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25 June 2013

the barber's hesitation

i never realized the hassle guys undergo to maintain their hair. i thought my curly hair was already high maintenance until i shaved one side of my head and found out i need to get a trim every 2 weeks to keep it as sharp as it is. one thing i discovered with having a side shave is having to rely on nearby barbers to maintain the shave -- yes, barbers! i couldn't set an appointment with my hairstylist every 2 weeks just to shave my head so i've frequented nearby barbers (near our house or home) trusting in their ability to cleanly shave the head with all their years of experience. and you know what they always ask, "are you sure?" which of course has been smirking at their semi-shocked and scared faces -- afraid they'd hurt a girly-girl. ha!

linen oversized blazer - thrifted | patterned leggings - props | black and grey snakeskin wedges - pill footwear, the ramp | green braided belt - thrifted | grey oversized sunnies - urban outfitters, gifted by sister

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18 June 2013

once upon a time: a bride & breakfast editorial

one of the best gifts 2013 has blessed me and Cuckoo Cloud Concepts is a small message, on January, from Janna Simpao of Bride and Breakfast asking if we'd be interested in doing an editorial with them. i just woke up at 6AM to pee when i saw her message sent at 3AM. i literally shook and jumped off my bed! 

Cuckoo Cloud Concepts was just a start-up wedding styling team that April and i started in October 2012 -- something we did with a leap by leaving our cubicles and taking on the endeavor full time. we didn't have any assurance of clientele nor whether Cebu would bite the idea of engagement session stylists or wedding stylists. we presented ourselves not as florist but a team who adds additional styling to weddings that would capture the couple's personality further. so it was an amazing surprise to have been caught by the Philippines' no. 1 wedding blog much more being invited to do an editorial. 

we got to work immediately and worked on the project for two months. here are the behind-the-scene shots and for the editorial, you can check them out here

cotton top - thrifted | denim cut-offs - thrifted | leopard print boots - forever 21, gifted by sister | camel braided belt - props | floral headdress - custom-made by Cuckoo Cloud Concepts | crochet cardigan - BU3 find

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