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10 April 2010

ice cream special: armand alforque

i gravitate towards art  because it's the freest form of expression. and with that, i gravitate towards creative people too. here's a monthly ode to arists. and let me introduce you to
photographer. graphic artist. a very good friend.

we'd like to think that we're cousins mainly because our parents come from the same hometown --- maybe, but very distant. nevertheless, this artist is very close to my heart. armand is a graphic artist at drawing board creative and has created all kinds of art for major events and establishments like loft. however, photography is his passion. discover the talent of armand and let's take a look at his photos:

1. When did you start photography? Who or what inspired you to start it?
officially, i started 4 years ago when my mom and dad bought me my first DSLR Nikon D40x for my photography class in school. i was really into fashion at first but then i fell in love with photography -- fashion photography and digital art. i can easily see the results and have more control over my work.

2. What was your first ever camera? What did you love and hate about it?
like i said, a Nikon D40x. a DSLR was quite expensive at that time. only a few of us in class have cameras. so we have a lot of respect for photography. what i love about my Nikon D40x? it was right for my use at that time. i bought a new one, Nikon D5000 with video(!!!) and sold my D40x to my close friend. my D40x is still in good hands although i hate it because it's big. i don't take it with me all the time. i don't use it for camwhoring. *wink*

3. Do you have a special style of taking photos that you can say would be unique from others? How about editing?
i guess, i tend to over-edit. i look at small details. and my photography may look like digital art. my style is not natural -- provocative, with my male subjects and ANTM-ish with my female subjects. not everybody can appreciate my work as some say its almost porn and some say its too "clean." but i like it. i don't aim at pleasing everybody. i'm an artist. 

4. What do you enjoy most photography? 
having full control over it, quick results and you can really do a lot of stuff with the photos. you can go natural or turn it into digital art. there is a work-relationship with me and the models, the MUA (make-up artists) and the designers as well.

5. Who or what is your dream subject?
ANTM-ish!!! ANTM makes me teary-eyed...and BENCH-ish!

5. DSLRs are selling like pancakes. What can you say about the massive DSLR purchases of the last 2-3 years in our city alone? Is it really for everyone?
hahaha, i know and it is quite disappointing. i bought my D40x 4 years ago and it was expensive. and now i bought my D5000 with video at a cheaper price! well, obviously, anyone can afford a DSLR now but a DSLR should be treated with respect. i don't use it for camwhoring and i don't use it as part of my wardrobe -- a DSLR is not a necklace! everyone can own a camera, but not everyone can take good pictures.

7. What can you say to those who are still planning to take on photography?
don't take photography because it's a trend. don't buy a DSLR because it's a trend. take photography because you have the heart for it. buy a DSLR and make sure to use it. know your field -- whether it's fashion, weddings, events, etc. treat photography and your DSLR with great respect. and last, practice, practice, practice.

check out armand's portfolio at:

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lyka raagas said...
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Becky Tjandera said...

Nice interview ! Seems like a very good photographer :D

superumi said...

awesomely talented!

lyka raagas said...

woottt..nice pay!! naa jd concept. mao na ako ganahan.. a TRUE BLUE ARTIST!! *wink*

Leah said...

He's good. I like the pics and I love the editing he did.


I gravitate towards artsy people, too. I don't know why. I guess it's because I like art, they like art.. there's a deep understanding or something that comes with it! Plus arts > jocks in terms of being interesting!!

Armand's work looks AMAZING. I love the concepts; they're so unique! Great interview + post! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!

FESI-NOIR said...


xx fesi-fashion

Unknown said...

i love armand! mingaw napud ko ani niya:)

dotie said...

great interview!
his works are really captivating <3<3

oohh and congrats on your feature at vogue paris..lucky you ;)

eclectic du jour

Anonymous said...

He's my friend's crush, Gizelle! haha! we were at Penthouse once and this friend went totally ballistic when he saw Armand. LOL. he actually took a stolen shot. yes, my friend's a He. hihi! ;)

-- a DSLR is not a necklace! everyone can own a camera, but not everyone can take good pictures -- DITTO!

Iole said...

found the blog on vogue fr...great allure. loving it!
xoxo Iole

Gillian Uang said...

armand is love <3

The Glamarazzi said...

Love Armand!! :)

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