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27 February 2011

boho femme

trend or not, in season or not at all, i always love the feminine boho chic style. i am enchanted by the prints, enthralled by the flow and layer of fabrics and charmed by the piles of accessories. other than my necklaces, rings and bangles, i have quite a collection of scarves even when i didn't have much use for them back when i was in school. people would stare if i wear them on my head. i once wrapped my entire head with a scarf while i was being admitted to the hospital when i had really high fever and i found myself rumored to have cancer and under chemotherapy. sad but true -- most people here cannot understand some of my fashion sensibilities. i continue to defy them though and wear my scarves out despite people's stares. i guess that is what fashion is sometimes about, a risk of being stared at. the only consolation is the attention -- positive or not.

speaking of bohemian fashion, here's a great online shop you can visit --- the House of Isla. the designer is based in Baguio and she has the most amazing pieces --- true to the heart of a bohemian.

anyway, it would be our third day here in Bangkok and i would expect to have shopped my feet to death. it's a Sunday and i am hoping to meet Sweet of Pens and Lens. will do a post about more of my BKK adventures when i get back. ♥

denim tunic - mom's closet
white shorts - props
nude cage heels - parisian, sm dept store (on sale at PHP600)
green printed scarf as turban - thrifted
oversized white braided belt - pratunam, bangkok
necklaces: clustered bells - pratunam, bangkok | clustered charms - carbon find
rings: boho armor ring | alligator ring | blue stone ring - carbon finds
brass cuff - carbon find

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Super Shaznae said...

I love your rings. Indeed your right. Sometimes, they can't seem to understand fashion itself. They find it weird but little did they know that fashion is art. Anyways, thanks for sharing the site. I'd visit that one.. Looking for bohemian pieces.. enjoy y'er shopping in bangkok!!

Renee said...

I just love everything of this outfit! The jewellery, the dress, the other hair accessoires. Picture perfect!

Anonymous said...

REALLY cute dress lady!!!

mistytewest said...

hahahah and to think we already met last night!!! it was bitin love but hopefully during your next trips here we can shop all the cheap items just for ourselves and no more for the shop hahahha!!!! it was fun bonding with you...even for just a couple of hours....

and yes your shoes will be available soon...I hate it...they haven't replenished the shoes there....but at least JC is on the way :D

love love love


Cherie said...

hi gizelle, the turban look is so good on you. the wavy hair and accessories add to that boho vibe too! how was bkk btw? can't wait to go back too

AVA TE-ZABAT♥ said...

i love your boho chic look :) always stunning. And thank you for giving me turban ideas. I'm clueless as how to wear them, so this is great!

I SO envy you for being in bangkok! My first was when I was 12 and haven't gone back since :(

fashioneggpplant said...

i love the turban look on you. really suits you :)

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Ah, gurl, you look SO boho chic. Like, you are the DEFINITION of it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEEE IT.

Denim. You can't go wrong with it. Love.

00000 said...

I like the boho chic look pero di ko talaga keri, di bagay sa akin. The turban looks good on you! OA yung mga tao na naga-assume na basta naka turban ay may cancer.

Isabeau Jane said...

i will never tire of praising that sexy locks of yours!

Jing Ocay said...

Whenever I hear bohemian, I remember you G!ultimate boho chic ka.ang accessories dai kanindot!!!

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