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23 December 2009

running out of gas


all these trips to the mall has me running low on gas but it's christmas anyway. the decorations and displays does lift up my mood. and it gives me a chance to spend time with harry -- despite our busy and different schedules. i'm surely going to miss him over the weekend.

i finished reading 'her fearful symmetry' a week ago and i'm now looking for another book to read.  i'd really rather read a book than watch tv -- or maybe i'm saying this because we lost our satellite connection 2 months ago and that our house is not accessible for the cable connection. haha! but still, reading has always been my pastime -- even when i was kid. i remember collecting sweet dreams, sweet valley, rl stine, love stories and christopher pike books. although reading those gave me high expectations of love and unfortunately gave me a hard time meeting someone...LOL. it was still one of the best days of my life -- being couped up in my room and being immersed in another world i'm reading. i'm trying to catch up on that world now and buying books whenever i can. who can suggest a good book to me?

tunic with puffed sleeves - thrifted
brown leggings - my mom's friend
brown sandals - prima donna
brown leather bag - thrifted
braided belt - props
gold belt - props
earrings - a gift
black and gold square ring - props
leopard print ring - props
glasses - thrifted


Leah said...

Hi Gizelle! Thanks for dropping by. Glad to have found your blog.

What are the type of books you want to read? Tell me and I may have a few suggestions.

Love your tunic top. I always want to wear loose tops and tunic is a winner in my book.

Maayong Pasko!

Unknown said...

i am so glad to find your blog! are you a bisaya too?
you got great style!!!! following you!

oh i love books too... but i'm more of a nicholas sparks/mitch albom kinda girl. karren kingsbury is great too. She writes really touching and soul-enriching stories. for a classic, c.s. lewis. and of course, books by nina garcia. on my bedside now (my current read) is the fashion book by phaidon... it's sooooo great!

hope you're having a great Christmas!


Leah said...

Hi Gizelle! I'm following you now.

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

thanks leah!
me too! :D

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