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08 August 2010

i love you like i love reese's

after the crazy night we had, my sister and i unconsciously just decided to stay home all day friday and lock ourselves in our room. what with the really painful headache and hangover, we couldn't really move around. so we spent the whole day watching How I Met Your Mother or taking turns using the computer. we did get bored by 7:00 PM and at one point decided to go to SM and go shopping but we were too lazy to take a shower and dress up. it wasn't until 10:00 PM that we felt that we needed to go out and since watching How I Met Your Mother always makes me hungry, i convinced Aimee to grab some pizza and hot wings.

so we drove over to Banilad Town Center and visited Yellow Cab Pizza what we needed to cure our hangover was an oily and cheesy pizza and the super yummy Yellow Cab hot wings. and since we were already there, we had ourselves some frozen yogurt from Yo-Go Boy too. if you're asking what those round toppings on the fro-yo are, those are the awesomely yummy reese's puffs. the puff just melts in your mouth and the peanut butter and chocolate just explodes in your mouth! perfect combination to the blueberry and cashew nuts! the pig-out was definitely worth the 20 minute drive from our house!

white graphic tee - borrowed from boyfriend (props)
black leggings - random
black beaded sandals - people are people
bangles: gold and pink rhinestones - gifted from india | enamel bangles - HK find
fairy long necklace - props
black handbag - nine west

on aimee:
multi-colored top - marc jacobs (from my manager's garage sale)
white shorts - props
white oversized bag - celine (gifted from her bf)

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Isabeau Jane said...

this is excruciating! im on a diet grrr!! hahaha

The ViXeN's LaiR

Zaya said...

I miss Cebu! I used to hang out a lot at Banilad Town Center. Looking forward to more of your posts :)

kathifoldsfive said...

i LOVE that you're swiping shirts off your boyfriend's closet! and you look damn good in them too. :)

kathi folds five

Zabrinah said...

Hehe!!! Hot wings and pizza. Funny!!!!

Okay. So I love this post. The sandals look awesome with the blue nail polish and leggings.

Loved this post!


Unknown said...

Comfort food! :) I love it. I can eat it everyday! :p Aw, you and Aimee look so alike! :D It's cute. I almost thought she was you in the last pic :)

Anonymous said...

The food looks so good!

Sofia said...


Thanks so much for the nice comment!
Cool looks in this post!
Love the blue nail polish.


Anonymous said...

love the blue toenails! :)

J. said...

Mmmmm ice cream and great flip flops!! Love it!

Claud said...

Lovin' the fairy necklace! :)

Aileen Kim said...

cuteness much! You and your sister are bundles of pretties! Am totally crushing over your fairy necklace.

Thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog by the way.

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

i like your sandals....

Aisa.Paxie said...

you made me hungry. ahahaha. I love yellow cab's spicy wings and baked potatoes too. :) And that froyo! now I'm craving. Love your laid back outfit btw!:)

Anastasia said...

You both looked very cute! ^^

And happy, late, birthday! =D


Gela said...

mmmm, i love Yellow Cab! haven't had their pizzas in a while, but i'm super addicted to their hot wings. my mouth is watering just thinking about them!

boat ride through the sky

vdcouture said...

super cool!! that sandal are super great :)



Cute outfit. Love those sandals.:)SarahD


YOU LOOK ADORABLE AS ALWAYS. I love these pictures, actually! The background reminds me of the tiles in my bathroom! And, for the record, I really like the tiles in my bathroom!

Sounds like a chill day! SUPERBBBB.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Sweet said...

I am currently in detox right seeing those foods..makes me want to cry right at this moment...

Aww miss all the good foods in Cebu :D

love your sandals Gizelle and your top as well...

simple but it is so YOU!!!

your sister is lovely too...hope to see you soon-ish!!!

take care gorgeous!

Prutha Raithatha said...

love the multicolored shirt and the fairy necklace

follow if you like what u see?


vanessa east said...

happy belated birthday, gwapa! ^^

E said...

Love that sporty look! So fun!

Jamie-Lee Burns said...

I'm not a meat eater but the idea of pizza (veggie) sounds good right about now. and omg how good does that froyo look x

Kara said...

LOVE those sandals!!

and uh oh, just made the mistake of looking at the food and now I am sooo hungry! haha


KD said...

oh em gee...ur sandals! i died!!!! hey thanks for visiting my blog :) hope u can come back again soon! xx

kristiyana shinta said...

love your tee,,,
love the colour of your nail :)

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