10 September 2010

back to the grind

after every adventure, i know i must snap myself back to reality. responsibilities await and i have to work my ass off to be able to travel and of course, shop excessively again. i never thought i would say this but after that 5-day shopping stint in Bangkok, i have to admit that i found myself to be such a shopaholic. 

it's a holiday in the Philippines today as we celebrate the end of Ramadan. although i'm a Christian, our country does consist of a significant percentage of Muslim people and respecting that is one good step to attaining peace here. anyway, i was totally preparing myself to write the articles that have been waiting for me since i arrived but after 5 hours in front of the computer, i just couldn't bring myself to do so. don't get me wrong, i love writing but i've sort of been drained of motivation to write. writing these articles would mean extra moolah for me and i don't understand why i can't just write a few 300-word articles. (you need to set your priorities, Gizelle!)

floral shirt dress - mom's closet
leopard-printed flats - parisian, sm dept store
brown braided belt - borrowed from sis
brown bag - platinum mall, bangkok
wooden bangles: brown and green - raw materials store, cebu
stone rings: teal stone and burnt orange - props
elephant necklace - carbon find

just a quick update on my recent job switch: i am still very much loving it but am slowly pressured on how else i am going to get more clients for Drawingboard Creative Studios. i guess that's how it's always going to be in the field of sales and marketing. and while we're mentioning my company, might as well promote it a little here. better yet, let's get the version one of the Drawingboard portfolio to do the talking:

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Alex said...

The print on that dress is just gorgeous.

Fashionista- I am your fashion mannequin said...

love the bag and the necklace!


ching said...

i can't wait for your next travel adventures Gizelle. :)

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Yay! Day pictures :) You look great as always. I love your carefree dress style :) haha shopaholic, you are :)

Melai said...

What writing raket is thiissss?? Hahaha. I sound interested. Hmmm. Haha go gizelle! :)

Love those flats :)

Melai of Style and Soul

Wendy said...

You are so cute! I also really like how voluminous your hair is.

alyssa said...

Love this dress with the leopard flats!

Glad you had a great vacation. But they are such a tease once you get back to reality! Haha

-marta said...

I am IN LOVE with your bag! It's lovely :D

Jing said...

the dress looks good on you,G.i love how you belted it. enjoy your job gurl. =D

julianne. said...

frreeekiinn love that dress.<3333

eelectroCutee said...

great color combo, green and brown..and your dress is so cute :)


Meream said...

wait. do you mean, literally, your mom's closet? or is that a local store i don't know about? haha

I love that shirt dress, in other words :)

(Was typing with one hand before that last sentence, hence, the non-caps.:D)


oeh I love the flats and the florals


Sweet said...

working mode Gizelle....its fun to work on day time but sometime we wish it will be a little bit adventurous and FUN just like before hahahaha :D

hoping for you to get more clients dear...I know you can do it!!!!

more clients more shopping mode for you...can't wait for you to come back in Bangkok!!!!


Eunice said...

I love that dress Gizelle. Looks great on you!

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

love the mix of colors!


Maria said...

I super adore the floral dress! :)


emily said...

sorry for taking eons to reply! anyways...
the print of the dress is so pretty, i think you pull it off better than i ever could! i love the flats as well, nothing like a touch of leopard.

Pop Champagne said...

thats a fun print you're wearing!

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

YOU LOOK SO ADORABLE. Turquoise looks so good on you. And you accessorized 'er perfectly: brown and tuquoise are ALWAYS a winner in my books!

Glad you're liking your new job, gurl!


ari said...

ah! I am in love with the print of your dress!

Jeje said...

Love your dress! Very fresh looking :)

Mode Junkie said...

mom´s closet are the best no? and i see what you did here! mixing florals and leopard prints. PERFECT!

xoxo Mode Junkie

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