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31 May 2012

contrast bonanza | zalora at bloggers united 3

striped mustard top - primal rave wholesale | violet pleated skirt - thrifted | pink satchel - props | gold ballet flats - parisian | gold cuff - stolen from sis | rings: armor and cross connector - downtown finds | collar necklace - downtown find | purple belt with hear buckle - props

i found this violet pleated skirt on one of the thrifting trips Harry and i have been on -- yes he's hooked too! this was specifically on a Black Saturday and we had nothing else to do. we just walked around Jones area and looked for open shops. there was one thrift store who was on 50% off and to my delight i found all their skirts on their 2nd floor despite how hot the day was and how dusty it was in the store. i also managed to score a mullet tulle skirt and ruffled shorts together with this skirt. i'm still trying to figure out when and how to wear them.♥


on to exciting news: my boxes of clothes to sell have been shipped and just arrived in manila. my bags have been packed and i am so ready ~ Bloggers United 3, here we come! i am so looking forward to seeing Manila fashion blogger friends again and of course, meeting readers -- assuming i have readers who want to meet me. LOL. 

speaking of Bloggers United 3, Zalora will be one of the co-presenters of this event and they are giving a special treat to all shoppers who check out their orders at the Z-Lounge on the event.

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25 May 2012

citrus floral burst

floral sheer and lace top - primal rave wholesale | orange pencil skirt - thrifted | turquoise lightning flap bag - props | brass filigree necklace - downtown find | turquoise connector ring - downtown find | lapiz lazuli ring - tseng jewelry | brass bangles - downtown finds | dotted orange bangle & purple wooden bangle - bangkok finds | turquoise flats - solemate, sm dept store | brown sunnies - downtown find

as we're counting down to Bloggers United 3, we're also counting down to the end of summer. although i have only been to the ocean once this summer, it can't stop me from wearing it.

the style items here are are probably one of my favorites this -- the citrus thrifted pencil skirt, the sheer and lace loose top, the turquoise lighting flap bag, the brass filigree necklace and turquoise connector ring. i may have overdone it and turned more eyes in this outfit but who cares, right? i say wear what you love. 

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23 May 2012 loves cebu!

i am very much excited and at the same time afraid of this shopping haven --- excited because shopping happens with just one click and afraid because shopping happens in just one click, meaning my wallet is at its mercy! seriously, is such a brilliant yet simple concept website it's a wonder no one else has though about it here in the Philippines. it's amazingly easy to navigate and features a wide array of items to be shopped at one's convenience. carries 300 brands and uploads 300 new items everyday. the site carries items from both local and international brands and are not limited to just fashion items as it has sports and home living too. the best part is that your items reach your doorstep in 1 - 3 business days. as co-founder Palo Campos III said, " is basically democratizing fashion." hear ye, hear ye. ♥

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21 May 2012

bloggers united: what's up for grabs x free passes!

last year's bloggers united 2 was so awesome even for the mere fact that i got invited that i couldn't get over the excitement and forgot to prepare for it. haha! literally, 2 days before my flight i jammed everything i can see in my luggage thinking it was enough to sell. i didn't realize the phenomenal size of the event until i got there. 

this time, for bloggers united 3, i am packing a month in advance. yes, you heard it right -- a month! i cleaned my closet and packed a whole balikbayan box of items to sell and they're on their way to Manila as we speak. i am also going to take a leave the day before so i can stay awake throughout the event and not look haggard…LOL. 

here are just some of the items up for grabs. the good part is i'm selling them at super cheap prices --- really, everything must go! 

(more good news -- i'm giving away bloggers united passes to 10 readers! scroll at the bottom for the mechanics.)

so how to get passes for bloggers united? it's very easy:
♥ to be fair to avid vanilla ice cream readers, to join you must follow the blog via google connect or Facebook -- indicate in the comment where you followed
♥ write in a comment your Google connect name or your Facebook name
♥ write down your e-mail address as well

the first 10 to do this gets the free bloggers united passes! ♥

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18 May 2012

daddy's girl | rainbow summer!

happy birthday daddy! ♥ 

am i not my dad's photocopy? nobody can argue that i'm his daughter. haha! we celebrated his birthday last May 1st and spent by the ocean as always. this year, however, we couldn't visit our favorite beach house because of road conditions so we went island hopping in the nearby islands of Cebu --- the easiest way to chill by the ocean.  

violet monokini - primal rave wholesale | multi-colored striped skirt - shop dred reveries | fringe boho vest - bangkok find | sunnies - downtown finds | bangles: green and gold wooden bangles  - bangkok finds, red coral bangle - boracay find | red mini-wooden bangles - gifted by wagw

this will be my only rendezvous with summer this year in preparation for the wedding. so long, sweet summer! til' next year ~ i promise i'll see more of you. 

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13 May 2012

life is what you choose it to be

chambray top - thrifted | peach midi skirt - primal rave wholesale | leopard print belt - primal rave wholesale | oval-shaped bag - primal rave wholesale | sphere tribal necklace - downtown find | feather necklace - downtown find | gold ballet flats - parisian, sm dept store | bangles - gifted and downtown finds | rings - downtown finds

it's the middle of summer and if you've been reading my blog for some time now, you will know that summer is usually the time that my emotions and confusion come surfacing. i don't know why -- maybe it has to do with not being able to do as much because of work while everyone else is hopping on different islands and discovering beautiful beaches or having coffee and dessert with friends more than twice a week.

it's silly of me to be jealous huh? well, i am because if money and schedule were not an issue, i would be out taking classes in art or fashion or be in different beaches every weekend but instead, i'm at work or at home because we need to save money for the wedding.

it took me a whole afternoon of staring in space and beating myself down, however, to realize that ~ life is what i chose it to be. it's moments like these that makes me foolish not to appreciate what i have in life and i end slapping my forehead to the sound of DUH. i'm at home and at work because i have chosen to walk down the aisle in a beautiful white dress towards the love of my life. i'm not taking art and fashion classes yet because i have chosen to celebrate my marriage to Harry with God, our family and friends. this will be our 2012 and i can't wait til' December. 

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