17 September 2010

worn to death

there were periods in my life where i'd choose a piece of clothing as my favorite and never stop wearing them until i wear them out or in the case of my pleated khakis, until my cousin called out my attention that i've always been wearing them. i think all of us can relate to this --- having a shirt or dress that tends go through the washer more than it should for its own sake. 

in the early years of grade school, i had this 'rosalinda' floral dress with cross straps at the back that i never stopped wearing, even to play chinese garter with friends in the neighborhood. in 5th - 6th grade, i had a pair of short overalls that i wore almost every week because it was just sooo comfortable and i loved styling it in different ways just as Tai, played by Brittany Murphy (R.I.P.), did in Clueless when she was at a party with Cher and she had nothing else to do but style her overalls. in high school, i wore the aforementioned pleated khaki pants to death --- with white tank tops or button-up shirts and my brown platforms (ala Spice Girls). i went through college and couldn't stop wearing my trusty old vintage tee that i thrifted which had vintage cars lined all over the front.

now i think this stripe tee with sequined pockets is going to be my new overused piece of clothing. i wore it on the last day in Bangkok and right after it went through the laundry, i had to wear it again for a meeting with an accessories designer. right now, it's sitting in my closet waiting to be worn again ---maybe next time with my new pleated pants.

ps. isn't mr. fox just adorable? i bought it for only 70 baht and i had to buy two items to get it at that price. imagine my panic when i couldn't find any other ring that fit me because the rest were all too big. good thing they considered a necklace as the other item.

striped tee with sequined pocket - platinum mall, bangkok
paper bag pleated skirt - thrifted
faux snake skin belt - borrowed from mom
grey flats with metallic details - gifted from big sister
bangles: gun-metal one - carbon find | braided beads - chatuchak, bangkok
round imprinted necklace - gifted from gelie
mr. fox ring - platinum mall, bangkok

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julianne. said...

that is an amazing outfit.
i love everything about it.<3

ari said...

hello hun :) I am loving your thrifted skirt, the shape is amazing, oh and great layered jewelry:)

Weesha said...

you look gorgeous! I don't blame you for loving this tee so much, it's really cute. Love the outfit and the accessories <3

Kookie B. said...

i like ze electropleated skirt!

being miss east said...

me wants the ring!^^


cool shirt

Join the Gossip said...

Very cute! Love all of these pieces :)

dred said...

the sequined pocket is a cute accent. love your pleated skirt too!

and yeah i also have overused bags and clothes too! haha


Jing said...

i love the gray ensemble of your outfit,G!and again you have a great collection of beautiful accessories.
and talking about overused?nah...almost all my clothes are overused kay gamay ra kaau kog sinina.hahaha

Ann said...

I heart the skirt gizelle!!!<3

alyssa said...

ah where can i get bracelets like yours! so pretty!

Meream said...

Mr. Fox is a cutie!

I can relate to over-using some items. Sometimes, that makes me a boring style blogger. Haha. I use my oxfords A LOT! :D

aizkim said...

i totally can relate to certain-wardrobe-overuse. Am so in love with tunics, i wear them practically everyday til i run out of options! (you made me laugh with the chinese garter thing....i used to play that too even in my skirt)

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

YOU LOOK INCREDIBLE. I love love love the pleats. Looks like it'd be a fun outfit to spin around in!

And I know what you mean - I most DEFINITELY have the tendency to love some of my pieces a little too much! :) Especially when I was a kid. Can't believe that silly blue dress lasted for so long, such a TROOPER..


projectvee said...

i totally know what you mean haha - when i had a favourite piece of clothing, i wear it to death :( and then i try not to wear it as much so it doesn't actually die! hahah. i definitely love that tee though - very versatile :)

Mom Daughter Style said...

love the details of your outfit

Sweet said...

Love the tee Gizelle, and Mr. Fox is so cute hahahah...great finds love!!!!

I also experienced that...I guess for a gazillion times already...you cannot bargain comfort over other tops hehehe...


vdcouture said...

envy your skirt and that top is super awesome <3


Len David said...

Keep up the good work, Gizelle. It's so nice to see fellow Filipina bloggers here :)

Stylelover said...

You look great in that outfit!!! and that ring is amazing!
First time here but I am coming back for sure!

silviasiantar said...

cute ring!@@@

love your blog and following it


Anonymous said...

That fox ring is so cute and I love your sequinned top, it's really sweet. You look lovely, as always. xxx

Lex said...

I love ths skirt, the pleats look fantastic. You styled it amazingly as always!

Kara said...

ah!1 absolutely love the pocket on the shirt!! grey is a very nice colour on you!! :)


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