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30 August 2010

bangkok tales episode two: floating market

a kind note to all: this is going to be a picture-heavy post so you're patience is greatly appreciated. 
photos are a combination of my canon sx20 and armand's nikon d5000.

the floating market is part one of the second day in bangkok.

i can't believe that even in Bangkok, we practiced the so-called 'Filipino' time. Filipinos are notorious for being late and this day was not an exception. room 2042 woke up 30 minutes prior to the schedule meet-up because instead of pressing snooze on their alarms, they turned it off. so naturally, at 15 minutes late, we had to enter the van with embarrassed faces as our tour mates might have been slightly pissed off.

we were brought to the floating market by a long speed boat which passed by several houses by the river. it was interesting to note how the rivers has served as the community's passage way and how their livelihood has adapted to their location. it was really surprising (well, shocking) to see one lady washing their dishes on the mossy river water. we all opted to think that the water is full of nutrients that it is actually healthy to wash their dishes, fruits and vegetables there. *crossing fingers*

the boat ride cost 100 Baht and it was basically just so we can experience riding in the long wooden boats that they use to travel through the market. old ladies who were surprisingly still strong were manning these boats, including our own boat. you can find anything there from noodle boats where you can actually eat the noodles they cook in the boats, boats with fruits, vegetables, flowers, accessories, hats and even house ornaments. the boats travel slowly through the market and even bumped into each, naturally as if they're not afraid of it breaking. i have to say the floating market is one surreal and different experience.

on me: white boho top with lace detail - thrifted | black shorts - maldita | grey espadrilles - carcar find | straw hat - khaosan road find | black handbag - nine west (you might notice i am lacking my usual bangles and necklaces --- i was expecting to be shopping accessories on the 1st day but they turned out to be more expensive than expected)

on aimee: white lace-up top - thrifted | blue vest - thrifted | grey denim shorts - thrifted | black flip-flops - havaianas | white braided belt - sm dept store | dog tag necklaces - custom-made

i wish i can tell you what kitoy and armand wore but sadly, i missed asking them outfit details. 

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Teresa said...

I'd love to go there!


Kookie B. said...

mmmm...yummy fruits! i love the noodle soup in the floating market? what was armand eating? looks yummy!

i love your wide brimmed hat! and the blouse is so cute!

do drop by my blog when you have the time! :)

vanessa east said...

awwww i love your hat, gwaps. and nasuya ko sa kadaghan sandalyas imo napalit ^^

Vera said...

WOW, a floating market?
looks amazing. bangkok is definitely on my list of places to visit now :)

00000 said...

Nice pictures! Gizelle I love your top! <3

P: Thanks for your comment on my last entry, I really appreciate it :]

Lee []

Sweet said...

You look fantastic Gizelle, hahahah!!! I have been here for a year already and I haven't been into the floating market, maybe because I got use to saying that I can travel anytime that I want...hahahhah!!!!

now looking at your photos these made me travel ASAP!!!!

will give the details about the Chinatown trip soon...

take care gorgeous..

Kim Axani said...

Love your hat darling!

michelle_ said...

lol.. jakarta time is really late too ! we call it "jam karet" which literally translates into "rubber watch".. *i hope you're getting the irony there

anyway you guys all look great ! i love all of the outfits ! and ur hat is awesome !

Anonymous said...

awesome pics!
wish i can visit bangkok real soon!

Castor Pollux

vdcouture said...

looks fun fun fun, envy you!! i went to bangkok when i was like 6 years old, and i don't remember anything, at all :p


Kara said...

wow!! this may be the coolest thing i've ever seen!! what an amazing thing to see and be part of! I wish we had culture here that is that strong!
You look amazing in that hat too! Absolutely stunning! :)


Anonymous said...

you look really cute with this straw hat. wooww im so impresssed by the boat market. its so cool!

La Jodi3 & La Couture Also Known as Jaelin B. and Tiara H. said...

you guys look lovely while having fun!!!

ching said...

oh cool. i'd love to ride in their boat thingies. :D

ps. about the bag, that's okay. :D

kathifoldsfive said...

envying your outfit as usual!

and all those shoes you bought from Bangkok are to die-for! my favorites are the multicolor gladiators and the white strappy one. please sell my those! ge nah, pai! haha

kathi folds five

Nathalie said...

fabulous pictures. So so interesting!

ShopGirlXOXO said...

great pics! love the hat

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