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26 February 2013

hale manna part 1: tribal print x polka dots

it has really been awhile since i've enjoyed the beach. aside from having to maintain long hair to prepare for my wedding, i also promised myself last year to achieve my natural fair skin -- which we got a hint of from my mom. i've been avoiding the sun and have been wearing sunblock everyday. whenever i need to be outside, i cover myself with long-sleeved cotton tops and oversized hats. last year, i only visited the beach once and we were under the shade of the boat, most of the time. don't get me wrong, i have no regrets -- i wanted to be fair so i will stand out in my wedding dress but i'm sure you can all imagine my relief when we got to hit the beach this year. 

words can't describe how beautiful hale manna in moalboal is. pictures can't even do it justice because you need to be there for the experience. yes, the sand is not as fine as that of boracay's or bantayan's and 25% of the resort is by the cliff but the serenity you feel when you're in the place is beyond measure. the beach is lined with small huts that house mattresses, overlooking the ocean so we got to spend a whole afternoon relaxing. the service and amenities were amazing too. it didn't feel like we were in a resort, we felt like we were in tita's rest house. we were pampered beyond belief. 

hold on to your seats, this will be the first of 3 posts of our hale manna vacation. 

tribal printed swimsuit top - props | polka maxi wrap-around skirt - thrifted | elephant tusk necklace - bangkok find | oversized sunnies - urban outfitters, gifted by sister | bangles - braids and bonds & downtown finds

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22 February 2013

take risks -- start with your hair!

meet my hair that's a result of an utter sense of freedom and relief that the wedding planning is over and i get to do anything i want that will not do injustice to my beautiful wedding dress. last july 2012, when i got my roots retouched for my engagement session, i had my hair stylist promise that she'll do my hair ombre after the wedding. 

i was wed on December 22, 2012 and on the afternoon of December 31, to greet the new year I made true to that promise of changing my hair drastically. it's the craziest thing i have done appearance-wise and because it's crazy, it's all the more reason that i love it. every time i look at the blond roots, it reminds me of my vow to do the things i love and with passion. to embrace life freely and take risks. 

the photos were taken prior to our cut & style activity with islands souvenirs. i initially planned to wear denim cut-offs which has recently been my go to closet item but decided against it knowing that Eden will be there --- we have a standing joke of dressing simply every time we get together which we somehow can't manage. what can we say, we've learned a lot from Chanel -- we dress up every time we go outside because we never know we'll have a date with destiny. right? 

floral cropped top with cutout shoulders - traded with sister | jersey maxi skirt - props | mustard platforms - zalora by centropell | oversized leather bag - R.A.F. by plains and prints | rings: blue stone ring and cross connector ring - downtown finds | butterfly ring - gifted by a friend | bracelets: brown and pink stone bracelets, green spiked bracelet, chain and braid bracelet - downtown finds | wooden bangle - bangkok find | angel wing necklace - downtown find | black watch - gifted by sister

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20 February 2013

in keeping with old superstitions

as with all other new years in the past 5 years (here, here and here), i make sure to wear polka dots to greet it. not only am i a fan of polka dots and that these have a gravitational pull to me whenever i see them but old superstition say that wearing polka dots bring luck in money. it never hurts to believe in a little bit of superstition, don't you think?

this new year was spent with my sisters and unlike last year, we didn't end up barefoot and crawling. we found ourselves still overly sober at 7:00 AM that we had to drop by a 7-eleven on the way home to grab a few bottles of beer for a night cap. nevertheless, as long it's spent with my sister and our husbands of course, it was still worth the while. ♥

black and white vintage polka dress - thrifted | oxblood red vest - eden's closet | strappy boots - denise's closet | stone necklace - | gold chain necklace - mom's | fringe leather bag - | bracelets and bangle - downtown and bangkok finds | oversized black ring - forever 21, gifted by sweet | spiked connector ring - downtown find | black watch - gifted by sister

the second reason why we celebrate the holidays - HAM!
oh mr. Jack Daniels, you look so good but doesn't make me feel good. 
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07 February 2013

never too old for sinulog

the Sinulog festivities have grown over the last years. more and more people flock to Cebu from different parts of the country to venerate sto. nino and of course, to experience how it is to party in Sinulog. the first photo below is how Sinulog looks like in Cebu. imagine that volume of people and multiply that by 100. now imagine, half of these are inebriated and are most likely to splash water (or beer) on you or paint your face with poster color or worse, black oil. don't expect to go home clean and untainted -- especially if you're intent on partying. be prepared to give your Sinulog shirt a good funeral because you will never be able to wear it again. this year, we even saw everyone sharing the love, holding placards saying "free hugs." Sinulog is indeed a happy time. 

when Harry and I were asked what we'll be doing this year for Sinulog, we figured we're too old for the street party and planned on staying at home. after all, we're an old married couple (or we feel like one). admittedly, after last year's tragic incident, Sinulog has scarred me. good thing we went out though because that was one of the most fun we've had in a long time. it was also a great time to spend with my sisters -- as we danced crazily, not caring what other people would think. 

neon striped top (which died at the end of the day) - props | denim levis cut-offs - thrifted | grey flats - solemate, sm dept store | tan fringe bag - urban originals | black hat - cotton on | feather necklace - downtown find | oversized sunnies - urban outfitters | bangles and bracelets - downtown finds and braid & bonds

where is my Islands Souvenirs cut&style shirt? i wore the pink at the beach and gave the other one to my cousin after her pleas. LOL. 

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