my friends insisted we'd have an impromptu shoot on our sleepover last weekend though, i couldn't resist. here's my second attempt at photography. the first one being this one here.

our shoot is aptly named, 'alter ego' because i styled my friends in clothes they don't wear, in a style that's not themselves. meet the cast:

april, the sweet and bubbly girl whose style staples are graphic tees, jeans and ballet flats or converse chucks. 

ivy, the outgoing but conservative nurse whose usual outfits are classic shorts, embellished tees and dresses

arlene, the funny and spirited government worker whose style is mainly composed of the basic leggings or jeans and feminine tops. 

mabelle, the loud and spunky sales rep whose usual style includes denim shorts or jeans and body-hugging dresses. 

photography and styling by me
make-up by mabelle

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