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27 August 2010

Incorporating Hats in Your Wardrobe

Hats have been used for centuries first as mere protection for the head to soon becoming a fashion staple and an expression of art. The attention of the onlookers is easily caught because of how hats are worn on top of the body. This has caused hats to be a necessary accessory for most people. Most people include me. I have always had a fascination with hats as a kid. I’ve found movie characters wearing hats to be interesting and was then always on the hunt of hats in thrift shops and vintage stores. I have recently revived this hobby after stopping when we moved twice in the last 7 years.

Fall is nearing in other countries and while they are enjoying the cool breeze and the picturesque colors of the autumn leaves, there are people like me in tropical countries who have the sun all year-round. Panama Hats and light Fedora Hats were created for this reason. These hats are breezy and breathable so the head still gets protected and looks fashionable even without breaking a faucet of sweat. Our trip to Bangkok most especially needed light and breezy hats in the outfits as the sun was always out and it was humid all day. For a bohemian girl like me, here are different ways to incorporate these hats into an outfit:

Follow vanilla ice cream


Unknown said...

I love hats too, especially floppy hats. I've seen lots of people last fall with Angelina Jolie's hats in Changeling :)

Gillian Uang said...

been buying too many hats too! just bought a boater hat yesterday!

Robyn said...

oh goodness yes!
hats are fantastic~ I have...a wall of my room covered in hats, as it were.


Alex said...

I do love a good hat. I have to be quite careful though as I have a massive head and lots of types just don't suit me :(

Anonymous said...

I love the nautical bohemian theme! And thanks for your comment, Devon's lovely. And you're lucky, we hardly got a Summer this year. xxx

Marta said...

i love hats, but actually i have just one in my closet, as to be honest i prefer to have a 'bare' head.
great inspiration, by the way! the black wedges are absolutele fabulous!

vdcouture said...

all of them looks awesome, but my fave is the last one <3


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