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19 February 2011

i shampoo and brilliance comes out!

i've been losing sleep because a lot has been running on my mind lately. the last two hours before my eyes shut down are one of the best times to think. i've also found myself attending sunday masses and my head just has this influx of thoughts and ideas that i lose focus. and oooh, i believe that in the process of shampooing my hair, the head is massaged into producing creatives and brilliance. do you believe so too?  

future plans. future projects that i can't divulge yet because i don't want to jinx it. are you superstitious like that? or is it just me. sometimes, when i want something bad enough, i am so so tempted to talk about it but i get a hold of myself because i want things to be right first before blabbing about it. trust me when i say that not blabbing is so hard for me because i am such a chatterbox my old elementary teacher transferred me to the opposite side of the room because i was always talking. LOL. 

one thing is for sure, with my future project, i would need all your support. *smile and nod please!* yes, that's more like it.

ps. i'll be gone for the weekend to have a super belated anniversary celebration with Harry in his hometown. on our first year, we went to Bohol. on the second year, we went to Moalboal beach. this year, the plan is to have a food trip among the amazing food places in Dumaguetue. 

ps.2. i may sound gross but i only shampoo every other day. and on days when i don't shampoo, my hair is like this. gross but i love it! haha.

floral dress - thrifted
eggshell mesh booties - parisian, sm dept store
leaf necklace and chair necklace - carbon finds
silver cuffs - carbon find

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AVA TE-ZABAT♥ said...

I don't like talking much about future plans too in public..might get jinxed =p

HERE TO SUPPORT!:) and I love your hair and dress details!


i really love your natural curls!!!! very gorgeous! and ohh! im like you too, i get a hold of myself..but sometimes blabbing about it is a relief! hahaha though i have a future project that im never gonna spill until its confirmed. haha! God bless pretty!

ps: share photos pls! id love to see dumaguete!

Unknown said...

It's not gross that you don't shampoo daily.. it's better for you. Your hair looks amazing! Timeless hairstyle. It's like something I would see at an Oscars or an award show :D

Food trip!?!? AMAZING!!! :) Aw, I hope you two have a beautiful getaway! Something about the Phillipines is just so serene. All the islands and local spots!

Whatever you do, I will support!!! :D

Aileen Kim said...

hair experts say shampooing everyday is actually not good for the hair cuz it loses its natural oil...and your hair is not gross at all here. Its in best shape as ive seen so far. Whatever project you will pursue, i will always be here to support you. Have fun on the anniv adventure!

Lisa said...

Your hair looks very Veronica Lake in this photo :)

I'm the same way about future projects! Talking about them does jinx it :P Good luck with everything!

And about that cape...that was the only time I got to wear it! The snow melted that same day and its been 70-80 degrees here ever since. I'm thinking of making a cape a light summer version of a cape :)

A Fictional Blog

Isabeau Jane said...

giz obviously you have too much hair to be having that much time to shampoo it! hehehe I agree with you, there is a right time to divulge plans. excited fo your future venture!

Anonymous said...

Hahaahahaa you're so cute! I love to shampoo. Oh my god it soothes my soul. Hey, my pappa is going back to Cebu next month I think!! I wish I was going!! Wah!!!!

Renee said...

That dress looks amazing!

Jed - I Am Dollparts said...

you look gorgeous! love your hair and dress! and oh, good luck on your future project! :)

I Am DollParts

Hazel☺ said...

love the dress! :) and goodluck with everything!


Nikki | The Ginger Diaries said...

I love the dress! it looks beautiful on you :) x

annefireflies said...

Lovely dress! Nice blog :)


00000 said...

Nice dress, it looks good on you! I've told you this several times already pero again, i love your hair! I really do. I don't use shampoo din every day hehe. I also dont like talking about my plans unless super sure na talaga. Baka nga kasi ma-jinx. Good luck on your future project, Gizelle! :D

dred said...

awww lovely dress! i love i love!

jealous jud ko sa curls oi. :)

dotie said...

wow!i'm like that as well..i'd rather keep things to myself at first, you know just to be safe :)
whatever it is you have up your sleeves, goodluck!

eclectic du jour

kathifoldsfive said...

it's definitely better to play it safe and not try to jinx stuff that matter. :) God speed whatever it is you've been losing sleep over.

oh, and congrats on the Y101 feature, pai. everything fedsy said about you was dead-on. :D

L.D. said...


cryskay said...

that dress is darlin'. good luck on your future project!!! whatever it may be, as long as you give it your all, i'm sure you'll be fine. xo

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

i like the pastel color of your dress


really love your dress! where did you buy it?

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