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12 August 2010

never much of a follower

it's funny how i've only started wearing gladiator flats now when the craze over it had died and other fashion experts have actually said it 'is' dead. nah, the hell with trends, i never go along with most of them anyway and i love them now and that's all that matters. come to think of it, i never did like going with the crowd too much. not that i do it on purpose but sometimes i just allow everything crazy to pass before i start looking at it and get interested in it like how i've only started reading the Harry Potter series right when everybody else was on Book 4. i started reading the series on semestral break 2002 and boy did i catch up with everyone then by reading all the first 3 books over the 2-week break. or like when a song is all everyone can talk (or sing) about and i only stop and listen to it when everyone else has moved on to the next. i guess the craze over something distracts me from the actual purpose or meaning of the thing or i guess this is just some crazy bullshit i have in me just because i grew up a weird middle child. LOL.

so anyway, my family and i had an early trip to Simala today so we can give our thanksgiving and also send our petitions to Mama Mary. i am spiritual at most but also religious on a few occasions. i'm not a perfect catholic but i do have a strong faith in something bigger than us. everything i do, i put 100% in and the rest i pray for. as the trip was due south, we couldn't help but drop by the shoe capital of Cebu -- Carcar and buy ourselves some shoes too. my mom and sisters bought themselves some ballet flats for only P300 ($6) and we all bought TOMs-like espadrilles from a local store there for only P300 ($6) too!

ps. thank you everyone for the love and encouragement on my last post! i did come up with a good column idea for Instyle Cebu so kristine and i are in the works on establishing it. i knew i can always count on you guys!

mix prints dress - thrifted
mustard green cardi - thrifted
taupe gladiator flats - parisian, sm dept store
owl necklace - carbon find
black wallet - xoxo
work watch - swatch

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Anonymous said...

I love your shoes! I really don't have any idea what's in fashion and what's not, I just consider myself at good at knowing what goes with what.

Anika said...

I agree, screw trends, I think you look fab, and I love the sandals :) xx

Fashion Matters said...

you look fabulous!


Vera said...

trends don't matter! haha you're rocking them :)

great new layout look, btw!

Jade Purple Brown said...

cute owl neclace, great outfit :)

julianne. said...

those shoes and cardigan are amazinggg.<333

dred said...

i am not very conscious with trends too. coz it just exhausts my bank account if i follow it to the hilt. LOL

and as for harry potter, i only started reading it year 2005 and since then i got badly hooked. i have never even read a single twilight series book up to this day. LOL

love the mustard cardigan. i just go gaga with any shade of yellow.:)

Yulia Rahmawati said...

I agree
trends doesnt matter
u can wear anything everytime u like
I heart ur owl necklace
I addicted to owl

t a l i s h a said...

love the strappy gladiators.. :D

i heart your style :D


Unknown said...

knew you would come up with something! good luck! =D

Heart Charlie said...

Love your outfit and love your sandals! I am with you, I am still rocking the gladiators, on trend or not, I am comfortable and loving it ;)

Miranda said...

i'm rereading the harry potter series myself!
and i still love gladiators, who cares when it was popular!


Really pretty outfit. Love your sandals.:)SarahD

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

your dress is so cute :))


kathifoldsfive said...

pai, i never knew we had so much in common.

i feel exactly the same way about hypes and crazes. i never want to wear stuff that everyone else at the mall is wearing. and i'm a weird middle child tooo!!! hahaha.

i now pronounce you a certified chic after my own heart.♥

(btw, love to both you and harry for reading my blog.ΓΌ)

Vera Liane Rea said...

I totally agree. I do the same. Like I usually start wearing shoes and clothes after they're not the "trend". I mean it's all about our own unique style and owning up to it. You carry it out well so its totally not a problem. :D

Love the dress, the print is like adorable (i want!. hahaha)



By the way, YOU ROCK THOSE SANDALS. Trends suck. You are awesome.


Kookie B. said...

i feel the same way about some trends. there are those that i can assimilate and there are those i try to do without.

the glads are a good by. it's great that they don't look that much of a gladiator sandal, if you know what i mean.

Lloyda said...

the hell with trends. i say wear what you like whether it's trendy or not! :) it's how one carry herself that matters anyway.

cute outfit dear. love the dress AND THE SHOES!

Mode Junkie said...

i am in so many ways like you. i don´t care if the high fashion society call me "so last season". i wear something when i feel like it. ;)

xoxo Mode Junkie

Sweet said...

It is not about the trend my dear Gizelle, it is how you embrace your own self and your own style.

I actually do not follow trends right there and then, I sometimes let it pass and just take a second look in my closet and just dress up whatever I want to be. That's it, sometimes I plan what to wear, sometimes I don't...that what makes us unpredictable.

Oh by the way I never read any harry potter books and when I started reading Twilight, I got bored because I was able to watch the movie first before finishing the first book.

and I just got hooked with SATC now, because before my mom bans that series in our cable hahahaha because of the title itself.

So see??? you are not alone, I even started wearing gladiator sandals here in Bangkok when all the shoes that they are selling are I guess we are in the same boat right now!

good for you, I am still in the process of researching and checking what to write. Trying to build up a good feature for InStyle...and getting a lot of inspiration too.

Oh well, see you soon!

Take care gorgeous!

Jamie-Lee Burns said...

I think it's best not to go with trends and to wear things because you like them and they suit you. Only problem with that is that then it becomes increasdingly hard to find what it is you're looking for! x

Anonymous said...

love your outfit! i don't really care about trends too, in fact i think those who copy trends 100% is uncreative, LOL. :D

Castor Pollux

00000 said...

It's nice when I see other girls wearing "uso" shoes and clothes. However, I don't let fashion experts affect my fashion choices. I wear what I want, kiber sa "what's in and out" list nila hehe :D

You have the cutest cardigans, Gizelle! Nice outfit and i love your hair <3

Lee []

Kasia W. said...

aweosme necklace girl!

vdcouture said...

cute dress and i love your sandals so much much much


Gillian Uang said...

hahaha who cares about trends! i still wear gladiators too! :)

michelle_ said...

i dont do the trend thing as well... i wear whatever i like as long as it suits me :)

hope your bf will heal soon !

ohh you're not the only one packing on the pounds.. i just packed 3 kgs during my singapore trip in one week.. lol..

great outfit as always giselle !

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