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11 December 2009

something comfortable

took the night off from work to prepare for my dizziness test at the balance, equilibrium and dizziness center. i thought the quality sleep (at night and not during the day) would make me feel better but i still felt dizzy when i woke up -- like constantly being on a boat. i have my slow motion moments too. the test was quite expensive but i guess it's worth it just as long as i'd finally know what's wrong with me and they can give me treatment. i don't like being to incapacitated especially since i used to be very athletic and can go on the whole day playing football. during the test, they made me follow several patterns of a laser-like red light and had me stare at a specific position while trying to avoid too much blinking. the hardest part was being sprayed on with cold then hot water on both my ears while i have to answer simple math questions -- like 2+2 or 10 x 5, etc. it all the more confirms that i suck at division...and multiples of 6, 7 and 8...haha! it was quite embarrassing i tell you.

harry and i had pizza at jones brothers pizza co. right after and wolfed down about 5 slices. then went to ayala to window shop for my christmas wishlist. my sisters and i have a christmas tradition of telling each other our wishlists and buying those as gifts at a certain budget of course. now that we're all working, the budget is slightly bigger. i know, i know it's pathetic that we already know what we're getting but the thought of opening lots of gifts on christmas still thrills us.

yellow printed tee - whitegold
long white tank - divisoria
black tights - bought from my mom's friend
yellow slippers - roxy
grey bag - mongkok ladies market
dog tag necklace - custom-made
long chained watch - elegant tang dynasty
glasses - thrifted

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