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20 April 2010

summer of one-oh! ocean series: island hopping!

i'm almost booked for beach trips for summer weekends! i'm starting to get tan and will get tanner as we celebrate summer. people are going to start calling me 'chicana' again -- chinita mexicana! LOL. 
after my tabuelan road trip last weekend, we had our annual island hopping trip on saturday with my sister's closest friends. this time, it was to celebrate one friend's birthday and most importantly to celebrate a year of gay lovin' --- our friends, the gay love birds 1st year anniversary! to sum it all up, here's what happened:

round up closest friends + friends of friends + 50 capacity banca + potluck on food consisting of liempo, lechon manok, ngohion, pancit, humba, sisig and puso + tanduay rum with orange juice + tanduay white rum with kool-aid + sunnies + colorful bikinis + the ocean + diving and canon ball jumping + the waves + lots of craziness + gay people = fun fun fun!

of course afterward, it was hella' exhausting. i just came from my night shift and by 6:30 PM, i'm still stuck driving through insane traffic and haven't slept for 24 hours. i get home, wash-up and sleep to get ready for another day at the beach at a water park resort on sunday. for more of that, keep posted!

printed summer dress - thrifted | hot pink halter bikini top - props | polka-dot beach shorts - props
blue sunnies - thrifted at carbon

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julianne. said...

you're too gorgeous and tan!
i'mso jealous,
i want to be where you are.
it looks so amazing.

Leah said...

Love your tan my dear... I always dream of having the perfect island girl tan. xoxo

Unknown said...

oh i agree, definitely jealous of where you are! i want to be swimming in bikinis and be on boats! jealous. hey, be sure to check out my giveaway i'm hosting, miss! xoxox

E said...

looks like so much fun!! love these pics :)

Sharon Lei said...

Ooooo looks like tons of fun!! :)

xx Love & Aloha

Stop by to enter my ~Une Very Stylish Fille Giveaway~

Analisa said...

Looks like you had so much fun, these photos make me anticipate summer even more!

Anonymous said...

sunkisssed babe...enjoying the summer whehehhe!!!

same here...I am enjoying every thing about it heheheh

Take Care love


Sophie said...

seems like MUCH FUN :D

dred said...

love your dress!

and i'm so gay that's why i am most happy when gay people are around too especially during out of town adventures!

Anonymous said...

OH GIZELLE! i die of envy seeing you having sooo much fun island hopping! April nlng wa pajud ko katunob ug dagat! quite ironic for someone who lives here in Mactan. haha!

i love your dress and i love gay people too! i have 3 super close gay friends and they are just zeee best!

as for your Q on my blog, no i dint get a new cam. My sister just got her cam back from Canon service center so now im very happy harassing it. haha!

T said...

I love your pics - summer! the beach! ahh can't wait till it's time here! :)

Petitebine said...

Wonderful pics, it put a smile on my face when i see it!
x Robine

Jen Hsieh said...

awww it looks like you had so much fun! i'm loving the dress you're wearing as well. :)
now i'm craving some summer time trips! if only i could go island hopping :P

Jen said...

Goodness! These pictures make me green with envy! Last weekend it was a bit rainy so I stayed in and watched Gossip Girl... hahaha! xx

Vera said...

looks absolutely amazing! i'm so jealous of you right now :P i'm studying in the library ALL DAY, while you are at the beach. can't wait til i'm done though :)

Jing Ocay said...

wow! i envy you.may paka daghan kay nakasked nga summer getaway gurl! i wanna go back to beach also pero layo kaayo mga nindot na beach diri.i wanna go to cebu jud!

i love your dress, gizelle!
am excited to see more of your beach pictures!

Dane said...

Oh my god the only way to spend these hot summer days are anywhere near the water! Your pics look like so much fun!

Meream said...

ISland hopping! Been in Cebu for more than 10 years and I still have not gone island hopping. I am lame. Haha

Hillary said...

I'm so jealous! This looks like so much fun!

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