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07 April 2010

the city we love

the second installment of my friend's pre-nuptial photo shoot. it was a must that i tag along -- and bring my own photographer with me (harry...LOL),as the shoot was right smack in the city. there was dust, smog and sweat but it was all worth it. it was quite an immersion and very much fun. this time around, there were 2 photographers from calography and as small as the world is, the girl friend of one photographer is my old flag football teammate who tagged along that day. so in the usual cebu city garb --- plain shirt, jeans and havaianas -- we visited an abandoned building, white gold, fuente osmeƱa park, jones and the cebu city library. 

here are some more photos of that day --- photo credits to harry who was being a shutterbug. and if you check the photo right below this write-up, you'd see me and tisha left on the traffic island, naively reading a magazine while the rest of our friends crossed the street. they say they did call our attention but we were too busy debating who was the most beautiful among the metro cover girls. haha!

(hon, do not try to eat that plant!)

our city has a great influence on my style. I am most inspired by our culture, history and environment. I love the colors that surround me, the beach and the mountains that are both just 30 minutes away from the city. I am inspired by how our city is developing yet we still maintain this serene and chill atmosphere.
what do you love about your city?
teal cotton shirt - props
jeans - bebe jeans
green and gold flip-flops - havaianas
tan leather bag - thrifted at baguio (by sis)
hat - boracay
long necklaces: key - props | robot - APM
rings: clustered cubes | oval flat stone - props

ps. i now have formspring! so...ask away!

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julianne. said...

suuuchh a pretty blue color.
itlooks great on you.
sucha cute casual outfit.<3

kate maggie said...

You are so these pictures, and your sunnies<3

dred said...

love the hat gizelle!

and oh i passed you a SUNSHINE award. :)

do check it out here:

aprilmae said...

the more i read ur blogs, the more im missing CEBU even if i havent left yet.. =( ur right, a city thats just 30 mins away from both the beach and the mountain.. =( i wudnt want to be anywhere else in the world but here.. *sighs* anyhows... hihih.. the colors look so guhreat! and i had so much fun playing around that day.. steet photography.. hiih.. =)

ZEUS said...

Amazing post, looks like so much fun!

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey Gizelle :)

Love these colours on you, so bright and lively. I'm making turqoise one of my colours for Spring/Summer...along side Pink and Brown. I might even attempt shorts aha..maybe ha. I have formspring too;

Have fab day :)

Nubia Mejia said...

Cute Hat, I love how the color teal looks on you <3

Big Bangs Theory said...

love your look. simple & comfy ;)

bravegrrl said...

you have gorgeous lips grrl! and you look lovely in turquoise.


guildedsecret. said...

i love the energy of these photos... everything seems so vibrant and beautiful. what i love the most about my hometown is the history and culture. i'm continuously amazed at how important northern ohio was during america's development.


Alex said...

Gorgeous photos! I love your casual style :)

What do I love about my city? It's right by water, we have some stunning buildings, the people are amazing with a really warm and sparky sense of humour, it's just fab :)

Psyche said...

I think Cebu's really cool. Ang mga tawo, chill ra gyud kaayo. Bongga, but chill. :D

Heart Charlie said...

I love that you said "our city has a great influence on my style. I am most inspired by our culture, history and environment." Such an intelligent statement! I love all your outfit posts, and I truly have a feel for your culture and who you are when I look through your photos. I love your hat and bright colors in this outfit! They look perfect with your skin tone ;)

Anonymous said...


I am already in Cebu now...but will be free from the 12th onwards so...just pm me or text me take care dear!!!!

I almost died with excitement when I arrived at the airport!!!!

love love and hugs!!!


Krislyn said...

beautiful shots. perfect photography. LOVE the casual look you're sporting here. looks like everyone's having so much fun.

Vera said...

LOVE the colour of your shirt!
your outfit is simple but so great :) love the hat.

Unknown said...

love, i missed you tremendously! too bad you didn't go to bantayan-not as crazy as you'd expect, but yeah, it was fantastic. these pictures are glorious! you definitely make cebu come alive with these shots. fantastic.

pst. atend ka blog camp this may?


Cherie said...

these are great photos! sana i could go to cebu too someday. your hat and sunglasses are so cute!

Elaine said...

How fun! Love the hat!

Enter to win a William Riera dress!

Arushi Khosla said...

Haha, love the wayfarers!

Leah said...

Love your laid-back look Gizelle... I wish I live near the beach like you do. Honestly, I don't like my city... traffic and pollution are my worst enemies. I wish I can live someplace cooler or someplace near the beach. xoxo

Meream said...

I want your friend's (one in skirt) belt. Where'd she get it? :)

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