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25 December 2011

different but it's Christmas all the same

star printed sweater dress - thrifted | blue tights - gifted | flap booties - |
fedora hat - metro ayala | dog tag necklace - custom made | brown sunnies - downtown find |
oversized ring - downtown find | work watch - gifted by my dad
true, this year was a different Christmas than all the others i've spent. for one, i missed a whole lot of misa de gallo because of work. i shopped too late for gifts because i was waiting for additional funds -- like, 3 days before Christmas and i'm not done yet. it was the first time i decorated our tree on my own because my mom got sick with flu and it was already December 20 -- Christmas is not complete without an overly decorated tree in our house. we didn't have a big noche buena like we used to but my sisters (and i helped a little) cooked yummy seafood and hungarian pasta and we had our fill of my tita's home-made ham. lastly, we didn't open gifts after midnight because we didn't wrap our gifts this year. to sum it all up, my Christmas was a lot simpler than it used to but you know what? what mattered most is that i had 85% of my family complete --- with my little sister back from Australia but minus Harry who was in Bohol with his family. being in the company of people who will love you unconditionally is still the best Christmas one can have. i am, indeed, lucky. ♥

merry christmas everyone! ♥

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19 December 2011

cebu and manila style bloggers meet!

even with an energy level that of a one bar on a mobile phone, we pulled ourselves out of bed the day after the long event to meet and have a sit-down dinner at the Borough in the Podium. everyone came in their own styles, the food was good and conversations were even better. ♥

outfit details: tiered boho dress - bangkok find | black wedges - shoe etiquette | feather necklace - downtown find | brass bangles + wooden bangles - downtown finds | orange polka bangle - gifted | turquoise ring - bangkok find | skull ring and bow ring - downtown finds
mildred zapanta of dred reveries
group photo! we look like we've been friends for sooo long ~ like a high school reunion photo.
from left: mike magallanes of toxic disco boy | melai entuna of style and soul | aisa ipac of drowning equilibriums | jeff, a levi's PR | eden villarba of chic in the tropics | ava of artsy fartsy ava | sarah tirona of ms. eggplant's chronicles | vanessa east of the detritus of an earthbound goddess | mildred zapanta of dred reveries
and the winner for the most supportive partner goes to mich! ♥
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17 December 2011

our sponsors: how we managed to go to Manila

before i do a post on our quick-dinner-before-leaving with the Manila Bloggers, i'd like to first feature our sponsors and the goodies we received from the event. of course, without these amazing sponsors, the Cebu Fashion Bloggers wouldn't have been able to travel to Manila. we are eternally grateful. mind you, these are just a few of them as i've already tucked away or given away some. that's how blessed we were.

Bloggers United loot:
Lorys Hair Cream in Duo Chocolate -- smells so yummy!
Rio Mints in very cool packaging -- i super love them! not only do they taste good, they're very stylish too.
♥ An Ashley's lippie in a cupcake -- very cute!
♥ A few packs of Kotex Luxe -- they're like style items on their own as the pads are lined in floral prints!
Nivea products -- classic and undying staples. 
Accessorize Sunnies -- a timeless shape and shade. Very Audrey Hepburn. 

i would also like to especially thank Multiply for partnering with Bloggers United. their new site is just amazing and super easy for shopaholics like me to shop.

here are the links to the rest of our sponsors:

Bloggers United is in partnership with:
Multiply Philippines (
GMA Kapuso Foundation (
Treston International College (

Event is co-presented by:
Columbia Digital (
Meg Magazine (
When in Manila (
In cooperation with:
Xend Business Solutions (

Special thanks to:

Online Shop Donors:
Shop Dainty (
F-STOP (Fashion Stop) (

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13 December 2011

bloggers united 2: the amazing day that was

last May, as Bloggers United took place, all i can do was hold on to my iPod and check real-time updates of the bloggers who were participating and check their posts days later to continue to stalk even more --- i think i drooled a bit too. this December, i drooled but i was there. (yeah baby!) and it was one of the funnest, exhilarating and exhausting yet most memorable event of my year. after months of stalking the fabulous Manila bloggers, i finally got to meet them in person. since it was a one-time event, i took my shyness aside and got the courage to smile at people i don't personally know and it was just amazing to have met new friends. *crossing fingers* i do hope we're still invited on the next Bloggers United event. even if we haven't left Manila, we were all already thinking of what to do the next time. ♥

our space. our label. the CFB representatives. ♥
mildred and i were one of the firsts to arrive. those are our luggages that we almost carried through the long flight of stairs. good thing a kind guy helped us carry them.
our clothes for sale on the table. we didn't have clothes racks but we had no regrets. people flocked to our booth because ours looked un-intimidating? i don't know but we're just glad we sold a lot of items.
the long line of bloggers united attendees...whoot! ♥
the cebu fashion bloggers with the gorgeous bloggers united organizers and founders, Melai and Aisa.
(we should have waited for Ana too)
with my sunshine and most supportive friend -- pyangee
wrapping up! all the clothes we had unsold were donated to GMA Kapuso ♥

time for outfit shots!
eden villarba of chic in the tropics
alexa en tan luna of i am alexa
vanessa east of the detritus of an earthbound goddess
moi --- looking very sleepy and more haggard without make-up..LOL.
mildred zapanta of dred reveries -- she was also my roommate and we had loads of fun! 
my outfit details: tiered black electro-pleated skirt - thrifted (P50!) | studded sheer top - primal rave wholesale | green braided belt - thrifted | black wedges - shoe etiquette | feather necklace - downtown find | bangles - downtown finds + gifted | rings - downtown finds

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08 December 2011

color blocked arrival | manila trip day 1

photos courtesy of Mildred and Eden

green maxi skirt - thrifted | denim jacket - borrowed from Aimee | white tank top - thrifted | blue and white striped flats - bangkok find | necklaces - vintage & bangkok find

these photos were taken upon our arrival at Manila on December 2, 2011 to join the Bloggers United 2. is it obvious that i haven't slept for 24 hours and that what was keeping me alive was a bottle of energy drink and my excitement for the event?

i love how we all traveled and went through the hassle of airport security in not just any casual outfit but something that was what we called our own version of comfort and style. i also loved that we came garbed in our own distinct styles --- with me turning to my fail safe maxi skirt, white tank top and long necklace, Alexa in her cool sleeveless top and tulip skirt, Mildred in her bright blazer and denim cut-offs and of course, Eden in her grunged up sweater and studded cut-offs. i've never traveled with so many stares before because not only were people staring at me for wearing such a bright colored skirt and fuchsia lipstick but at my fabulous companions as well. 

well, we've been joking about blogging about our Manila trip for days on end (maybe in a span of 2 weeks, right Van?) but maybe it just might happen. LOL. hold on to your seats for my post on the actual day of the Blogger's United 2 event and on our 3rd day in Manila. ♥

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