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10 December 2009

one of those few cold nights

december officially started and it's starting to get cold here. welp, not so cold but i can get away with jackets and boots because i work the night shift and they blast the AC to wake everyone up! philippines does only have 2 kinds of weather -- sunny or rainy, cold or warm. and i tell you, if it's warm and sunny -- it's scorching hot especially around march and april! that's why i love it when it rains -- it gives me the excuse to wear semi-winter clothes.

this is my hair when i'm in too much of a hurry and i don't have time to iron my bangs out or style my hair. headbands are saviors from bad hair days..haha! and my instant accessory is always one of my long necklaces which a pair with anything i wear. i've been known to wear lots (i say lots) of bangles too. you'll soon see that on future posts.

ps. i'm still looking for a camera so for now, bear with my K800i shots...peace!

navy blue tee - benetton
grey button-up sweater - thirfted 
skinny jeans - chillypapa
studded black boots - mongkok ladies market
grey bag - mongkok ladies market
head band - sm department store
long chained watch - elegant tang dynasty, hk 
glasses - thrifted

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