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28 April 2012

plum tinkerbell

tiered dress with embroidered hem - thrifted | black wedges - shoe etiquette | faux snake skin belt - bangkok find | diamond-shaped fringe necklace - downtown find | bangles - gifted | work watch - gifted

"you look like tinkerbell..." that's what everybody told me when i wore this outfit to work. of course, all i can do is smile because there's nothing else to do. i don't know if they say i look like tinkerbell because it's so juvenile or that i look like tinkerbell because it's pretty. maybe both for some. LOL.

i got this dress from one of the spur-of-the-moment thrifting trips my mom and i made a couple of months ago -- which my mom and i had more frequently before she left for Aussie and where my dad so happily obliged to drive us wherever we wanted to go. i love going thrifting with my mom. she's been at it for so many years, she knows what to look for and definitely knows whether a stain can be removed or not. sooner or later though, it seems she has evolved to wearing my style or i hers. on casual days, she wears loose tops with a long cardigan and skinny jeans. sometimes you can't tell us apart -- except that she's really fair and i'm not. 

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25 April 2012

wishing for grey clouds

knit cardigan - thrifted | two-toned leggings - thrifted | flap booties - props | necklaces: elephant tusk - bangkok find, black stone with chain fringe - downtown find | work watch - swatch | sunnies - raybans, borrowed from sis

it finally rained the other day after days and days of oven-like heat. i swear every time i step inside my car when i get off work at 12:00 PM, i feel like i'm being baked like a rack of lamb. it's just hot all over, even on my face and it doesn't help that the drive from my workplace to home takes approximately 30 minutes. oooh i wish i can apparate.

my apologies for being MIA for almost 2 weeks. it's just when our wholesale stocks arrive, i am responsible for 2 jobs -- my day job as a sales manager and my job managing our wholesale business with my sister. with the inventory that requires sorting and tagging of each item and the handling of customers, i just couldn't squeeze in the time to blog. my body aches all over and has been so for the past week but it's worth it. i love clothes -- from wearing it to selling it. 

and while we're on the topic of our wholesale business, if you're from Cebu (or have plans of visiting Cebu in the next 2 weeks) and are interested in being a reseller (or you're just such a shopaholic that you want to buy 10 items or more), i can give you a wholesale price. big big discounts, i promise. *wink* just e-mail me at: gizellefay(at)yahoo(dot)com.

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16 April 2012

the boys in my life

linen kimono blazer - thrifted | linen culottes - primal rave wholesale | green braided belt - thrifted | animal-printed strappy wedges - people are people, gifted by Harry | necklaces: charm necklace - downtown find, elephant tusk - bangkok find | bangles - downtown finds | horse ring - downtown find

thankfully my mom's visa to Australia got approved and she left on the first week of April to accompany my sister there for 6 months. after everything that has happened, my sister definitely needs all the support she can get. 

it's weird having no one else to talk to at home though, except Harry and my dad. i used to share a bedroom with my sister until she left and right when she did, i'd hang around in my mom's room. thanks to Facetime though, i can still bug my mom and sister any time i want to but it's not the same really. 

so now, for 6 months i'll be the lady of the house --- looking after my dad and my Harry. i've been cooking for two Sundays now and am intent on doing so for the next Sundays to come. and on our Sunday afternoon visits, it will be just us three. a couple of hours of serenity with the afternoon sun and the sunsets right after. 

ps. good thing both of them are very supportive of this blog. in fact, my dad was the one who suggested the location of these shots. (thanks Dad...<3)

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12 April 2012

neon summer | grinch of summer

neon pink tank top - thrifted | denim shorts - thrifted (DIY-ed from a pair of jeans) | knit cardigan - thrifted | turquoise flats - solemate, sm dept store | cerulean blue cutout belt - props | charm necklace & multi-colored feather necklace - downtown finds | bangles - downtown finds  | oversized amber ring - downtown find

my mom laughed at me for getting this neon pink top. why do i get the feeling that my family members get puzzled when i purchase one-of-a-kind or standout pieces? haha! i have no regrets over this top at all. it screamed summer and who would have thought, i'm on trend! neon is all the rage this time of the year -- from neon apparel to neon accessories.

i used to love summer. (okay cue the boos) i know people are enjoying their trips to the beach and all the summer activities they got planned but i'm completely paranoid about becoming dark due to the heat. (cue another set of boos again?) i know, i know i have become this grinch of summer but i am preparing for the wedding as early as now. is it so bad to want to have good skin on the day of? i want to be this glowing bride without any tan marks. it's a sensible want right?

i do plan to hit the beach before summer ends. the question is, how do i not get a tan? LOL. 

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11 April 2012

Style Inspiration: Roberto Cavalli Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear

it's the peak of summer and the heat is scorching but i'm daydreaming about layering clothes and scrumptious jackets. these are my favorites in the genius 2012 fall collection of Roberto Cavalli. i die. ♥ ♥ ♥


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09 April 2012

may the odds be ever in your favor

we're saving up for the wedding so i can't buy as many books as i wanted (or as many shoes). i guess i should say i can't buy things as frequently as i wanted. it's been months since Harry and i have been to the movies as waiting for the DVD is the more practical option. books nowadays are not as cheap as paper and even cost more than a movie ticket.

but after reading a couple of free chapters of The Hunger Games on Kobo, on a sleepless afternoon, i knew i had to get the book. no, not just the book but the series and it was a purchase i don't have any regrets of. 

not only is the series well-written, the plot is very riveting, unexpected and at the same time, relational despite it being the set in the post-apocalyptic future. the characters are not sob stories, they're actually people you want to root for. and Peeta Mellarck -- oh don't even get me started on how much i love how he is. then we have the the movie. it's one of the best depictions from books other than Harry Potter (of course). i can't wait for Catching Fire. 

printed dress - thrifted | white tank top - thrifted | white blazer - thrifted | lemon yellow flats - greenhills find | bangles & bracelets - downtown finds | bird ring - downtown find | necklaces: elephant tusk - bangkok find, black stone with chain fringe - downtown find 

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08 April 2012

my second home

Dumaguete has always enamored me, even as a kid. in summer, the ferry from Dipolog usually stops over en route to Cebu and my cousins and i would step off for a bit, walk around the boulevard and eat street food -- barbecue and tempura. as we're walking, i'd crane my head to peak at the establishments along the boulevard and the streets beyond them, thinking to myself how peaceful and adorable everything is and imagining myself walking in and out of those shops. 

then i met Harry, who was born and raised in Dumaguete and i actually lived my imagination. Dumaguete became my second home and i now consider it as a tranquil escape from the city life. i no longer have to crane my head to see what's beyond the streets along the boulevard --- i have actually walked those streets beyond. the place is as quaint and peaceful as i'd imagined, even after all these years. and what do i do every time i'm there? this i never miss -- have a slice or two of Espanola pizza at Hayahay. the yummiest pizza ever. 

polka dot mini dress - bangkok find | sheer cardigan - thrifted | grey flats - solemate, sm dept store | tan bag - sm dept store | black hat - metro ayala | bangles - downtown finds | wasp ring - downtown find | necklaces: elephant tusk - bangkok find, black stone with chain fringe - downtown find | leopard print scarf as bag accessory - gifted by Aqui

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