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07 February 2013

never too old for sinulog

the Sinulog festivities have grown over the last years. more and more people flock to Cebu from different parts of the country to venerate sto. nino and of course, to experience how it is to party in Sinulog. the first photo below is how Sinulog looks like in Cebu. imagine that volume of people and multiply that by 100. now imagine, half of these are inebriated and are most likely to splash water (or beer) on you or paint your face with poster color or worse, black oil. don't expect to go home clean and untainted -- especially if you're intent on partying. be prepared to give your Sinulog shirt a good funeral because you will never be able to wear it again. this year, we even saw everyone sharing the love, holding placards saying "free hugs." Sinulog is indeed a happy time. 

when Harry and I were asked what we'll be doing this year for Sinulog, we figured we're too old for the street party and planned on staying at home. after all, we're an old married couple (or we feel like one). admittedly, after last year's tragic incident, Sinulog has scarred me. good thing we went out though because that was one of the most fun we've had in a long time. it was also a great time to spend with my sisters -- as we danced crazily, not caring what other people would think. 

neon striped top (which died at the end of the day) - props | denim levis cut-offs - thrifted | grey flats - solemate, sm dept store | tan fringe bag - urban originals | black hat - cotton on | feather necklace - downtown find | oversized sunnies - urban outfitters | bangles and bracelets - downtown finds and braid & bonds

where is my Islands Souvenirs cut&style shirt? i wore the pink at the beach and gave the other one to my cousin after her pleas. LOL. 

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Archer said...

3 things i love about this post- sinulog, your outfit (esp. the neon-stripes top), and bacardi!

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