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09 December 2009

rolling with the waves

i've been out of touch lately because i've been sick for the past 3 days. suddenly had vertigo while having dinner with my friends. my view became black then the table suddenly turned sideways, i had to hold on to my seat. i've been to two doctors but my eyes and ears are normal. an inflammation or infection in the ears usually causes dizziness or balance issues. so i have to undergo another test -- VNG. 

anyway, this photo was taken on my friend's engagement dinner last sunday (on the same night i had vertigo). i can't believe my friends are getting married and actually getting serious. we've all grown up...*sigh* congratulations edu and kathi!

white tank top - terranova
black jacket - kawaii
checkered skirt - props
black flats - leaveland
black bag - mongkok ladies market
long chained watch - elegant tang dynasty, hk


angelie said...

pay, i had that same issue when I got back from NZ last year. And it was something with travelling, your body loses it's balance sometimes. He gave me some "anti-dizzy" pills - can't remember what they were called but it helped! I can't even work because my screens or everything in my vision seems like it's going

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

hala gel noh? i have medication but it's not working...i need to get an MRI...huhu.

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