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16 December 2009

in my downtime

back when i couldn't wear heels yet because i had to recover from my knee injury,  flat shoes were my thing -- ballet flats and sandals -- to wear during "my downtime." when i starting wearing heels, people got concerned because they thought i shouldn't do so. i figured, when will i learn? so i started wearing smaller heels gradually switching to 5-inch ones. before i knew it, i could even drive in them!

this was taken last monday on the way to buy new tires for my car. the right tire tore up as i was turning from an intersection on sunday night. the experience with changing a tire is not what i expected. i thought i could easily do so because of the muscles i've built with all the hard drills our coach used to give us. boy was i wrong! good thing harry was there to help me..and my dad dropped by in a few minutes too.
ooh, the boys in my life!
love them to death!

white top - thrifted
brown shorts - roxy
brown gladiators - prima donna
monogram bag - thrifted
braided belt - thrifted
glass - thrifted

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