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09 April 2010

have i really?

my mom gave me this dress from a recent thrifting trip she had. this is a nod to summer. ironically, even when i really loved this dress, i am so not in love with this shoot.
it was funny because harry and i were on our usual sunday night date and well, he just wasn't so adept in photography that night and couldn't take any good photos. and for that, i apologize. it was a nice night turned a bit awkward. he told me, i have lost my conversant skills because i am always online all the time. LOL. and i admit, we were at roma mia (with free wifi) and while waiting for the food, i had to take a quick view at your comments on my blog. just out of curiosity and ignorance to wifi...ooops!

but when if you really think about, have we really lost our conversant skills because of the internet and technology? 

green bohemian beaded dress - thrifted
tan cut-out heels - le donne (a gift from harry!)
tan fringe boho bag - lil' sister's
layered bangles - hk gift shop | gifts

ps. the bags of love give-away is officially closed. winners will be announced on saturday.

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kate maggie said...

You look so so usual!! :) x

guildedsecret. said...

i quite like these photos! well, the great thing about having a blog is the opportunity to remix and retake outfits you didn't like previously!


Alexa Martin said...

LOVELOVELOVE your bag! ;)

Unknown said...

unique bag ! :D

E said...

its a really nice dress and you look great in it.
I have to agree, I spend too much time online too, but I try to make it a point to have proper conversations with my boy during dinners.

Tokyo fashion-HOLIC said...

Beautiful green dress.
Thanks for your lovely comment!!

T said...

loving that dress - too cute, girl!!!

Dane said...

Totally! My boyfriend and I play scrabble on facebook when we are just sitting in the same room, lol.

Loving the dress!

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey Gizelle :)

And nawh y'all haven' and Harry always appear as the "Match made in heaven"..... Cute dress...I'm still trying to get 4 shirts from my ma she won't release lol.

Have a fab weekend :)

Sher said...

Oh, I really adore your fringed bag!


Jen said...

Love the tan accessories against the green dress. I'm constantly checking my comments and emails - all day long, even in the cinema! :)

Vera said...

gorgeous like usual :)

mm i'm the same, always checking my emails and texts. and a lot of times when we go out, everyone's doing something on their iphone/blackberry. so it's kind of sad in that way

Anonymous said...

bohemian, indeed! :D

lyka raagas said...

i love the fringe boho bag yapi.. huhuhu suya much! hehe

stunning as always! ;D

Psyche said...

hmm.. I always find time to talk to other people, or else I'd think I'm mute. But the internet has brought many good things to my life, and one of those is knowing other bloggers I know I'd never meet in person. :)

Carmen said...

I love the colour of the dress, so gorgeous.


Molly said...

i absolutely adore the dress and shoes! incredible!

Kookie B. said...

pretty dress! i love the green color!

Leah said...

The dress is lovely... I think you should wear more of this type of dresses. The cut makes you look a lot taller.

julianne. said...

i lllove this dress, beauutiful color.
itlooks amazing on ya.<3

Hillary said...

I love your dress! I think I probably spend way too much time online, too! I'm so addicted to checking my email and things like that!

Cindy Van Dyck said...

Hay girl!
It's my first time on your blog and I really love it! You have a great style!

- Please check mine too!

Unknown said...

Do you know whats awesome? I found your blog via vogue paris!! That's so awesome that you found me too :)

I am def following!
cute blog
super feminine

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