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23 January 2014

Lee Denim DIY Workshop

fashion-wise, my life's been pretty boring lately. in fact, i can't believe i've been investing in boots for outdoor photo shoots compared to two years ago when i am so into heels. so when the Cebu Fashion bloggers got invited to the Lee Denim DIY Workshop, i immediately jump on the wagon. i was due to put on my fashion blogger hat and give my wedding stylist hat a break. 

Lee's visit in Cebu couldn't have been timed better -- the DIY workshop event being on the Sinulog weekend. the event was culled to promote Lee's 125 years of craftsmanship. i personally love their tag line "Stay Curious" because it's a mantra i keep telling myself as well. being in the creative industry, i believe in always looking at the world with glittering eyes. curiosity does indeed break boundaries and push you to think outside of the box. 

Cebuano artists were invited to interpret their curiosity with their own denim creations. i couldn't have been prouder to find an old college classmate there -- Doyle See whose design was greatly influenced by comic book artworks and old horror movie posters. Uzi Emperado and Nicolo Nimor were there as well. 


denim cut-offs - thrifted | chartreuse cropped sweater - borrowed from mom | black suede booties - rubi shoes, cotton on | multi-chained necklace - cotton on | black wide-brimmed hat - cotton on | suede thin belt - cotton on | rings: giant frog - BU6 find | skull - downtown find

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