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03 December 2009

he wanted pasta

the boyf and i had dinner to celebrate our 22nd month together...haha! he wanted pasta so we had dinner at la tegola. la tegola used to be one of my favorite restaurants and my family used to have dinner at their branch in busay for birthdays. "used to be" because at that time, la tegola was one of a few decent pasta and pizza places in town. now, pasta and pizza places are booming and their becoming just one of the ordinary. okay, so maybe we only tried the carbonara (which the boyf likes) and the quattro stragioni (which i ordered) but still...

anyway, my mom bought these boots in mongkok because she only brought slippers to hong kong thinking it wouldn't be so cold. she gave this to me right after we got home. i love how they feel so comforable and feels like i'm walking with only my socks!

ps. i'm sorry the first photo sucks...i need to buy a decent camera!

blue striped dress - props
brown suede boots - mongkok ladies market
watch long necklace - the peak market
brown bag - thrifted (3 years ago)

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