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28 March 2011

sheer delight: the perfect summer dress

people tend to stay away from chiffon thinking it's too formal for day use or that it's too humid out to wear them. here i am, defying what other people think and no, a chiffon maxi dress is not too formal for day use and not humid at all. it's the perfect summer dress for when i feel like being all too feminine. to downplay a statement dress like this, pair it with flats like a studded or embellished sandal, add a thin belt to accentuate the waste and for someone like me who's afraid of showing my humongous (post-swimming / flag football) arms, pair it with a loose cover-up. add a dozen (or one, for others) of accessories and you're ready to go! 

floral chiffon maxi dress - | white cover-up - thrifted | white studded sandals - gifted from aimee | cerulean blue belt - | stacks of bangles - carbon finds + gifted from sweet | 
leaf necklace - carbon find | brown sunnies - bangkok find

5 more days till the launching of 

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25 March 2011

channeling 60's woodstock

(the mini burgers are the sampler ones of flame it's awesome grilled burgers. cream cheese + garlic, garlic mayo, bacon mushroom and cheese and chili con carne = LOVE) 

i just can't stop wearing this vest! haha. wearing my beloved fringe vest with this floral tiered dress made me feel like i belong in a 60's woodstock concert but in a conservative way. i should dress this way more often as it's liberating in the sense that i was able to channel an era of new and radical events and trends. 'The Sixties' was an era where social taboos were relaxed, there was an excess in flamboyance and where people simply freed themselves of social constraint. the constant swinging of the fringes on my vest and the last tier of my dress also helped with the liberating feeling.(kidding)

hmmm, so how's my life been in the last few days? i've been utterly busy, it's sometimes no longer funny because i've been late for work almost everyday. i've been sleeping until 3:00 AM everyday, not only taking care of our wholesale business (which is situated at home, taking over my sister's old room)  but most importantly preparing for i've prepared 43 tops, dresses, skirts, shorts and trousers; 5 bags, 8 pairs of shoes, 8 kinds of belts and 3 kinds of swimsuits for the shop. 

floral tiered dress - bangkok find
fringe vest - bangkok find
turquoise belt - robinson's dept store, dumaguete
tan bag - parisian, sm dept store
blue embellished sandals - bangkok find
cross necklace - custom made by sister

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22 March 2011

summer layers: sheer + prints

phew! finally got the chance to do a post. this has probably been the longest time i've been away and i apologize for that. i might not have a lot of dedicated readers like other blogs but i think i'm safe to say that a few do follow my posts. right? *wink*

aside from the lack of internet connection at home for almost 3 weeks now, i've also been very (as in super) busy with our wholesale apparel business. it's an awesome job selling clothes to people and sorting out dresses, tops, skirts, shoes and bags, trying them out every once in a while and giving styling advice to those interested but do not quite know what to do with the item. oh i wish i can just work in a clothing store (or manage my own) and make a living out of it. i've got shallow, shallow ambitions huh? but dealing with fashion makes me happy. note to harry: find a great paying job so we can live off your salary...hahaha!

on another note, a very exciting one, remember how i've been saying i've been brewing up something big? it's almost at its completion. here's a sneak peek. hope you're excited! ♥ ♥ 

sheer printed dress - thrifted (and borrowed from mom)
black camisole - metro ayala dept store
black lace-up cuban heels - parisian, gifted from harry
turquoise belt - robinson's dept store, dumaguete
stacks of bangles: brass + wooden - carbon finds
elephant necklace - carbon find
cross necklace - custom-made by sister
elephant tusk necklace - bangkok find
rattle snake connector ring - carbon find

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14 March 2011

morbidly chic

i've been coveting this Alexandar McQueen-inspired bag since last year when i first saw them in the Chatuchak market in Bangkok.  i didn't get the chance to buy them though because they were selling them at a despicably high price for an imitation bag. i go to lengths to get the items i want but not for a steep price. my patience did me good because on our trip last February, i finally found one being sold at half the price it was originally sold at last year. it's boho-shaped with a number of skull studs and a dash of fringe -- what more can i ask for? incidentally, my favorite grey bag i bought from Hongkong died on me so i have another good reason to buy a new grey bag. 

on another note, our internet at home is still erratic and i'm seriously considering disconnecting from Smart, our provider. it's only now that we've had this issue though but it's been 2 weeks and they still haven't fixed it. i think it's our location, specifically because i tried bringing our wifi router to our office and the connection was working fine. i hope you all still hang tight for posts from me. i really do apologize for not having blogged much these days and not replying to your comments. i'm doing the best i can to work around this issue so yeah, i'm sneaking in a post while on my lunch here at the office. 

my prayers go out to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. may God give you comfort amidst the chaos and strength to survive the aftermath. 

ps. i laud Japan though for being well-prepared for the 8.9 earthquake. if it happened here in the Philippines (God, i hope not), we all would have been erradicated. our infrastructures are just not engineered and built to survive earthquakes, nor is our government for that matter.

pale blue dress - thrifted
knitted pink shawl - thrifted
grey skull-studded boho bag - bangkok find
layered chain necklace | letter necklace - carbon finds
stacks of silver bangles - carbon finds
elephant ring - carbon find
coral red ellipse ring - bangkok find
oversize silver flower ring - forever 21, gifted by Sweet of pens and lens

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09 March 2011

blog full of introductions

first introduction: yes, $2 dresses are cool..but hey, i live in the Philippines and $2 is still PHP90 and that can already buy someone a meal. so i present to you my PHP10 dress. something i scoured from our local market trip months ago. it needed a bit of fixing as the neckline's threads were loose but with the help of basic sewing skills learned from years in an all-girls school, i managed to sew the neckline back. aside from the dress being multi-colored and floral, my most favorite part is that it's a tent dress and can be adjusted using the thin strings attached on it. forgiving. very forgiving -- especially for a girl who has gained so much weight from the two trips she's been on..haha!

second introduction: F-R-I-N-G-E! i need it in my life right now. every time i say that when we were shopping in Bangkok, my mom and sister would laugh and roll their eyes. oh well, i'm shallow like that. since i couldn't find a fringe bag, i settled for this awesome vest instead. oooh, i'm so excited to pair this with floral and printed sun dresses and maxi skirts and swimsuits. summer is here!

third introduction: my gecko ring. my gecko love. my sister was baffled at how i can love such weird accessories as last year, i also went ballistic over my fox ring but for me, the weirder the better. i've been finding reasons to wear this for days now and i've been finding myself just staring at it, even over a stop light as i'm driving and imagining that it's a real gecko on my finger. yes, i'm weird like that too. *smirk*

ps. i threatened to disconnect my internet connection and when i got home from the service center, my internet suddenly worked fine.tsk tsk. hope this is the fix they promised.

floral dress - thrifted
fringe vest - platinum mall, bangkok
nude suede wedge booties - gold dot
layered coin necklace - platinum mall, bangkok
layered chain necklace - carbon find
stacks of bangles - carbon finds
gecko ring | turquoise ring - platinum mall, bangkok
leopard ring - carbon find
orange howlite ring - dane's giveaway win

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08 March 2011

finally, the trouser gods heard me

i have always loathed trousers and non-denim pants not because i don't like them as a piece of clothing for others but because it's very hard to find a good pair that fits my oddly shaped body. in college, we had the option to wear pencil skirts or pants for our uniform. even when i was studying engineering and surrounded by guys, i opted for the pencil skirt because it was easier to wear. to bluntly say, the thing i hated the most about pants was how my crotch ate them. LOL. not to mention that my ass is huge and the pants accentuated it further, making it more embarrassing for me to wear them. when i hit the corporate world, others stocked up on slacks while i stocked up on button-up shirt dresses and more skirts. i never purposely scoured malls or department stores for those classic slacks and would only purchase one whenever i luckily find something at the thrift shop.

so you can imagine my delight when i tried on this pair of trousers. the crotch is not fitted, the pleats on the waist line makes for a forgiving shape and i just absolutely love that it's made in linen which makes it oh so comfortable. in Bangkok, most shops only sell wholesale so you need to buy 3 items to get a good price. you can definitely guess that i bought 3 pairs of these in different colors. and oh, one awesome thing about this outfit -- i finally got to wear my cape-like crocheted top. ♥ 

you're asking about the necklace? oh that! it was a Forever 21 gift from Sweet of pens and lens when we met up in Bangkok. we were supposed to meet up in Forever 21 so she can finally buy me the pair of shoes as my prize on her last Fashion Stylist contest. unfortunately, they pulled out most of their stocks and didn't have any size for i'd have to wait for my new pair. 

ps. i know i've been gone way too long. left for the Bangkok trip on February 24 and was so excited to get back and make a new post only to find out our internet hasn't been working for days. it still isn't and this is just one of those lucky nights that it is. i'm sneaking in commenting back on your blogs at work. *hush, don't tell my boss*

black crocheted cape-like top - thrifted
black linen pleated trousers - Bangkok find
nude top used underneath - random
black heels - Forever 21
rhinestone & gold bohemian necklace - gifted from Sweet
stacks of bangles - carbon finds
bohemian armor ring | bow ring | snake ring - carbon finds

You can find some great Superdry designer wear at as well as plenty of other designer gear. Check out the website now by visiting

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04 March 2011

photo session: head wrap

remember the behind-the-scene shots i posted about our farewell party for my sister last December? finally, with Armand's hard work and multiple insertions to his busy schedule, the photos are here:

styling by gizelle faye sembrano
make-up by gizelle and armand
photography and editing by armand alforque

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