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05 July 2010

hoes over bros

i know my title is from one tree hill --- you know, brooke's clothing line. but it greatly defines my weekend. 

it's monday morning and i have to work tonight so as much as i'd like to write up an elaborate post on my thoughts or my weekend, i am really not in the mood. i think i've sat in front of my pc for 3 hours now, contemplating on how i can compose my thoughts and put them into good writing. aside from that, i am so tempted to pop in a 3rd french baker brownie bit in my mouth. we all have one of those days right?

so here's my weekend: 3 hours of sleep after my friday shift to meet karen and help her buy new glasses, long talks over frozen yogurt -- i had bananas and caramel with crushed grahams and she had oreos and chocolate syrup, met up with canence to watch Eclipse --- it's our girlfriend date and we've watched the series together, watched Edward's brooding eyes (he looked hotter in this movie by the way because he gained weight, his make-up looked natural so his lips are not red and his face not over compensated with white stuff) and of course, watched and listened to girls scream over Jacob's hot body; had baked zitti at sbarro and talk to canence about 'love over friendship'...or maybe vice versa; went home after almost falling asleep on the wheel and slept with my make-up on (again, damn!); attended my old company's 4th of july party, played some 'green' games, met up with old co-worker girlfriends at dessert factory and had my cheesecake fix, then had a massage with harry to end my weekend. 

blue and black top - thrifted
jeans - chillypapa
studded boots - mongkok ladies market, hongkong
round imprinted necklace - gift from gelie
gun-metal layered wire cuffs - props
rings: oval flat stone - props | orange howlite - dane's giveaway
brown sunnies - thrifted at carbon

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Anonymous said...

Love your boots lady!!!

+ + + + + + + + + + + +
+ + + + + + + + + + + +

Isabeau Jane said...

its so hard to say no to dessert factory's blueberry cheese cake.. Im careful not to see that place so i wont be reminded of my addiction.. its more addictive than cigarettes lol..

The ViXeN's LaiR


cute jeans babe.

nancyyy, (ctrl + ♥)

Cherie said...

love, love the graphic design of your top and how you paired it with those boots are awesome :)

Anonymous said...

Eclipse was just fun to watch...compared to the other movies....

I love the boots Gizelle....its nice to hear that you had such a great weekend meeting up with friends and just spending time with your girlfrends. that's fun!

take care love

Gela said...

ok, just reading about all the food you ate is making me hungry. argh, now i want baked zitti from Sbarro!!

haven't watched Eclipse yet. don't really plan to, but i'd seen the first two movies, & i feel like i should just get it over with. heard it's slightly better than the first two?


boat ride through the sky

vdcouture said...

gorgeous!! love the boots

Melai said...

Yes we kinda have similar boots! And I like the print of your top. Naks. I badly want to win a giveaway. So far I haven't. hahaha.

Sounds like a nice weekend. I've never been to a massage with bf yet. Hmmmm... And yes gizelle! Never forget your makeup before sleeping. Skin skin skin! Heheh :)

Thanks too. I'm glad you appreciate my comments. They are really from my heart :) Mwuah!

Melai of Style and Soul

Leah said...

I agree... Edward looked way much better in Eclipse and the boys without the shirts are hotter too. But you already know who has my heart right? Hahaha!

Unknown said...

Mmmm Cheesecake, yum! Love the title, makes me laugh:-)

Come enter my giveaway, ends Wed!

Anonymous said...

hey gizzele
i always like ur sunglasses..
what should i say of it kind, if i want tu buy it?

u look fab as always..


Anonymous said...

haven't seen the movie yet, Gizelle! a guy friend said that Edward looked like he'd been sniffing coke or something. bitter much. HAHA!

i love your boots and top!


LA said...

Great sweater!


Anastasia said...

This look is so awesome!

You have great style! =D

thanks for the comment! Following you btw =D



Chicks before dicks! (You know, to go with your title? Yeah.)

And sounds like a pretty fun weekend! Haha. I had to giggle at the "of course, watched and listened to girls scream over Jacob's hot body." But of course!

And OH MY GOSH. I had cheescake, too! We're food twins!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Nubia Mejia said...

The blue color on you is soo pretty and more power to you hoes over bros hahaha... I need a cheesecake fix also

emily said...

haha great title :) the top really pops against your skin, i love it! love the accessories as well.

Meream said...

Yay. You are making me brave enough to wear boots in our silly city with its silly people staring at anything you're wearing. haha

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