19 October 2012

my sister blogs too!

my older sister has finally jumped the gun. after accompanying me to bloggers united 3, she saw what the commotion was about and what a wonderful community the philippine fashion bloggers had. we joked and convinced her to try blogging but she was hesitant because she said she wouldn't know what to say. i think it was after collaborating with various bloggers for PROPS did she finally decide to start her own blog. meet my sister, Charm and head on over to her blog: One Semi-Charmed Life.

oh yeah, i know you're thinking it --- my sister is TALL. she's 5'7" while i stand just a mere 5'2". LOL. i don't know what happened but she's the tallest in our family. my mom must have eaten a growth bean, or something. 

for those who have not read previous posts in my blog, i do have a little sister too. tres marias, is what they call us. all three of us love fashion and at one point, shared one whole continuous closet in our house when all 3 of us used to live together. my little sister is now in Sydney, Charm has left the nest after she got married and i've stayed back with the parents -- so we can say our closets are now strictly our own. 

the three of us have a project coming soon. *wink*

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Metajojuana Nyt said...

Great blog!!! I love all your pics! Would you like to follow each other?

BIG hair LOUD mouth

kate maggie said...

Ah! You have such funky shoes, love all of these. Your style is amazing! x

Ira Kharchenko said...

Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing:)


charm pia tan said...

wow! thank you so much for this little sis...

much too excited for our project... soon!!!!


Jing said...

you and your ate are equally fashionable,G!will visit her blog. :)

Chyrel Gomez said...

I thought so! I knew your sister's so tall and it's not just the angle or the way the photos are taken.

Chai Chen said...

Nice! Great that your sister blogs too. :) Can't help but notice her great shoes. :)


Gessyl said...

wow! i like your sisters fashion sense also..

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