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27 February 2010

let go of high school already!


one supervisor for 40 agents is just plain crazy. 
i feel like this has been the longest 2 days of my life.

i wish that people in their 20's would already let go of high school. stop with the gossiping, stop with the talking behind people's backs and most of all, stop with the bullying. snide remarks, raising of the eyebrows and rolling of the eyes is all too pubescent and it's stupid. i am here to manage professionals and not be a high school guidance counselor. just start doing your jobs. the last i heard, people who constantly look at other people's work and not their own can never be successful.

there. i'm sorry. just had to rant (yet again). thanks for letting me. now i can move on to my weekend.

i have great things to look forward to this weekend. dinner with old co-workers for the promotion of a former manager. my 1st monthsary with harry -- by the time we roll over a year, we start counting back to 1 month (just to spice things up and feel like a couple in their honeymoon stage again...LOL). a night of blogging and catching up on your blogs (yes, YOU!) and thrifting with my mom and sister on monday morning. (yey!)

hope everyone has a great weekend! 
thanks for the lovely comments on my previous post. 
i'm seeing that i already have 91 followers since i turned this personal blog into 
a fashion & lifestyle blog last november 2009. 
with that, i might (99.99% chance) do a 100th follower give-away!
clue: it's going to be a few of my favorite things. *wink*

ruffled top - thrifted
white shorts (yes, i did wear one) - props
white studded sandals - a gift from lil' sis
vintage suede bag - from bangkok
long watch necklace - hk gift shop
sunnies - thrifted at carbon

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25 February 2010

the art of thrifting


another thrifted find. i know, you must be wondering where i shop. and might be thinking that i just walk in the vintage shop already filled with awesome stuff. i wish! thrifting takes patience and needs a bit of learning. 

i started out at 12 years old and that was before people and fashion magazines labeled thrifting as cool. before, it was a taboo of some sort. we can't talk about it. as a child, we'd go thrifting at one of the local markets in our province every summer -- where people can't see us! haha! and where most of the cool stuff are. the market is stuffy and the clothes are on bamboo racks and platforms. you'd have to literally rummage through the clothes. mind you, it was super dusty! but the finds are worth it -- vintage tees and cute dresses at only P5 - P50 (that's $0.10 to $1) each. it was always something we looked forward to. 

in college, we'd wake up really early on sundays and go to our local market in Cebu. ukay-ukay (vintage) vendors would all lay their tables and hang their racks everywhere on the streets -- this is from thursday evening to sunday. this became our sunday habit. the market is sometimes smelly and muddy, full of sweaty people and noisy. since i was in college, i'd scour for vintage and graphic tees, denim shorts and skirts, long-sleeved shirts and dresses. the prices ranged from P10 - P80 ($0.20 to $1.60). we soon realized though that we were buying more 'could be' stuff -- stuff that needs altering, fixing or snipping. we'd soon have piles on our sewing machine -- waiting to be altered. 

we've long let go of our sunday habit and just shop at the nearby vintage stores -- air-conditioned and the clothes are properly organized and on hangers. the prices are a bit more expensive than the street kinds at P50 - P200 ($1 to $4) but we don't have to bear the sweat, smell and grind of the market. not too much alterations are needed too. and i personally have learned something, before buying anything, i need to picture if the item is something i can wear over and over. if it's just a 'could be' or a 'i could possibly' item, it's off of my list. now i can't wait for the weekend -- new stuff at our nearby vintage store!

ps. my dad does the alterations to our dresses. he shortens them, trims the waist, alters our flare jeans to skinnies..LOL. his grandma taught him how to sew. love you dad!

striped dress - thrifted
red flats with chain detail - celine
black leather bag - lil' sister's
thin black belt - props
long watch necklace - hk gift shop
gold bangles - from india
layered beaded bracelet - from a friend at P80

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23 February 2010



i don't have the typical features of a Cebuana which is mostly a mix of Spanish and native blood -- a mestiza as what we call it. i have chinky eyes, that of a chinese though am not fair but have almost caramel skin. i have curly hair and have never had it straightened. i don't have the typical body type too --- while my big sister is model tall at 5'7" and my little sister is petite and can fit into anything, i have an athletic body with round legs and wide shoulders. and although i played with dolls as a kid, i've been into sports growing up (swimming and flag football) and am never afraid to get my hands dirty or my fingernails chipped.  i dress up according to my mood and i have never been an avid follower of style rules -- i don't mix and match to the tee. although i prefer hanging out with the boys due to their uncomplicated outlook and am always mistaken for being one of them due to my sarcasm and humor, i hang out with them in my daintiest dress and red lips. 
this is me. it's my time...

and yours too. join benetton's 
they're looking for something different, something unconventional, something surprising, something real. It's not just how you look but how you are

(and no they did not pay me to post this...LOL. i just believe it's a great contest!)

linen zipper up top - thrifted
brown leggings - ???
brown peep-toe platforms - matthews at CMG
tan fringe bag - lil' sister's
bangles: brown - props | gold ones - from india
rings: animal print - props | white & wooden - from chai
long watch necklace - hk gift shop
sunnies - thrifted at carbon

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21 February 2010

stuck at home instead

...and i couldn't be more pleased. although i was looking forward to the beach and the sand but i was sort of dreading the trip because i wanted to be at home this weekend. it's been a while since i've been on my bed, just relaxing. one thing i would have missed on the trip though is the great photo possibilities! instead, i got to spend more time with my puppy 'snickers' and gave him his second walk out -- he's such a baby! our manicurist also came over and i had my nails painted neon pink..LOL. i bought several neon colors -- green, yellow and orange just to welcome summer. it can't be beat. with the el niƱo, summer is early and here to stay. 

i love coffee. i love its smell. and i especially love 'peppermint mocha' or dark cherry mocha' from starbucks. but i cannot for the life of me consume a cup and not palpitate and stay awake all day. i got this from my mom. a single shot of caffeine causes my palms and feet to sweat (i know, yuck) and my heart to palpitate... but i was so sleepy on my shift last night that i had to down a small cup. the effect? slightly shaking hands and awake for almost 24 hours. it's time to take the sketchpad and color pencils out --- a gift from harry on v-day! warning: the images below are amateur sketches.

now you can open your eyes. LOL.
printed loose top - thrifted
jeans - chillypapas
fringe sandals - katrina 
(the daughter of the owner is an agent in my account and she had them custom made)
long necklace - props
bangles: wooden - raw material store in manalili | gold ones - from india
sunnies - thrifted at carbon

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19 February 2010

trademark polka


this is what i wore for valentine's day. i know, i know, it's a very late post but it's perfect because pipi of black hair do did this illustration of me and my 'trademark' polka! thank you so much! i love it!


 anyway, i've only got 30 minutes to spend on blogging today as i have to pack for yet another weekend at the beach! this time, i'd be with my co-workers whom i don't know very well --- but am obliged to go because if i don't come, i'd have to work on a saturday! waaaahhhh! i'd rather spend it on the beach than be in my cubicle. i've got my escape plans covered anyway. what do i mean by 'escape plans?' welp, i usually have this tendency to take myself apart from the crowd by plugging in my headphones, immersing myself in my music and just staring at the sea (or at the crowd or in space...LOL). you could say, i sometimes love my own world and am perfectly fine with being in it even in the middle of a crowd. 

ps. i will make sure to check out all your blogs and comment back when i get back on monday! for now, happy weekend everyone!

blue polka dress with lace details - thrifted
maryjane oxfords - so fab (gift from big sis!)
thin gold belt - props
white ring - a purchase from a friend at P70
bangles: wooden - manalili | gold ones - from india
sunnies - thrifted at manalili

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17 February 2010

ashes and wine


i just love that song by 'a fine frenzy'... it's great to listen to during sunset. i don't know, maybe it's because the first time i heard it, i was parking on the roof parking lot of ayala terraces and it was sunset. i had it on blast on my ipod, blocking any other sound from the world. 
although the sun is out, it's still pretty much cooler today than yesterday. the wind was blowing my hair all over when we attended mass this morning. it's the first day of lent -- ash wednesday. a time for soul searching. ironically, it's supposed to be the start of fasting as well but it's my mom's birthday today so food is very much abundant!  we can't eat any meat on wednesdays and fridays of lent but my mom is preparing lots of seafood dishes from all that we bought last sunday.

♥♥ happy birthday mommy! ♥♥

thank you for all the love and support you have given us, all our life. you have never failed us. i love you mom!

on me:
floral dress - thrifted
pink sweater - gap
skinny jeans - chillypapas
green braided belt - thrifted
white studded sandals - so fab (a gift from lil' sis)
layered bead necklace - bought from a friend 4 yrs ago
bangles: pink and gold - from india | blue and gold - hk shop
sunnies - thrifted

on mom (in hongkong):
green dress jacket - thrifted
black blazer - linea italia
brown leggings - ???
brown suede ankle boots - mongkok ladies market
blue green pashmina scarf - hk street vendor

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15 February 2010

taking a big leap

i have wanted to do this since forever. only that i was making excuses for myself, basically because i was afraid i wouldn't be able to pull it off. so here it is -- shop yapi vanilla. it's partly named after the nickname my lil' sister has for me -- yapi (which is backwards for my childhood nickname). it will feature pre-loved items, vintage finds and some designs by me. *crossing my fingers* the shop is currently open to philippine buyers for now, only because i'm still trying to figure out a payment and shipping scheme for international buyers.

so summer is definitely here and there's no stopping it. the heat is almost unbearable! it is scorching hot. the season for cotton shirts, linen clothing, short shorts and skirts is here!

neon green shirt - thrifted
plaid skirt - props
black beaded sandals - DIY (finickee sandals + old buttons from people are people)
white bag - mongkok ladies market, hk
dog tag necklace - custom-made
rings: blue - props | orange howlite - dane's giveaway

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14 February 2010

love at first sight


ever since i was a kid, heart's day is always spent with friends. february 13 is one of my best friends' birthday and we always spend it on february 14. it was love at first sight for all us. we all went to school together since 1st grade and became close friends when we were 12 years old. we were not the same people as some are on the honor roll, some are pretty much notorious for antics in school and some -- like me -- pretty much have her own world but with the same humor, same craziness, utter thoughtfulness and consideration for each other, we built 13 years of friendship that time has tried and tested. 

green and pink plaid shirt - dad's closet | pink tank top - thirfted | skinny jeans - chillypapas
brown peep-toe platform heels - matthews  | turquoise studded belt - big sister's closet
heart necklaces - random buys | pink and gold bangles - a gift from India
turquoise and gold bangle - hk gift shop | sunnies - thrifted at carbon

on another note, i've always loved 'sunday morning' by maroon reminds me of that drive my sisters and i had on the highway of a reclaimed land south of our city. sunday mornings give that chill vibe. it signals not just a new day but a new chance to make the following week better than the last. it's mostly a time spent with family or on the bed, wrapped in the sheets watching re-runs of our favorite movies. most of all, it is a day of good GOOD food. the following photos were taken this 5am, on the way to cordova market (in mactan island) to buy seafood -- shrimps, crabs, fish -- for sunday lunch and for my mom's seafood birthday party this wednesday.


have a great sunday everyone! 

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