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26 August 2010

Before the Adventure was the Airport

the nearing of the trip and even the journey to the destination is always exciting. despite being tired and bored at times, as the excitement builds up, nothing else really matters. our flight from Cebu to Manila was at 4:55 PM and our flight from Manila to Bangkok was at 8:05 PM. i don't know for the life of me why we had to stop over Manila for the Bangkok flight when flights to Hong Kong or Singapore were straight from Cebu but we didn't mind the wait this time. we hardly set foot in Manila anyway and the international airport was pretty cool to hang out in especially with the free wifi at the coffee spot. one thing i hate with 2 plane trips though is yes, the 2 plane trips as i am scared to death of heights and flying. i feel safer in water as i know the density of the water will catch the ship but with planes, there's nothing at the bottom. maybe i'm just paranoid or maybe it's because i watch too many movies. i was awake for the whole 3 hours to Bangkok until we arrived there at 12:05 AM (Bangkok time).

so we packed light to make room for all the clothes, shoes and bags we'll be shopping in Bangkok. believe me when i say light, i mean my suitcase got slightly flattened and deformed when i picked it up from the baggage claim because of all the air inside it. i made sure to pack really light clothes -- all made of cotton-- just 2 pairs of shorts, a cotton maxi dress and light cardigan for the buddha tour, 2 pairs of toms-like espadrilles and 1 pair of gladiator flats. for the next few days, i will be alternatively posting outfit shots and the items i shopped in Bangkok. all i can say is, Bangkok surely is a shopping haven.

boho top - thrifted from manager's garage sale
denim shorts - thrifted
white flip-flops - havaianas
black bag - nine west
zebra print fedora - sm dept store, men's section

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Sweet said...

hey love...too bad I was not able to meet your sister and Armand...but it was so fun talking to you...

can't wait for you photos and outfit post!!!

Bangkok is really the best shopping paradise of all...hahahha!!!

We will be going to Chinatown on Saturday, the hub's sister is coming here. :D


Kookie B. said...

i want to back to Bangkok...but not for the shopping though. I want to go visit the monks at Ayutthaya and take beautiful photos.

i loooove your top!!!! i love that it's boxy and has that cute bird silhouette print!

kathifoldsfive said...

ipaaaay! you're finally back. i missed you. i LOVE that boho top! can't wait to see the outfits and all the stuff you shopped in Bangkok.

kathi folds five

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Sounds as if you had fun!

Jesa said...

I love these pics-gorgeous as always!

cheers, Jesa

Anonymous said...

yey, welcome back! can't wait to see the clothes you've hauled from BKK. :)

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Beryl said...

Oh I love Bangkok! I was just there last weekend! I also went with an empty suitcase and came back with it full! I love shopping there, let us know what you buy :)

Mary Ann said...

Hi Gizelle!=) Is that ur sister? I have the same top just like hers,=)..

Cherie said...

i love your top, so breezy :) im going to bangkok too on october and going to try packing really light so there can be space for shopping :) where did you stay btw?

vdcouture said...

OFFICIALLY IN LOVE WITH THAT TOP AND HAT <3 great pictures also :)


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