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27 October 2010

a nude kind of high

the truth is, i've been more afraid of wedges than of 5" heels. yes, they both get me to better heights or at least not make me look small beside harry who is 5'11 and the extra height sure make up for our 9" difference but i was afraid that wedges would make my thighs look bigger than it already is. so i avoided them until jeffrey campbell and those awesome girls who wear them convinced me to give wedges a try. i must say, i'm a convert. oh my heels will still have enough attention from me but my alfreda wedges from gold dot will surely be a wardrobe staple. this is my first online purchase and opening that package was really a treat -- it was like christmas. haha!

white striped top - platinum mall, bangkok
mauve blazer - linea italia
skinny jeans - chillypapa
beige suede wedges - gold dot
silver robot necklace - borrowed from aimee
pink sunnies - carbon find
stacks of bangles - carbon find

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25 October 2010

maxi + stripes = answered questions

i think i'm getting bad at blogging mainly because i've been trying to juggle so many new things in  my life and welp, because when i get home all i want to do is watch TV, 'imortal' to be more specific. i just can't resist john lloyd cruz's good looks.LOL. to those who are not from the philippines or do not follow teleseryes or local tv series, 'imortal' is the pinoy's take on the vampire-wolf craze. it's something between twilight / underworld / anne rice plus the pinoy cheesiness. 

just so you guys won't think that i've totally forgotten about the questions you posted on my last giveaway, i'm going to answer a few right now. here goes:

which one would you prefer most -- stripes, plaid or polka dots? (27chic and tortured artist)
well, for those who have been following my blog for some time now, you would know that i have such a weakness for polka dots. although it's weird saying this because the photos above show me wearing stripes..hehe. 

have you tried wearing neon leggings? (27chic)
as much as i'd like to, no i haven't and i don't think i ever will. constant running and drills from my old football days have developed my legs to be most unforgiving in bright colored pants, what more leggings. but i will be wearing a pair of metallic purple leggings this halloween.*wink*

who is your fashion icon and why? (eelectroCutee and style-haus)
i normally say mary-kate olsen because i just adore her laid-back, boho-chic style but i just recently discovered carine roitfeld (yes, it took me an issue of preview two months ago to appreciate her style) and i am just blown away by her. her style is just chic, slightly disheveled but very smartly done. she dons  embellishments and layers accessories without going to far. i just love how she layers and pairs her clothes. 

what is the major change you had recently? (sweet)
i think most of you know this but i'm going to say it for those who don't --- 2 months ago, i resigned from a high-paying job which was making me unhappy in exchange for a job which pays only half of my last salary but is very close to my interests --- the arts and marketing. 

where do you go thrifting here in Cebu? (alexa luna)
cebu freedom market or carbon is a fail-safe way to thrift although it may be a bit chaotic. you can find vintage dresses, cool shirts, frayed or washed out denim shorts, beautiful scarves from P10 - P70. for a more comfortable environment though, walk around the areas nearing cebu doctor's hospital. they have several air-conditioned spots that sell ukay-ukay from P50 - P280. and when you do plan to go on an ukay trip, tell me so i can go with you.hehe. 

chic in the tropics is holding a CSN giveaway exclusively for US and Canadian readers. go check it out!

 grey striped top - thrifted
grey maxi skirt - thrifted
grey flats - gifted from charm
red studded belt - pratunam, bangkok
cross necklace - borrowed from aimee
rings: studded owl - carbon find | orange howlite - dane's giveaway
gun-metal scales bracelet - tseng accessories

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20 October 2010

a pet in pink ribbons

after being MIA for a few days, of course you should expect a photo-heavy post. i need to catch up. first up, let me introduce you to my blog pet in pink ribbons. he's not harmful, just a bit temperamental, especially when it rains or if his feet gets wet after running in the rain and accidentally dipping it in a puddle..haha!

so yeah, this is how i rocked the cropped top. i'm not daring enough to show the tummy though so a black tank top is necessary. i love the day this photo we taken. it was raining really hard but then it stopped and the sun came out around 4PM. armand and i haven't taken a break since that morning so when the bosses left for personal errands, we scrammed and had fun outside. thus, the pet in pink ribbons. we had this idea of him becoming my pet when i whined about him frequently being in my posts and that he should start his own blog. that's when he told me, "i can be your blog pet then." we grabbed some ribbons from leftovers from the last invite we made and voila! instant chic leash.

cropped top with black tank top - props
skinny jeans - chillypapa
grey flats with zebra-print bow - parisian, sm dept store
zebra-print fedora - sm dept store
dog tag necklace - custom-made
gun-metal wire cuffs - props

on another note, although i am super delayed in posting this but 2 weekends ago, philip and i attended the annual fashion show of my old alma mater. it's a show that fine arts students from my old school put up every year as their project. while i was in school, i've followed the shows to make up the art school envy. i should have been part of it. if only i listened to my heart. and yes, had enough wisdom to know that it doesn't matter if the course i'm taking is highly-employable or not, what matters is that i'm passionate about it. oh well, what happened, happened. everything happens for a reason.

anyway, these are just some of the looks i had the chance to photograph. philip and i mustered the courage to ask these models to pose for us despite not knowing us. haha! the designs are done by 19 year olds, can you believe it?

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18 October 2010

special discount: what a girl wants!

what a girl wants is one of my favorite stores in the mall. i really love, not just the clothes they sell, but also their interiors and how they arrange all their items. i love their display window too. really smartly done. 

what a girl wants will be having a big sale this october 15 to 31 and is offering all you lucky readers a special discount. just print the coupon below for a discount of P100 for every P1,000 purchase (and this is on top of the discounts they already have on display!). 

what a girl wants is located in the following branches: 
3rd Floor, the Gallery, Robinsons Galleria
2nd Level, Paseo Cuidad, Ayala Center Cebu 
2nd Floor, Main Wing, SM City Cebu
1st Level, West Promenade, Limketkai Cagayan de Oro City

ps. regular outfit posts will resume once i purchase a new keyboard for our PC that has the adobe photoshop to resize my photos. my mac still doesn't have photoshop out for it though because i will be showing you my BLOG PET! 

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14 October 2010

headache in style

so yeah, i'm totally copying vanessa east of one frozen margarita. i am just totally jealous of how she rocks turbans and scarves. don't get me wrong, i am totally a scarves girl and have a dozen at home but they only get worn at home or at the beach. but today, with full conviction, i decided to wear them to work. sure i got a few stares from people coming into the office and at one point, when my sister came in, she joked and asked if i had a headache. well yes, a headache in style. *wink*

pardon me for the photo heavy post. this is what happens when the electricity has gone out twice in a day and all work is paused because everything we do is dependent on it. so we opened up the blinds and took advantage of the warm afternoon light. and yup, that's armand at my back, totally posing as if he didn't know i was taking photos of myself. haha!

polka dot scarf used as turban - thrifted
striped tee - thrifted
grey shorts - props
beaded sandals - gifted from harry
necklaces: key and fairy - props
bangles: wound brass wires - carbon find | white wood - chatuchak, bangkok
rings: white stone - props | butterfly - gifted from sweet

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12 October 2010

fashionably outdone!

so yeah, if you've noticed, this is not a post about my outfit but of my sisters' and cousins'. i have been fashionably outdone. especially my little sister, aimee (on the 2nd photo) who stole my camera to take photos downstairs at the basement parking lot. this was taken almost a month ago on a random friday night with my sisters and cousins at the penthouse. this was also the night i kept stealing  sips from vodka shots that are supposedly for my cousins, handed by aimee, and ended up so drunk, i fell on my hands while crossing the street at i.t. park. i also had to walk barefoot all the way from pent to a food place a block away because my shoes were killing me. saving enough dignity as i used to work in that building where the food place was located, i managed to put my shoes back on before crossing the street only to fall on my hands, causing my nails to get super dirty with mud.  i haven't gone drinking since then.  i can still imagine the confused state i was in and the hell of that hangover. i want to go on a hunt for that drink that causes zero to less hangovers but then i would have to go on a lot of trial-and-error. and i'm not sure my being 26 can handle it anymore. oh well. 

on me:
embellished LBD - maldita
black handbag - nine west
faux suede black peep-toe booties - celine (gifted from harry!)
stacks of gun-metal silver bangles - carbon finds

on aimee:
floral dress - thrifted
black wedge pumps - leaveland
black handbag - gifted from her friend
chained necklace - pratunam, bangkok
bangles - chatuchak, bangkok

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