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29 November 2011

bowtie love x blogger's united 2 ticket winners!

cardigan with polka cutouts - bangkok find | sheer top with bowtie - bangkok find | pleated skirt - thrifted | studded white belt - primal rave wholesale | nude wedge booties - gold dot
chain-linked necklace - gifted by Eden | gunmetal cuffs & rings - downtown finds 

i know i've neglected this blog for more than a week now. hey, it's not my fault. although work got to best of me last week and i ended up working 12 - 14 hours a day, i did intend to blog last weekend. i caught the flu though and was on bed rest til' today. i got to stay at home on a Monday but it wasn't fun and games at all. my head seemed like it was going to split and it was throbbing with pain every time i move. i'm all well now after religiously taking pain medication and antibiotics. 

anyway, these photos were taken 2 weekends ago after the 'meet the parents' lunch we had at our place. yes, Harry has met my parents and i have met his but this time, both our parents were meeting for the first time. it was tense, awkward and funny the first few minutes but once everyone got to talking, we hardly noticed that almost 3 hours has gone by. ♥ parents who get along well together is just the bestest thing to happen to a wedding-in-the-making! ♥

so the Bloggers United 2 event is in 4 days and i can't wait for it! i don't know if i'm prepared enough but i am very much looking forward to meeting other fabulous bloggers and meeting Vanilla Ice Cream's Manila readers too. so without further adieu, here are the winners of the Bloggers United 2 entrance tickets:

Lilli Elizabeth Abatayo
Audrey Noreen Deza
Rovie Divinagracia
Cez Quijada
Kristina Marie Letada
Kristabel F. Penafuerte
Sumi Go
Banegrace Malate
Grace Siy
Loty Rhae Pascua
Mae Angelie Jinang
Erna De Jesus
Diane Pancho

i'll e-mail you guys tomorrow (and tweet you too!) see you soon and make sure to drop by our booth! ♥

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21 November 2011

Bloggers United 2 x Free Tickets to Giveaway!

Manila’s finest fashion bloggers will leave their laptops at home once again to attend BLOGGERS UNITED BAZAAR (Part 2) on December 3, 2011 at Treston International College, Taguig, this coming holiday season.

It is the second installment of the first-ever Bloggers United: An Interactive Shopping Affair, which was held last May. Due to insistent demand from readers and bloggers alike, Bloggers United ( team in partnership with the country’s largest online shopping website, Multiply Philippines ( have gathered Manila’s fashion bloggers to sell their pre-loved but very stylish closet pieces!

This event is the perfect opportunity for both bloggers and their adoring readers to mingle and personally interact with each other. Fun contests and exciting giveaways from sponsors and entertaining performances from bloggers (Walkie Talkies, Reese & Vica) themselves will definitely keep this event from being a dull one.

Some of the notable bloggers attending the event include Divine Lee, Laureen Uy, Kookie Buhain, Lissa Kahayaon, David Guison, Karl Leuterio, Patricia Prieto and Preview Magazine’s own Daryl and Andre Chang.

But because Bloggers United wishes to go beyond the geographic limitations of the archipelago and extend its reach beyond Metro Manila and so for this event, they are flying in some of Cebu’s very own fashion bloggers which include Kryz Uy, Eden Villarba, designer Yves Camingue, Gillian Uang and Mildred Zapanta and a few more. ---> The "a few more" includes me! ♥ Yes, I'll be there and I hope to meet all you lovely readers and bloggers from Manila on that day.

Part of the proceeds from this event will go to the GMA Kapuso Foundation ( for its school building project, a small but significant step to improve the Filipino youth’s access to education.

The organizers behind BLOGGERS UNITED BAZAAR (PART 2) are Ana Gonzales (, Melai Entuna ( and Aisa Ipac (,  a team of blogger friends encouraging camaraderie and sense of “community” among Manila’s (and eventually, the country’s) fashion blogging community through events and productions like this.

This is a one-day-only event that you shouldn’t really miss! It will be in a bigger venue with twice more the number of participating bloggers to meet! This is the perfect shopping day this Christmas because the most affordable and most fashionable clothes, accessories and footwear will be up for grabs. See you!

Bloggers United is in partnership with:
Multiply Philippines (
GMA Kapuso Foundation (
Treston International College (
Event is co-presented by:
Columbia Digital (
Meg Magazine (
When in Manila (
In cooperation with:
Xend Business Solutions (
Special thanks to:
Online Shop Donors:
Shop Dainty (
F-STOP (Fashion Stop) (
Location Details:
Treston International College
University Parkway District, 32nd Street corner C-5 Road 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila Phillipines

Now, here's a best part -- I am giving away 20 entrance tickets to the event to Vanilla Ice Cream readers so I can share the privilege of being part of the event to you too. Getting the free entrance ticket is simple:

♥ Just comment on the post here with your name and e-mail address and/or twitter ID
♥ Follow Multiply on Twitter and Facebook
♥ And of course, follow Bloggers United on Twitter and Facebook

That's it! The giveaway will end on November 25, 2011 so you have a week to join! Tell your friends, tell your family and I do hope to see you all at the Bloggers United 2 Event!

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15 November 2011

writing my own story

pink blazer - thrifted (for P50!) | white tank top - thrifted | zebra printed shorts - bangkok find
lace-up heels - parisian, sm dept store | dog tag necklace - custom made | red sunnies - bangkok find

90% of the time, i'm that girl who doesn't give a crap about what other people say about me. i like doing things my way, as long as i'm not hurting anyone. i dress the way i dress and i maintain a carefree and friendly demeanor wherever i am. i try to always give a piece of my mind and hardly resort to keeping things to myself when called for. it may be with this kind of attitude that people misunderstand me and it's okay. i do not exist to make everyone understand how i am because that's just foolish. one thing i have learned from Harry when we first got together is this: "People will always have their own version of your story. The important thing is you write your own and live it to its fullest." 

so yeah, people can make up stories about me. i'll write my own as well. in the end, what matters is i know and LIVE it, my family knows it, harry knows it and my true friends do too. 

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13 November 2011

stealing granny's style

pleated garter-waist dress - thrifted | crocheted cardigan - thrifted | studded white belt - primal rave wholesale | zebra-printed bow tie flats - sm department store | chunky necklace - downtown find | rings: turquoise - bangkok find & winged pinky ring - downtown find | bowler hat - sm department store | studded bucket bag - sm department store

i have always had this affinity for granny clothes especially those that come with a gartered waist and electric pleats. i always get overly excited when i see electric pleats and the science behind creating those stunning folds never ceases to amaze me. so when i saw this dress at PHP 50.00 ($1.20), i was immensely elated and couldn't believe what a steal it was. the dress is pleated, polka dotted and has scalloped sleeves -- just my cup of tea. 

wearing granny clothes can easily lean both ways, looking juvenile like a 13-year old girl or looking well, like a grandma. so i had my dad cut 2 inches off the hem to make the dress more modern. the only regret? he cut it too short because i measured it too short -- i was bending when i made the cutting mark! LOL. so to style a granny dress more youthfully, i layered on a chunky necklace and studded belt, added gazillions of bangles and a pair of chunky rings to create that extra jingle, topped the outfit with a bowler hat and let my hair down. voila! juvenile and granny no more. what do you guys think? would you wear granny clothes?

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12 November 2011

Versace x H&M

i have to admit that up until i saw a TV special on Versace -- its brand, how their company was built and the amazing siblings who ran the fashion label, i didn't have much appreciation for it. i had this unconscious bitterness over designer clothing which is beyond my reach and it took me a while to realize that although the actual clothing is beyond my financial reach, it shouldn't hinder me from appreciating the art and work that was put into the creation of the designs. to be a renowned designer takes a massive amount of brilliance -- brilliance that is not tapped by just any ordinary being. despite the steep prices, designer clothing are still works of art.

thanks to Lady Gaga who wore a Versace dress on a casual day, Donatella decided to share Versace to the public and collaborate with H&M. when Lady Gaga fans asked where she got her single shoulder shift, a collaboration with H&M was Donatella's way of letting those fans get a taste of the Italian fashion label at a few hundreds (and not in thousands). that leather jacket below can be ours at $299 (still a steep price for the Peso but still affordable compared to the couture line / collection). here are my favorites from the collection:

all images courtesy of -- check out the site for a full coverage of the launch.

my top favorites are the pleated dress with the leather jacket (2nd photo) which was also worn by jessica alba at the launch (here), the purple cutout dress and black chiffon dress on the 5th row -- the black one worn by jennifer hudson at the launch (here). all the lace-up booties caught my heart too, especially the blue ones. simply amazeballs. how about you? what are your favorite/s?

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09 November 2011

sunday mornings with you

printed dress - thrifted | braided belt - | layered necklace - downtown find | camel wedge sandals - | bangles - downtown finds & gifted | studded bucket 
bag - sm department store | brown sunnies - downtown find

i said i never would but i went back to the night shift. i must say i am more productive with this schedule. Sundays are more special because i spend them with Harry and we'd have super late dinners, spend an hour or so watching TV, workout on the stepper and lift weights, go walking around our neighborhood and attend Church on its second schedule.  my mornings are no longer spent being sleepy and in bed. 

the scheduled maintenance by the local electric company didn't stop us from enjoying last Sunday. we did our usual activities in the morning and added visiting the mall right when its doors opened to have brunch at French Baker and shop for a pair of boots for our South Korea trip this November. unfortunately, the mid-calf boots that was on sale at Janilyn no longer had my size. we went home right after lunch to find out the electricity was still out and will be out until 6:00 PM. so we changed into comfier clothes and went thrifting around Jones avenue. my favorite shop is already closed but a new shop opened just across the street and to  my delight, i found the perfect pair of boots at only PHP 336 ($8.00)! can you believe it? you'll see the pair when i wear it in South Korea.
i can't wait! ♥

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05 November 2011

light as a feather, stiff as a board

denim jacket - aimee's | black pleated skirt - thrifted | white tank top - thrifted | feather necklace - downtown find | rings: bow, burnt stone & angel wings - downtown finds | grommeted belt - bangkok find | brown sunnies -downtown find | leopard flats - sm department store | studded bucket bag - aimee's 

if you were a 90's child, you'd probably find the title familiar...if you don't remember or know it, it's from the movie The Craft which i was such a fan of. i think i was still in 5th grade then and i must have seen the movie more than 10 times. i even had the soundtrack and i swore i was meant to be a witch too but no matter how much a tried to make a pencil turn on its own, it just won't. imagine my disappointment. haha!

anyway, i've long been obsessed with feathers ever since i found and i was scouring bangkok for some cheap peacock and ostrich feathers that i could DIY but to no avail. time got to the best of me and i never got around to doing the earrings. so i was super glad to have found this necklace  at my favorite downtown shop. it's been a while since i've gone accessory shopping and mind you, once i step into that little shop of accessory goodness, i go wild. so i'm presenting you 2 of the loot i got on my latest trip: the feather necklace and the angel wing ring. 

on other news, the Cebu Fashion Bloggers have finally come out of our shells --- we've long held a group page in Facebook to discuss fashion, events and just about anything but the discussion remained within the group. we have finally decided to take the group public with a Facebook Fan Page. 'Like' the CFB Facebook page to get updates not just from me but from all  other amazing Cebuano Fashion Bloggers.

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