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17 August 2010

melancholic excitement

ever since our family went on a hongkong trip last year, we've decided to take family trips outside the country at least once a year. since both my mom and dad are almost retiring from their jobs and all of us siblings have graduated college and are all working, we thought we deserve a break every year. this year's trip is to Bangkok, Thailand. our local airlines Cebu Pacific, despite some people's bad experience with it, has regular seat sales and luckily, we were all able to avail of the sale having our round trip tickets at half the price! so we booked our flights months ahead and have been counting down to the day of our trip --- which is tomorrow. 

ironically though, i am both utterly excited and sad to leave because for one, our grandma passed away last week in Texas and will be brought to Cebu this week when we're not here and secondly, Harry is still in the hospital and will still be by the time i leave for Bangkok tomorrow. i am very much worried for him as his fever has been going up and down for the past 4 days. he's had a diagnosis of two bacterial infections and  might have another diagnosis of dengue fever. i badly wish that i can cut my body in half and enjoy in Bangkok with family and take care of Harry too.

on a brighter note, that ring on my ring finger was given to me by marianne for my birthday. it is an owl's head and it has wings on the side. i know didn't do the ring justice with the photos i took. my sisters even thought it's a frog. nevertheless, i love it! it has so much character and that's exactly what i want to exude. thanks yannie for the gift!

also, a surprise awaits you my readers this coming august 20-23. make sure to check out my blog on those times!

blue plaid dress - thrifted (mink)
grey gladiator flats - parisian, sm dept store
owl ring - gifted from marianne
rectangle stone ring - props
layers of gun-metal bangles - props
gun-metal reindeer necklace - bubble bee tea house
dogtag necklace - custom-made
work watch - swatch

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Alex said...

Gorgeous jewellery! I love how you mix so many things together and they all look lovely.

How exciting about your holiday plans too! Have a great time.

Melai said...

Love your bangles and rings dear! Grabe ako rin excited para sayo. Kainggit :)!

Sweet said...

Oh I hope Harry will feel better in due time Gizelle, just pray and hold on...he will be find...

enjoy Bangkok for five let you relax and enjoy the shopping spree, the people and sadly the traffic but still good times plus Thai food is a must!!!!

I am excited to see you soon dear!!!

take care

Aisa.Paxie said...

enjoy your trip gizelle:) go to chatuchak market!:) *so envious* haha

Jackie said...

Cute dress. Love all your accessories.


vanessa east said...

have a safe trip, guapa..
get well soon to the BF..
and my condolences..

hugs hugs,




But really.

Also, your hair is so curly in these pictures and I LOVE IT. I've always wanted to have curly hair. ALWAYS.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

ShopGirlXOXO said...

fabulous finds! i need to go thrifting soon!

Jade Purple Brown said...

love those gladiators!

Robyn said...

Hello lovely!
I really like your watch, and the robot necklace a few posts down there~ I thought 'A musical robot?!' as soon as I saw it~
Best wishes on your vacation~


Unknown said...

I hope you have a good time on your trip with your family and while you are there, I really hope Harry gets better :)

dred said...

love your parisian sandals!

too bad your boyfie is still sick. hope he gets well soon. will say a prayer for him.

enjoy bangkok! can't wait for the pics!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your grandma, and I hope Harry feels better! I love your outfit, especially the shoes.

Jen Hsieh said...

i'm so jealous of your accessories, especially those rings! they're stunning. i'm sorry to hear about everything that's going on but try to relax and enjoy your vacation. everything will be alright :)

Dylana Suarez said...

You look adorable!

Claud said...

I love the ring! I want! Hihi.
Enjoy Bangkok still!

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

nice rings...

Anonymous said...

enjoy your trip Giz! ^_^ don't worry everything will be fine. have a good time!

vdcouture said...

loving all of your accessories <3


Mode Junkie said...

you always have the best accessories! love your bangles!

anyway, have fun in bangkok! i know everything will be fine. ;)

xoxo Mode Junkie

Niviarsiaq said...

love your accesories!! these photos are really cool! I wish I could accersorize more.. but sometimes I feel like I am over-doing it. You always accesorize *perfectly* though! You're so inspiring!

Also.. I've always secretly loved that your blog is called "Vanilla Ice Cream" cause I work at an ice cream store!

E said...

I looove your jewelry! Great sandals, too!!

ari said...

love your rings!

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