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21 August 2010

gatecrash 101


Hey everyone, my name is Lyka. A big thank you to Gizelle for choosing me as one of her guest post. Aaahhh this is making me nervous eerrr. Kathi, u did a great job! 

This maybe a li'l different since i seldom do outfit post and I have been MIA for weeks in crazy/beautiful (follow me!). Im a photography hobbyist and here's the latest shoot I had with a couple who's getting married next month. The love birds asked me to do their prenup and iimmediately said yes. I know it'll be fun working with them since they're my good friends. Oh btw, a big thank you to cian -- my assistant, my driver and my boif(*kisses*). Chuky, my model-programmer friend for assistingand for bringing the basket(hehe) and Maurice for the hair & MUA. Went to SRP for our first location, I didn't have a permit so my "charm" does all the work.yey! haha Thank you SRP guards! *wink*  I wanted my photos to look like we're in a  different place so i tried to get the best angle . Let me know your thoughts :

Here's a freebie, I know i said that it'll be different.. anyways, an outfit post! weeehhh

on my way to work. 

these lovely rings are from sweet and lee. 

top leopard print - a giveaway from Sweet of pensandlens
cardigan - bugis, singapore
bottom skirt - thrifted
belt - genevieve gozum
black shoes - leaveland
ray ban - a gift from a friend
camera ring - a giveaway from Sweet of pensandlens
vintage ring - a giveaway from Lee of spunkandglam

P.S. I joined the Black+White Studio Shoot Yourself! Photo Contest on facebook. Please vote for my dog. Here's the link :  JUST SHOOT ME - Chubby


Anonymous said...

These pictures are really really cute! Love your skirt.

Anika said...

such a great post! lovely pics, and great outfit!

kathifoldsfive said...

you're so talented, lyks. i especially love the benches photos. i think ivy and i used to go to the same high school. small world jd.

and by the way? i hate you for looking so hot in leopard! haha.
kathi folds five

julianne. said...

these photos are darling.<3

Kelly said...

Adorable photos!
And gorgeous outfit, and rings!

<3 Kelly

Adonia said...

Great pictures!!! I really love them! You're good. I also love your outfit, even if you don't post outfit pics. ;)

Sweet said...

love the outfit lykz...just met up with Gizelle today...she is loving Bangkok if she wants to stay here I think she would love to stay forever hahahaha!!!!

I love Chubbies cute...good luck to us darling!!!

and love the are really doing good with your photography skills...

two thumbs up...darling!!!


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