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03 March 2012

Fashion Institute of the Philippines launches in Cebu!

my prayers have finally been answered. fashion has come to Cebu in the form of the Fashion Institute of the Philippines. although Cebu has been a lover of fashion for decades and we have long produced amazing designers that have conquered not just the country but the world but Cebuanos had to go far and wide to learn fashion. it was only until recently that proper fashion education was  bestowed upon us and if not for my wedding planning, i would have enrolled myself in one of the classes (or maybe two classes). maybe next year then. who wants to go with me?

check out Fashion Institute of the Philippines' website for the different courses offered and its schedules. classes for Basic Fashion starts next Monday, March 12, 2012. ♥ ♥ ♥

check out Vanilla Ice Cream tomorrow for the announcement of the winner of $100! ♥

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Unknown said...

waah! i want to enrol!;))

jan alfie bartolome said...

this is sooo coool!!! I WANT!!!

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