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17 April 2013

sunstyle: summer skin and fashion fest

last March 16, Vaseline collaborated with Forever 21 and Zee Lifestyle Magazine for a summer skin and fashion fest held at SM Northwing. the event couldn't have come at a better time because the sun has begun to be scorching hot and we definitely needed not just lighter and fashionable clothing but a way to moisturize our skin and protect us from the sun despite the heat. 

the host, Karla Henry's fabulous shoes!
one of my favorite looks from Forever 21's spring/summer collection. i die for maxi skirts.
i'm more bohemian than grunge but i could definitely add that luscious leather vest to my floral staples.
the kid on the right is how i hope my kid would look like. isn't she adorable?

the tie-dye maxi skirt and floral jeans! super chic!
another great look -- the cutouts at the back of this top and those tribal-printed shorts are L.O.V.E. oh, she's one of my favorite models too. shout out to AR! 
totally love the look on the left, even when i've gained weight and cannot wear cropped tops anymore. LOL. the tribal-printed jeans on the right are pretty too!

ira jennena and toni pino

of all events that i opted not to wear heels, i was accompanied by two tall bloggers…LOL. 
see? i knew i should've worn my heels. but these footzyfolds flats are so comfy!
sheer button-up top - props | pistachio pants - forever 21, bestowed by toni ♥ | sequined flats - footzyfolds | studded bag - thrifted | geometric earrings - | silver cuffs with pink shell accents - stolen from sis | skull connector ring - downtown find | bird ring - bangkok find, gifted by mom
yes! i shaved my head --- another risk. i'm that bored! haha. so far, i love it. it gives me more character. it doesn't make me think that i'm boring when i look at myself in the mirror. i might keep this for a while.  

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10 April 2013

contemplating on staying forever ~ boracay day three

day three of our beach bumming and beer drinking honeymoon vacation in Boracay. we woke up early enough to have breakfast at the resort then immediately proceeded to spend the whole day by the beach. i wish all days can be spent near the water, with the water splashing and i'm just lounging with a book and good music. if only. seriously, on our way home, Harry and i were contemplating staying here for a while and were imagining ourselves getting just about any job we can find in the island and live a simpler life together. *sigh*

pink monokini - props | crochet boho top - props | black denim cut-offs - onyx jeans | peacock sandals - people are people | orange scarf as turban - thrifted | multi-colored knit bag - gifted by sister | oversized sunnies - urban outfitters | bangles and bead bracelets - downtown and bangkok finds

the major peril when traveling with just the two of us is that we don't get to take photos together. we didn't bring a tripod and only brought an SLR with a 50mm lens, not a digital camera so it was even more difficult to take photos of ourselves. it took us 3 days to attempt to take photos on a timer and we ended up with a series of blurry photos and my iTouch getting dumped in the sand. thank you to the korean guy who took pity on us and volunteered to take our photo. LOL. 

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03 April 2013

the beach x rum-spiked shakes ~ boracay day two

day two was spent entirely at the beach, as it should be. we woke up late and missed our free breakfast from Microtel so we had brunch by the sea instead. of course, we started the day with beer matched with a fatty double cheese ham sandwich -- the perils and at the same time joy of a vacation = pigging out. 

while harry took a swim, i spent the rest of the morning until past noon, sitting on the lounge chairs, reading a book and still tuned in to my iPod. that was the perfect morning for me. by 2 in the afternoon, we had massages, compliments of the resort, beside the pool which we wished would last longer. by 4, we walked past the boundary of Diniwid and the beach stations to visit a Estacio Uno to have a quick ocular and meeting with management for a client whose wedding Cuckoo Cloud Concepts will be styling this December. yes! i had to insert a bit of work but it was still fun because the manager was really accommodating and told good stories of his life in the hospitality industry. 

the sunset was still something we looked forward to and we finished the afternoon with a touristy bottle of shake spiked with rum, paired with a chori burger and a longer walk from station 1 to 2 for some heavy dinner. 

floral cutout cropped top - gifted by sister | white denim cut-offs - thrifted | oversized sunnies - urban outfitters | bangles - bangkok finds | bead bracelets - downtown finds | elephant tusk necklace - bangkok find
mismatched bikini - props | blue floppy hat - boracay find | oversized sunnies - urban outfitters
polka dotted bikini top - props | white denim cut-offs - thrifted | striped multi-color knit bag - gifted from sister | blue oversized floppy hat - boracay find | oversized sunnies - urban outfitters | bangles - bangkok finds | bead bracelets - downtown finds

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