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14 March 2011

morbidly chic

i've been coveting this Alexandar McQueen-inspired bag since last year when i first saw them in the Chatuchak market in Bangkok.  i didn't get the chance to buy them though because they were selling them at a despicably high price for an imitation bag. i go to lengths to get the items i want but not for a steep price. my patience did me good because on our trip last February, i finally found one being sold at half the price it was originally sold at last year. it's boho-shaped with a number of skull studs and a dash of fringe -- what more can i ask for? incidentally, my favorite grey bag i bought from Hongkong died on me so i have another good reason to buy a new grey bag. 

on another note, our internet at home is still erratic and i'm seriously considering disconnecting from Smart, our provider. it's only now that we've had this issue though but it's been 2 weeks and they still haven't fixed it. i think it's our location, specifically because i tried bringing our wifi router to our office and the connection was working fine. i hope you all still hang tight for posts from me. i really do apologize for not having blogged much these days and not replying to your comments. i'm doing the best i can to work around this issue so yeah, i'm sneaking in a post while on my lunch here at the office. 

my prayers go out to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. may God give you comfort amidst the chaos and strength to survive the aftermath. 

ps. i laud Japan though for being well-prepared for the 8.9 earthquake. if it happened here in the Philippines (God, i hope not), we all would have been erradicated. our infrastructures are just not engineered and built to survive earthquakes, nor is our government for that matter.

pale blue dress - thrifted
knitted pink shawl - thrifted
grey skull-studded boho bag - bangkok find
layered chain necklace | letter necklace - carbon finds
stacks of silver bangles - carbon finds
elephant ring - carbon find
coral red ellipse ring - bangkok find
oversize silver flower ring - forever 21, gifted by Sweet of pens and lens

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE that bag!!!!!

kathifoldsfive said...

i love the colors of this outfit, pai! very sweet and feminine.

and i'm heartbroken and praying for Japan too.

kathi folds five

Anonymous said...

where and how do you thrift all these amazing clothes?!

Abbie♥ said...

that's a really cool bag! :) i love your rings, too.

cryskay said...

gorgeous bag! love the skulls and color.
i use a canon sd780. xx

Cherie said...

it's the little details that counts! super love the skull detailing of your bag :)

Parade of Dresses

Alex said...

Well done on your persistence with the bag! I usually end up paying full price or not getting it and then regretting it afterwards.

Anonymous said...

So jealous of your knitted shawl! I've been wanting one for some time, just couldn't find the perfect one :(

the skulls add such a nice touch to your ensemble! downplayed the "sweetness" of your look. love it!

Ninin of

L.D. said...

Shemay, gusto ko na talagang magpaperm ng buhok arrrggggghhhhhh

Floral sunnies <3

Jing Ocay said...

I love the color and skull studs in that bag,G!

Aileen Kim said...

am not really a big fan of skulls but i like looking at them in other crazy! You look adorable as usual. And may i ask the color and brand of your lipstick here...i super love it!

Unknown said...

My patience is probably like yours... i would go to lengths for a bag but if it's at the wrong price, I would just leave it. I can't stand when people mark them higher than they should be.

I really like how chic you look. Very bohemian. The flowy dress and the rimmed sunnies caught my attention :) And your hair is gorgeous, btw. Very pretty curls!

Cylia said...

my prayers go out to anyone who's been affected by the earthquake and tsunami in japan aswell.. btw, awesome bag:) I'm glad you got the chance to buy it this time!

Sweet said...

patience is a virtue and see you got the best deal hahahaha!!!! so many deals here and that's what I learned in have to find something similar to it half or more than half the price too...


ching said...

i see why you like that bag.. it is amazing.
ps. i'm in scotland for my studies. :D

LadyNansei said...

That is a simply awesome bag, and it goes well with your outfit too!

I have the same problem with the internet at my place. It's a USB Thumbdrive and goes sooo slow and disconnects whenever I'm in the middle of something important (like commenting).
So I usually just to go the library where the internet is, like, super-duper fast (and free) :D

I am also praying for Japan, it would be so horrible to loose everything you own and not know if your family is okay or not. I live near the beach so I really hope I dont get one either. Haha.

I wish I could go to Bankok and HongKong. LOL

annefireflies said...

Wow!!! I love that bag and the ring of the elephant!
They're georgeous :)

thanks for your nice comments

Hazel☺ said...

wow! your patience paid off! that's a gorgeous bag!


stylefrontier said...

lovely outfit and i really like the bag!!

have a great weekend
little miss fhenny

00000 said...

OMG, YOUR BAG! AYLAVET! *dies of envy*

oomph. said...

loving all your jewels...especially the bracelets! great find on the bag!

Unknown said...

rocking outfit! love it, especially the bag. :)

Btw, it is Krisel of Glamourville Shop. I sells apparels, footwears like boots, wedge, and heels. Hope you can drop by at my online shop. Thanks! :)

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