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10 August 2010

now a day walker

after my two weeks vacay or more like bumming around, i went back to work. for those first-time readers of my blog (welcome), i resigned from my comfortable but very sad life in the call center last July 27 and planned to take the whole month off but after a week of sitting at home, browsing the internet and watching DVDs, not to mention piggin' out, i decided to take my position as marketing executive at DrawingBoard Creative Studios yesterday. i did have until september to start and i know you think i'm crazy for giving up a whole month's worth of rest but i am too restless and too much of a workaholic to stay at home and not be productive. i just felt like if i didn't move around and make myself busy, i'm wasting my life away when i could have done something about it. i've realized that it's really not about taking a break from work alone but taking a break from work that i was unhappy with --- which is what i did. so for the first time in 5 years, i now hold a job which requires me to wake up in the morning and end the day just when everybody else does. believe it or not, i actually found the water in the early morning to be colder than at night and it took me a few seconds before i fully stepped in the shower. i have also discovered the blinding light and the very warm heat of the sun as i drive to work (which reminds me to buy some lotion with SPF). 

i still have plans to fulfill my 'i have never' challenges though so don't fret --- i have not forgotten about those adventures. i might peel an orange next and believe me, because of my traumatic childhood orange experience, this feat is going to be very difficult for me!

of course, i will not end this post without telling you guys about Drawingboard Creative Studios. as marketing executive, i am after all responsible for handling existing accounts and most importantly, finding new ones. Drawingboard is an advertising and design company that offers printing and design services, as well as marketing or branding packages. a few of the specific services that Drawingboard offers are calling cards, event or company posters, brochures, flyers, invitations, menu design and printing, mascot design (especially for new companies like restaurants), and logo design. this is not just a sales pitch but we have competitive prices and one of a kind designs --- surely an investment for a company or individual seeking to improve their marketing strategy. for those interested, just e-mail me at

plain white tee - props
boyfriend jeans - abercrombie vintage
long black cardigan - thrifted
beaded sandals - people are people
tan zebra-print hat - sm men's dept
round imprinted necklace - gifted from gelie
gun-metal wire cuff - props

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vdcouture said...

cool looks!! love that hat!! <3


Kara said...

congrats on the new position darling! I hope you are enjoying yourself so far!!

i am seriously loving this outfit! those jeans look great on you and who could ever go wrong with a fedora?? good luck!! :)


Cherie said...

i love your hat and sandals, so cool!

kathifoldsfive said...

that's exactly how i felt when i switched to a day job too. the morning sun really takes getting used to.

and i love love LOVE your outfit. i've always had a thing for guys who wear type-O outfits, and now you're taking it to a whole new level. LOVE! :D

kathi folds five

Sweet said...

Wow!!! Congratzz Gizelle, I understand what you have gone just feels great to be a person again...haahahhaa seriously its nice to be walking together with the average normal working people...and get some rest at night...

the things we usually miss while we work at Call Centers...but believe it or not, I have learned a lot working from these BPO companies...nevertheless it is always nice to actually have fun and just be the normal person as we are.

Looking forward for you trip here, we must really agree on a specific date...I can open my schedule for that hahahaha!!!!

oh by the way love the outfit!!!! have fun at work...

take care gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

They seem like quite an awesome place to work at! Best of luck.

Unknown said...

i'm so happy for you now that you got a day job! your job sounds so challenging but i'm sure you can pull it off. ;) best of luck!

you look gorgeous as always pay! ;) i love reading your blogs thanks for tagging me. :)

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about feeling restless. I've been off for over a month now as my college course is over, but waiting for my results is killing me! You look lovely too. xxx

dred said...

i am so loving your sandals! wow you must be really over the moon having to work a normal day job. hehe

love the curls. :)will surely refer your new company to my friends. xx

Mary Ann said...

good luck on you new job,=)...

E said...

all the best with your new job! new beginnings :)

love your chic relaxed style!

Aileen Kim said...

go girl! I always admire women who aren't afraid to break away from there comfort zone and take risks on a new venture. Am pretty sure you'd rock the house of this new career your much as you rock this uber cute ensemble!

Gela said...

good luck in your new job, Gizelle! i'm sure you'll have lots more fun than you did in your old one. and congratulations, you're not a vampire anymore! haha.

boat ride through the sky

Jackie said...

Cute outfit. Chic yet casual.


kristiyana shinta said...

roll-up jeans :)
that's cool :)

Yulia Rahmawati said...

adore ur hat :D

Anastasia said...

Awesome jeans and cardi! =D

I really like your hair in these pictures! ^^


Jing Ocay said...

glad you're back on track girl!I'm sure you'll enjoy your new job.exciting xa dai.=)
love your hat and as always...all your cardigans.

Adonia said...


Congratulations!! Hope you loooove you're new job.
I definitely liked you're outfit. Great hat! I love wearing them too. Luckily I have the face to do so.
Once again, good luck with your new beginning as a day walker!

Lisa said...

Congrats on your new job! I just started my first Monday-Friday, 8-5 office job as well, and am still adjusting :)

I love your blog--makes me miss the Philippines so much!

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